PPV PRIMER – AEW REVOLUTION: Preview and predictions for the Adam Page vs. Adam Cole for the AEW World Championship, MJF vs. C.M. Punk Dog Collar Match, Baker vs. Rosa, more


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AEW’s Revolution (2022) will be taking place in the Addition Financial Arena in Orlando, FL on March 6, 2022. “Hangman” Adam Page will defend the AEW World championship from challenger Adam Cole, Britt Baker defends the AEW Women’s World Championship from her hated rival, Thunder Rosa, Jurassic Express will defend against the teams of the Young Bucks and reDRagon in a three-way match, Tay Conti has accepted Jade Cargill’s open challenge for the TBS Championship, and someone will earn a future shot at the TNT Championship if they can overcome five other men in the Face of the Revolution ladder match. Several grudges come to a head as CM Punk and MJF will be chained together in a dog collar match, Eddie Kingston tries to win a “big one” over Chris Jericho, and Death Triangle faces the House of Black. Also, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson test each other’s mettle, perhaps as prelude to coming together as allied. That and more on a packed card.

“Hangman” Adam Page (c) vs. Adam Cole – AEW World Championship Match

Story in a nutshell: After successfully defending his title against Lance Archer, Adam Page was challenged by Adam Cole.

As soon as Adam Page retained his title against Lance Archer, the ranked Adam Cole challenged Page for the title. The match was set for Revolution. Both Adams had been in Bullet Club (a world-wide faction that originated in New Japan Pro-Wrestling) along with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. Cole reminded Page that he turned his back on the Bucks, but Cole had always stayed loyal despite being in another company. However, it seems like Page and the Bucks, while still estranged, are no longer at odds with each other. The Bucks have seemingly been reluctant to get involved in the Page/Cole affair. Not reluctant in the least are Cole’s other two friends (and former Undisputed Era stablemates in nXt), Bobby Fish and Kyle O-Reilly who have assisted Cole in attacking Page.

Prediction: I think Page wins. This match hadn’t been built up enough to presage a title change. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a post-match beatdown of Page leading to a save by the Young Bucks and possibly even a Kenny Omega sighting.

C.M. Punk vs. MJF – Dog Collar Match

Story in a nutshell: Ain’t no nutshell big enough to contain the drama in this one and do it justice so let’s just say MJF REALLY hates CM Punk and Punk REALLY wants to get a piece of MJF.

This all started when MJF was preening about being the best in the world when he was interrupted by CM Punk. MJF introduced himself and offered Punk his hand (which is wrestler etiquette) but Punk rebuffed him. Upset at this disrespect, MJF needled Punk to the point that Punk wanted to get his hands on him. MJF made Punk go through a gauntlet to get a shot at him which included Punk nearly getting destroyed by MJF’s bodyguard, Wardlow. Punk eventually got his match but lost when MJF cheated (with Wardlow’s help) to get the victory. Punk continued chasing MJF eventually being granted a rematch and his choice of stipulations. Punk, tired of chasing MJF around, chose a dog collar match (a match where both competitors wear a collar that are linked to each other). MJF then decided to bare his soul, describing the difficulties he had growing up and how his hero, CM Punk, helped him get through those tough times, leading MJF into becoming a wrestler. Stunned at this admission, Punk dubiously offered MJF a chance at redemption, only to get attacked and bloodied up on the lead up to this match.

Prediction: Since tied to this whole thing is Wardlow’s impending face turn which would eventually lead to an MJF/Wardlow match, I think Punk wins. Wardlow will fail to give MJF MJF’s signature diamond ring (accidentally or on purpose) leading to MJF and Wardlow having a falling out.

Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley

Story in a nutshell: Bryan Danielson propositioned Jon Moxley to join him as a tag team but Moxley told him they would need to “bleed together” before he’d consider it.

Following Jon Moxley’s return to AEW Bryan Danielson approached Moxley with an offer. Bryan suggested that they could fight each other in what would be a dream match or, better yet, they could team up and take over AEW. Moxley took time to consider Bryan’s offer but decided that before he would team with anyone, they’d need to bleed together first. Bryan agreed leading to this match.

Prediction: At first, I thought Bryan’s offer was a smokescreen so he could avoid facing Moxley, but when Moxley said they’d have to face each other first, Bryan seemed game, so it looks like the offer was legit. I‘d be fine with a draw following a brutal bloody match.

Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) vs. Thunder Rosa – AEW Women’s World Championship Match

Story in a nutshell: Thunder Rosa goes after Britt Baker’s AEW Women’s World Championship after Baker cost Thunder Rosa a shot at the TBS Championship, renewing a bloody rivalry.

Before Britt Baker won the AEW Women’s World Championship, she and Thunder Rosa were involved in a feud that ended in a bloody lights-out match that Rosa won. The two went on their separate ways with Baker winning the AEW Women’s World Championship and Rosa entering the tournament that was to crown the first TBS Champion. Rosa was eliminated when Mercedes Martinez interfered in her match. It was revealed the Mercedes was working for Britt Baker. Thunder Rosa fought with Baker’s crew while Mercedes grew frustrated with Baker, eventually breaking towards Rosa.

Prediction: Considering Rosa pinned Baker during a tag match, I’m leaning towards Baker retaining especially since the build to this match isn’t as hot as it should be. I’d rather Rosa win since I don’t know if there is a more compelling opponent for Baker. There is a possibility that the night ends with Adam Cole and Britt Baker as champions.

Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston

Story in a nutshell: Chance encounters between Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston led to Jericho disrespecting Kingston leading to this match.

Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston fell into each other’s orbit thank to dealing with the same opponents. Their personalities clashed and eventually Kingston got into the head of Jericho’s Inner Circle stablemates, Santana and Ortiz, by questioning Jericho’s value to them. Santana and Ortiz have had a previous history with Kingston (including a feud on Impact Wrestling) so Kingston’s words got to them. This led to friction between the members of the team and an eventual match between stablemates. With the internecine strife seemingly quelled for the time being, Jericho turned up the heat on Kingston pointing out that Kingston chokes in big matches and that he was going to give Kingston the biggest match of his career. Jericho said that if Kingston proved him wrong by beating him, he’d shake Kingston’s hand.

Prediction: I think Jericho goes over especially after he has absolutely re-sculpted his body. However, I think he would be impressed with Kingston’s moxie and shake his hand anyway. Either that or Jericho goes full heel and nails Kingston in the knackers to win.

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

Story in a nutshell: The winner of this match needs to retrieve an item (usually a briefcase, likely a brass ring for this match) hanging above the ring to be awarded a future AEW TNT Championship match.

Six wrestlers from a field of twelve needed to qualify to enter the Face of the Revolution ladder match. Keith Lee yeeted Isiah Kassidy in Lee’s debut match to earn a spot. Wardlow defeated Max Caster, Powerhouse Hobbs finished Dante Martin, Ricky Starks went over Preston “10” Vance, Orange Cassidy succeeded against Antony Bowens, and Christian Cage overcame Ethan Page. On the lead up to the match, Ricky Starks with Powerhouse Hobbs at his side has been running his mouth off to Keith Lee.

Prediction: I think either Wardlow or Christian are your most likely winners. Keith Lee can spin off to feud with Taz group for the unrecognized FTW title. Wardlow getting himself a title shot can add to his eventual break with the Pinnacle.

Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus (c) vs. Matt & Nick Jackson vs. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly – AEW World Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match

Story in a nutshell: The teams of Matt & Nick Jackson and Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish each won one of two Tag Team Casino Royale matches for the right to challenge the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus.

Two Casino Battle Royales were set up where the winner of each would face Jungle Express, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus in a three-way match for the tag titles. The first was won by reDRagon, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly when they blindsided the Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson. The two groups had been brought together with reDRagon, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly through their mutual connection with Adam Cole. The two groups have had frosty relationship which may have thawed when reDRagon helped the Bucks win the second match (or more likely not).

Prediction: Young Bucks and reDRagon end up taking each other out of the match increasing strife between the two teams so I got Jurassic Express retaining. A reDRagon victory would also be interesting, creating jealousy between them and the Bucks.

Andrade & Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy vs. Darby Allin & Sting & Sammy Guevara

Story in a nutshell: They needed to put these guys on the card.

Seriously, for the amount of screen time Matt Hardy has gotten, I have no idea (nor care) about how we got to this match. Ultimately the only important thing to know is that Andrade became a partner in the Hardy Family Office and is set for a hostile takeover of the franchise.

Prediction: The team of Darby, Sting, and Guevara win. Then after the match or on the follow up Dynamite, Andrade and the team blame Matt Hardy and kick him out of the faction violently with Jeff Hardy saving his brother.

Jade Cargill (c) vs. Tay Conti – AEW TBS Championship Match

Story in a nutshell: Jade Cargill has an open challenge for her TBS Championship and Tay Conti took her up on her offer.

And that’s pretty much it, other than Jade Cargill is on an undefeated streak.

Prediction: That streak doesn’t end, and Cargill retains.

Buy-In match: Malakai Black & Brody King & Buddy Mathews vs. Pac & Penta Oscuro & Erick Redbeard

Story in a nutshell: The House of Black and Death Triangle factions come to blows.

Thanks to (wrestler/former VP name redacted) and Pac’s feud with Andrade and Malakai Black, Pac was blinded by Black leading to issues between Pac’s group, Death Triangle and Black. Black started the House of Black faction by bringing in Brody King. Death Triangle member Rey Fenix was legitimately injured when he and his brother, Penta El Cero Miedo, went after the tag titles. Penta El Cero Miedo unleashed his dark side becoming Penta Oscuro. House of Black debuted Buddy Mathews. To replace the injured Fenix, Erick Redbeard (previously known as Eric Rowan) was brought in.

Prediction and analysis: Death Triangle seems to have come up short often in the confrontations between the two groups, so I think they need the win.

Buy-In match: Hook vs. QT Marshall

Story in a nutshell: They are sending HOOK.

HOOK will be sent.

Prediction and analysis: Hook

Buy-In match: Leyla Hirsh vs. Kris Statlander

Story in a nutshell: Leyla Hirsh has been blaming her shortcomings on Kris Statlander eventually attacking her former partner.

Yeah, everyone is coming across as unlikeable in this one. Our babyface Kris Statlander has taking shots at the fact that Leyla Hirsh was adopted, and Hirsh has been acting like an insufferable brat. These two deserve each other.

Prediction and analysis: Ultimately the two have come across as unlikable but I’d give the edge to Statlander since this is happening on the Buy-In.

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