1/25 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Dark Order vs. The Acclaimed, Jungle Boy vs. Nick Comoroto, more


Analysis, detail, and results of this week's episode of AEW Dark


JANUARY 25, 2021

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Paul Wight, Mark Henry, Eddie Kingston

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

-Mark Henry joins the AEW Dark commentary duo of Taz & Excalibur, welcoming us to the show.

(1) THE BUNNY (w/The Blade) vs. ERICA LEIGH

Bunny stomped Leigh repeatedly in the corner to start things, but Leigh fired back. Bunny responded with a hair mare and dropkick to the back in the corner. Bunny hit a nice knee lift before she took her opponent Down the Rabbit Hole for the victory.

WINNER: The Bunny in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Quick destruction for The Bunny to kick off the show.)

(2) DANIEL GARCIA & 2POINT0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker) vs. KEKOA & PAT BRINK & RAYO

Garcia and his two dads attacked their opponents before the bell to the point where the ref just allowed the match to start. Brink was back dropped to the floor onto Kekoa while 2poin0 hit Two for the Show on Rayo and Garcia quickly slapped on the Sharpshooter submission. Post match, 2point0 cut a promo saying The Inner Circle is over.

WINNERS: Daniel Garcia & 2point0 in 1:00

(Howard Analysis: I love whenever I see Garcia & 2point0 are announced for a squash match, because they’re fantastic together. They’re one of the best acts going in AEW and I honestly hope they get a big win tomorrow against Jericho, Santana & Ortiz.)


Keys ducked an Archer clothesline and told Rick Knox to ring the bell again and give the match to Archer. He tried raising Archer’s hand, but Archer just steamrolled him in return. Keys fought out of a chokeslam, but ate a boot that sent him to the floor. Archer teased a dive to get the crowd clapping, but didn’t deliver. Archer got in the face of a little girl in the front row before Keys fought back in the ring, only to eat a brutal elbow and chop. Ripcord Hellicoaster and the Black Out won it for Archer. Post match, Archer stared down the little girl one more time and hit a short arm clothesline for good measure on Keys.

WINNER: Lance Archer in 4:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Archer could’ve won this match in a minute, but commentary tells us he wanted to prove a point. Archer kicked Keys’ ass so badly he blew his own boot out in the process.)


Hirsch fired off a V-Trigger knee almost immediately, but pulled Kai up at 2. She opted for the arm breaker submission for a lightning quick win.

WINNER: Leyla Hirsch in 43 seconds

(Howard’s Analysis: Hirsch definitely proved a point to her opponent tomorrow night in Red Velvet. Poor Janai Kai lost to both ladies on back to back nights.)

(5) THE ACCLAIMED (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) & GUNN CLUB (Colten & Austin w/Billy Gunn) vs. DARK ORDER (10, Evil Uno, Alan “5” Angels & Alex Reynolds)

Anthony Bowens said The Acclaimed & The Ass Boys have arrived as Bowens & Uno started things off. Uno hit a nice hurricanrana and eye poke before Caster tagged in and got beat up in return. Reynolds cleaned house a bit before Bowens dropped him face first on the apron and Caster hit a baseball slide. Austin tagged in and Excalibur called them Ass Children, which Taz called them Children of the Ass. Mark Henry was very confused by this banter and Taz reminds him this is Dark. Reynolds finally made a hot tag to 10 after being isolated for close to 4 minutes. 10 went around the horn with a big boot in every corner and hit a spinebuster on Austin. Angels made a tag and big frog splash for two as the match broke down outside. Even Billy took out 10 before Colten hit a hip toss on his brother into a neckbreaker on Angels for the win.

WINNERS: The Acclaimed & Gunn Club in 6:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Billy Gunn tried doing his DX line before the match, but Colten took the mic away. I assume the two words were Ass Boys. I dug the new finisher by the Gunns, who definitely made sense getting the pin in this since they are starting a feud with Jurassic Express.)

(6) PENTA EL ZERO MIEDO (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. WHEELER YUTA (w/Chuck Taylor & Kris Statlander)

Penta faked a handshake and folded Yuta up like a pretzel before releasing the hold and applauding him. Yuta wrapped up Penta in a bow and arrow, let go and we had a stalemate. Yuta locked in a Manji Gatame, Mark Henry couldn’t pronounce it, so Excalibur said “Flying Octopus Hold if you’re nasty” which I cracked up laughing at. Penta & Yuta teased dives and both got cut off, but Yuta hit a dive on his second try. Back in the ring, Penta hung up Yuta in the corner, but missed a double stomp off the top. Yuta responded with a high cross body for two. Yuta tried a handstand in the corner, but ate a stiff Penta superkick and backstabber for two. Penta hit a loud chop; Yuta blocked Fear Factor, ate a superkick, but skinned the cat into a German suplex for two. Penta hit a Sling Blade and Made in Japan for a very close two. Penta missed another double stomp off the top and Yuta hit an Angle Slam variation. Yuta hit a huge splash off the top for a near fall. Yuta tried a baseball slide, but Penta caught the legs, spun Yuta around and hit a DDT off the apron. Back inside, Penta hit the Fear Factor for the win. Post match, Penta shook Yuta’s hand.

WINNER: Penta El Zero Miedo in 10:00

(Howard’s Analysis: This was a tremendous match, one of the better ones I’ve seen on Dark. Both men looked very impressive in this battle and the crowd loved it. Taz demanded Chuck Taylor put on a sweatshirt at one point and Mark Henry said “if you’re not going to train it, tan it” and that line broke Taz.)

(7) JUNGLE BOY (w/Luchasaurus) vs. NICK COMOROTO (w/Aaron Solo & QT Marshall)

QT Marshall cut a promo on the fans showing them disrespect. He also said Aaron Solo put his life on the line earlier in his match, which is something we never saw on Dark. QT kept rambling before Jungle Boy’s music finally cut him off to a loud ovation from the crowd. A lot of hair in this main event, as Comoroto used his power early, trying a one arm Gorilla press, but Jungle Boy got free and dropkicked Comoroto outside. Jungle Boy used his speed back inside, but QT tripped him up on the apron, which let Comoroto hit a boot. Stalling vertical suplex from Comoroto got him a two. Comoroto lowered the head ate a boot and comeback lariat by Jungle Boy. The Snare Trap was almost locked on until Solo jumped on the apron and ate a Luchasaurus boot for his troubles. Comoroto was sent outside and wiped out with a somersault dive by Jungle Boy. Comoroto caught Jungle Boy coming into the ring with a slingshot and hit an Oklahoma Stampede for two. Comoroto missed a spear and Jungle Boy hit a sheer drop brainbuster for a close two. Jungle Boy clocked Comoroto with a running forearm to the back and applied the Snare Trap for the submission. Post match, Solo was dropped with the Thorassic Express for good measure.

WINNER: Jungle Boy in 7:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Fun little main event with Jungle Boy showing off a little power at the end with that impressive brainbuster on the much bigger Comoroto. The crowd absolutely loves Jungle Boy and this was a no brainer to end the show.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Aaron Solo vs. Sonny Kiss (which at one point was referenced, but Kiss was only called “his opponent” when talking about Solo’s win), Abadon vs. Gia Scott, Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Lee Johnson & a 6 man tag all happened on this show as well, but were apparently pre-Dark dark matches. This was a quick and easy watch tonight, as I’ll always prefer the Dark filmed outside Universal Studios. There’s nothing wrong with the Orlando crowd, there’s just more people filmed on the road. Penta & Yuta were the obvious match of the night, one you should go out of your way to watch.

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