4/6 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on FTR vs. The Young Bucks, Samoa Joe vs. Max Caster, Adam Cole vs. Christian Cage, The Hardy’s vs. The Butcher and The Blade in a Tables Match, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


APRIL 6, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


The crowd had battling “let’s go Christian/Adam Cole,” chants, then the two men locked up and broke apart. Christian Cage got the best of Cole and locked in a head lock, Cage continued his offense and tried to fire up the crowd. Cole faked a test of strength offer and kicked Cage in the gut. He then worked Christian into a corner and laid in kicks and stomps. Cole spit in Christians direction and then Cole ran around the ring, Christian did a baseball slide to the outside and laid out Cole.

Cage dominated on the outside and brought the action back in the ring, Cage then got stuck in the tree of woe and Cole took advantage and started another series of offensive moves. Cole slammed Cage into the ringside stairs as the first commercial break started. [c]

Cage battled back as the break ended and he threw Coe over the top rope and leaped frogged the ring post out onto Cole, and his knees. Cole and Christian traded slaps and chops in the middle, with Cole knocking Cage down. Christian countered and laid in punches and a springboard roll up on Cole. Cage then hit a pendulum kick and swinging DDT for a two count on Cole.

Cole hit a pump kick and got a two count on Christian. Cage played opossum and got a roll up pin attempt, Cole then hit several kicks and got another near fall after hitting the boom knee, with his kneepad on. Cage tried a diving elbow, but Cole hit a pump kick counter for a near fall on Cage. Cole went to the top, Cage hit an uppercut and then a move off the top and got a two count on Cole.

Cole went for the Panama Sunrise, but it was countered. He then pulled down his knee pad, but Cage hit a spear for a near fall. Christian went for the Kill Switch, but Cole poked the eyes of Cage and then hit the boom kick for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Adam Cole

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match, that I was not expecting. This was a Christian Cage match, not an Adam Cole style match. Which proves that Cole would be better served having a variety of matches with guys like Christian. Also, Christian looked like a million bucks and super athletic in this match.)

-reDRagon and Cole beat up Christian, but Jurassic Express came out and ran off all but Cole. Adam Page came out and Cole demanded a title match. A dead serious Page offered Cole a Texas death match live on Rampage next Friday.

-A video recap Friday’s ROH World title match was shown. Including Jay Lethal turning on Gresham and Samoa Joe debuting.


Max Caster pointed and poked at Samoa Joe, until Joe hit a head butt and then punched Caster into opposite corners. Caster tried to fight back, but was cut down by Joe as he then landed a jumping elbow and a dive to the outside. Bowens distracted Joe on the outside and Caster took advantage and brought Joe into the ring. Joe was awoken with a chop and he quickly hit a muscle buster for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Samoa Joe

(Sage’s Analysis: A textbook way to bring in a guy of Joe’s caliber. He is billed as a killer and he had that type of dominate match against a legit guy in Max Caster.)

-Jay Lethal and his associate popped up on the video screen. Lethal said that he will do and say whatever he wants, he said that he tried to call his teacher and mentor Joe, but he didn’t pick up for him. Lethal said that next week he would get a gift for Samoa Joe next week. [c]

-Tony Schiavone was backstage with Blackpool Combat Club. William Regal hyped Danielson and Moxley’s matches on Rampage.


Shawn Spears hit an early back breaker on Shawn Dean, and then threw him to the outside. Spears then hit a chop, but Dean countered and hit several chops of his own. Spears hit a neck breaker and went for the pin, but pulled up the shoulders of Dean at two. A camera cut to a shot of security beaten down as Wardlow then appeared on camera and threw many other security guards and distracted Spears as Shawn Dean got the roll up pinfall.

WINNER and the True Shawn in AEW: Shawn Dean

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun way to finish the match, it is a bit derivative of last week’s angle. But, Dean getting the win helped to smooth over that fact.)

-A video showed what appeared to be the official break up of Wheeler Yuta from The Best Friends. [c]

-A video of Eddie Kingston and Santana & Ortiz beating up the Jericho Appreciation Society before Dynamite tonight, was shown. The three men then came out to the ring. Kingston called Jericho a two faced coward, and that they ran. Kingston said that he would attack him on sight, no matter what even if they were with their families. Santana was up next he called them scrubs and that they better bring the fight. Ortiz called out Jericho and said that he should join them in a tag match next week. Kingston said that they would kick there ass next week in New Orleans like Junkyard Dog and Butch Reed.

-A recap of the interactions between Hook and Danhausen in the last few weeks was shown. [c]

-Tony Schiavone introduced Jade Cargill to the stage area. Tony asked about Jade’s Baddies in the crowd. Jade introduced the Baddie section and that a baddie is someone who knows themself. Mark Sterling said that they were the only attractive women in Boston. Jade called out her 30th opponent and called out all the MMA washouts getting into wrestling, which got a big reaction from the crowd.

-MJF and Shawn Spears were backstage. MJF said that he prays that Wardlow shows up next week because he will be ready. He also called out Shawn Dean.


The Hardy’s ran down and were pummeled by Butcher and Blade, with the legs of one of the tables. The Blade and Jeff Hardy battled in the ring, Blade tried a move and sent himself through a table. The Butcher entered the ring and tried to take out Jeff. Matt Hardy joined in and the brothers hit a double DDT on The Butcher.

The Butcher was then set up on a table and Jeff went to the top rope, Blade pulled him down and then entered the ring and took out Matt. Butcher put Jeff up in a vertical suplex and Blade dove and helped to put Jeff through a table, eliminating him and leaving Matt Hardy to face both Butcher and The Blade alone. [c]

Matt was beating Butcher with a chair as the show retuned, he put Butcher on a table and then hit a leg drop off the top through the table, to eliminate Butcher. The Butcher did not leave as the match was no DQ, The Butcher & The Blade suplexed Hardy off the Barricade onto the floor. Jeff Hardy entered the match again at this point after selling his elimination. Jeff brought out a ladder and took out The Butcher with it.

Matt hit a twist of fate on both opponents as Jeff set up the the ladder, Matt set up two tables below. Blade was then put on the tables and Jeff climbed to the top and dove down and eliminated The Blade.

WINNER: The Hardy’s

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun car crash match, but the weird rules and match structure took away from the fun as the commentators had to explain why Jeff and The Butcher kept fighting after they were eliminated.)

-Andrade and the AFO came out, Sting then came out to back up The Hardy’s.

-Christian Cage and Jurassic Express were backstage. Cage threw a water bottle and walked off. Jungle Boy said the reDRagon didn’t deserve title shots, but they would be the ones challenging reDRagon next week for the Tag Team Titles. [c]

-A video featuring Thunder Rosa and Nyla Rose was shown, setting up a date for their title match. It will be on April 16th at Battle of the belts.

-Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm were backstage and set up them meeting in the Owen Hart Tournament.


Julie Hart kicked Shida in the the back as she was doing her Kendo stick move. Hart then kicked out Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. to the back, after they asked why she was being evil. Shida recovered and hit a running kick from the apron and then set up a chair on the outside. Shida did a drop kick off of the chair and threw Hart back into the the ring. [c]

Hart dominated throughout the break, before the show returned Shida made a comeback. Shida hit hammering blows as the full screen action returned, and then suplexed Hart from the apron to the middle of the ring. Hart gouged the eyes of Shida and then hit a bulldog for a two count. Hart then went to the top and hit a move, but Shida rolled out of the way. Shida then hit a spinning knee strike and a Falcon Arrow for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Hikaru Shida

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match that advanced both Women’s stories. Shida should have won, but has a story with Deeb until the tournament. Hart is still that rising talent, like Max Caster, and her turn here is a more interesting story that even winning this match would have been.)

-Post match Serena Deeb’s music hit and she appeared in the ring with a chair. The two women had a stare down as they each held a weapon. Deeb backed off and left the arena.

-Swerve Stickland was backstage and he talked about going to The Grammy’s. He said that he and Keith Lee have not forgotten what Powerhouse Hobbs and Rickey Starks have done to them. Strickland walked in the back and set up a trap as Starks and Lee were waiting. Keith Lee then sent someone through the wall into the locker room area.

-The announce team ran down Rampage, next week’s Dynamite and Rampage as well as Battle of the Belts. [c]


Bobby Cruise the ROH Ring Announcer introduce the combatants before the match started. Cash Wheeler and Matt Jackson started the match, the crowd chanted loudly for FTR. Cash and Matt grappled and Cash won that exchange. Dax Harwood was tagged in and he pushed Matt into the corner and Nick Jackson was able to tag in. Dax worked the wrist of Nick and let go as Nick got tied up in the ropes.

Harwood hit a scoop slam and then grappled on the mat and controlled the arm of Nick Jackson, Matt tagged himself in and all four men were in the ring, but Cash and Nick went back to their corners. Nick and Cash took out Dax and Matt respectively and then all four men were involved in the ring as the bucks hit moves and that was followed by FTR hitting group offense.

Cash Wheeler was tagged in and FTR hit stereo Sharpshooters on The Bucks. But, the Bucks quickly teamed up and hit moves on Cash Wheeler. Matt and Nick then teamed up and worked over Cash for a good amount if time as Cash was looking for a tag to Dax. [c]

Cash was worked over the entire break, but he was about to get the hot tag to Dax, but Nick Jackson kicked Dax off of the apron.  Soon after this Cash was able to get the hot tag, and the crowd exploded as Dax entered and took out both Bucks. Dax ad Matt had an impressive series of mat moves and near falls with plenty of counters and reversals. Harwood hit a pile driver for a near fall on Matt Jackson.

Matt was knocked down from the top rope, Dax hit a superplex on Matt. At the same time Nick took Cash to the mat from an adjacent corner. Nick was tagged in and he kicked Dax from the apron and then hit a face smash on Cash. But, Dax countered with a brain buster on the outside and then Cash hit a move for a near fall on Nick Jackson.

The Bucks countered a Big Rig, then Matt hit a low blow on Cash. The Bucks then hit a Big Rig on Cash and that led to a near fall. The Young Bucks hit More Bang for your Buck for another near fall on Cash Wheeler. Nick then grabbed an ROH belt, but Dax tried to wrestle that away. Matt Jackson grabbed the tights on a pin, but Dax Harwood made the save.

The Bucks hit a BTE Trigger on Cash Wheeler who was pinned but Cash had his foot on the bottom rope, that match continued because of that. Dax caught Nick as he was mid Meltzer Driver and power bombed him. FTR then hit a BTE Trigger, a cheek kiss and then a Big Rig on Matt Jackson for the pinfall.

Winner: FTR

(Sage’s Analysis: A stupendous main event tag team match. This match was the dream realized for Matt and Nick Jackson. When they had the first press conference in Jacksonville in January 2019, they said that tag team wrestling could main event and be the most important part of a major wrestling company. This was validation of that sentiment, this match felt like it had a much stakes as any major world title match that has been contested on Dynamite. It may not have been everyone’s exact cup of tea, but the small details like Dax getting kicked off the apron when Cash tried for the first hot tag. To only make the second attempt and completion of the tag to Dax feel like an amazing moment that made the crowd explode. After that point every big spot built and built until For overcame the odds and won in amazing fashion. I liked this match a lot.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a really good episode of Dynamite. Tony Khan obviously wanted to have a great show coming off of Wrestlemania weekend and delivered here. The only downside was the weird rules for the ladder match, besides that I though almost all the angles on the show were good to great. The next four shows were set up well as well tonight.



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