4/29 WWE SMACKDOWN TV RESULTS: McDonald’s “alt perspective” report on Zayn-McIntyre Steel Cage match, Ricochet-Shanky IC title, Charlotte and Rousey Beat the Clock I Quit Challenge, RK-Bro-Usos Contract Signing

By Alex McDonald, PWTorch Contributor


APRIL 29, 2022

Announcers: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee

(Note: There will not be a live post-show tonight, as Wade will not be available. Instead, myself and Patrick Moynahan will be hosting a very special Smackdown discussion show. Patrick doesn’t watch WWE regularly and hasn’t seen Smackdown in quite some time. It will be very interesting and awesome to hear a fresh perspective on Smackdown. You can send email questions for the show to wadekellerpodcast@pwtorch.com and to almac5599@gmail.com. Just include Smackdown in the subject line. Next week, we will resume the normal call-in post-show you’ve all come to expect.)


-The show opened with a wide shot of the stadium as Michael Cole welcomed the audience to the show. Cole and Pat McAfee then ran down the line-up for the night. They showed graphics for the Usos and RK-Bro contract signing as well as the Beat the Clock I Quit Challenge matches pitting Charlotte Flair against Aliyah and Ronda Rousey against Shotzi.

-Drew McIntyre’s music hit and he made his entrance as Cole hyped the steel cage match. Cole ran down the rules, which include pinfall, submission, and escape. Sami Zayn’s music hit and he made his entrance. McIntyre shook the cage in the ring. Cole then threw to a video recap of Zayn running away from McIntyre over the last three weeks. Zayn reluctantly entered the cage.

(1) SAMI ZAYN vs. DREW McINTYRE – Steel Cage Match

McIntyre threw Zayn down as he entered the cage. The door was then shut. Drew Gulak was the timekeeper. Cole said that he is auditioning for the role. Zayn ducked under McIntyre and tried to climb the cage, but McIntyre pulled him down and threw him into the corner. McIntyre hit a big chop to the chest of Zayn. McIntyre tossed Zayn into the cage face first. The crowd chanted “one more time”. McIntyre obliged and tossed Zayn into another side of the cage. McIntyre sent Zayn to another side, but Zayn caught the cage and tried to escape. McIntyre tried to grab Zayn but Zayn kicked him off. McIntyre recovered and jumped onto the top rope with Zayn. Zayn fought back and then hit a sunsent flip powerbomb on McIntyre from the top. Both men were down as they cut to break. [c]

McIntyre was down and Zayn raked McIntyre’s face into the cage, then stomped him. Zayn slammed McIntyre’s head into the cage, then taunted the crowd. Zayn tried to slam McIntyre again, but McIntyre resisted. McIntyre then bounced Zayn off the cage and Zayn flew across the ring. McIntyre ran at Zayn, but Zayn moved and McIntyre hit the cage. McIntyre was caught between the ropes and the cage and Zayn hit a Helluva Kick. Zayn then attempted to climb the cage. He got over the top, but McIntyre grabbed Zayn by the hair and pulled him back in. Both men fell to the mat, but McIntyre landed on his feet. McIntyre sent Zayn into the cage three times, then hit a belly to belly suplex throw. McIntyre then hit a neckbreaker followed by a kip-up. Zayn crawled to the corner and McIntyre counted down. Zayn started to climb the cage, but McIntyre pulled Zayn down. They fought on the top rope, but Zayn kicked McIntyre off. McIntyre crotched himself on the top rope, then fell to the mat. Zayn got over the top of the cage, but McIntyre recovered just in time to stop him. McIntyre hit a big superplex on Zayn from the top of the cage with McIntyre on the top rope. McIntyre kipped up, counted down and hit the Claymore on Zayn for the win.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre in 11:00

-McIntyre celebrated in the ring as they showed replays of the big spots in the match.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Paint by numbers babyface revenge cage match for TV. Nothing special, but it wasn’t bad. Zayn is so good at running away, and he continued that here. They did a good enough job of giving Zayn some offense without risking you ever believing McIntyre wouldn’t beat him in the end.)

-Cole threw to a video recap of the contract signing between Rousey and Charlotte last week. Kayla Braxton welcomed Charlotte in the back. Charlotte said she’s worshipped by all. She said that when she beats Rousey and makes her say “I quit”, she may never show her face in WWE again. Charlotte said that Rousey will see tonight that Charlotte is superior and she may even quit before Backlash.

-Happy Corbin’s music hit and he made his entrance. Cole hyped the first Happy Talk since the split of Corbin and Mad Cap Moss. [c]

-Corbin sat mid-ring. He said Happy Talk is improved since no one has to deal with his lackey, the insufferable, Mad Cap Moss. The crowd cheered. Corbin said all of Moss’ jokes were bad. The crowd booed. Corbin said he’s going to prove that Moss can’t beat him at Backlash. He said that Moss is living off of his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal victory, but he only won the battle royal because of him. Corbin said that since he made Moss, he will destroy Moss. Corbin said tonight, he’s going to destroy the trophy instead. Corbin announced the trophy as his guest for Happy Talk. The lights went out in the arena and the trophy was carried down. The trophy had it’s own entrance music. Corbin then threw to a video recap of Moss winning the battle royal, Moss kissing the trophy, then Corbin stealing the trophy from Moss last week. After the video package, Corbin laughed in the ring. He said he can’t wait to see Moss’ face when he sees his one accomplishment smashed to pieces. Corbin asked for a sledgehammer. Moss appeared in a jumpsuit with a sledgehammer. Moss tried to attack with the sledgehammer, but missed and tossed the hammer. Corbin tried to exit the ring, but Moss caught him and beat him down before he tossed Corbin out of the ring. Moss celebrated in the ring with his trophy as his music played. They then showed a graphic for Moss against Corbin at Wrestlemania Backlash. Cole hyped the match.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Jeez. That was even lamer than I figured it would be. Moss keeps getting the upper hand on Corbin, which makes me wonder what the end game is here. I really hope this feud is over after Backlash, but honestly, I have no idea what either guy would do afterwards. Moss desperately needs a new character. I almost wished he had bashed Corbin with the sledgehammer. At least that would have given him some edge.)

-Cole threw to a video recap of Ricochet defeating Jinder Mahal in an Intercontinental Championship match two weeks ago. The video then transitioned to Shanky’s challenge last week. Back in the arena, Ricochet’s music hit and he made his entrance. Ricochet posed in the ring with the IC title. [c]

-They showed Titus O’Neil with the Tampa Bay Lightning at the White House. (Go Lightning)

(2) RICOCHET (c) vs. SHANKY (w/ Jinder Mahal) – Intercontinental Championship Match

Shanky shoved Ricochet off the ropes. Ricochet tried to fight back, but Shanky shoved Ricochet into the corner. Shanky hit a couple of chops. Cole marveled at the size difference between Shanky and Ricochet. Shanky took Ricochet down and used a head crank. Shanky shoved Ricochet to the mat then hit an elbow drop. He covered Ricochet for a near fall. Shanky took Ricochet to the corner, but Ricochet fought him off. Ricochet climbed to the middle rope, but Shanky recovered and tossed Ricochet across the ring. Shanky hit another big chop and followed it up with another head crank. Shanky went for another elbow drop, but Ricochet rolled out of the way. The two traded shots, then Ricochet went off the ropes and hit a springboard crossbody for a near fall. Ricochet hit a kick, then climbed to the top. Shanky distracted the ref and Mahal crotched Ricochet. Shanky tried to take the advantage, but Ricochet rolled him up for the win.

WINNER: Ricochet in 3:00 to retain the Intercontinental Championship

-Mahal entered the ring and yelled at Shanky. Shanky screamed “no” at Mahal, then walked away.

(McDonald’s Analysis: It’s a shame they stick Ricochet with stiffs like these two. At least he’s beating them. Having Ricochet defend the IC title often is a great idea, but there’s so many better options. I would much rather they had him wrestle those guys in eight to twelve minute matches instead of the three minute joke matches with these two schmucks. Interesting that they teased a break-up with Shanky and Mahal. Does that mean Shanky is going to be a face? Maybe he’ll start dancing or something. That would make sense.)

-Kayla was in the back, she welcomed Raquel Rodriguez. Rodriguez said that when you look as good as she does, you’re used to all eyes on you. She said she likes to be the center of attention. She said that tonight, she’s going to put on a show that no one will ever forget.

-In the arena, Rodriguez’s music hit and she made her entrance to a big time pop. She posed in the ring as Cole hyped her first match. [c]

-There was a local woman in the ring. She was announced as Cat Cardoza.


Cardoza attacked Rodriguez immediately. McAfee said Cardoza was running down the crowd during the commercial break. The bell rang after the fact and Rodriguez took over. Rodriguez picked up Cardoza by the arm, then threw her down. Rodriguez hit a fallaway slam on Cardoza, then followed it up with a second. She then hit a spinning splash from the second rope. Cardoza recovered, then rolled to the outside of the ring. Cardoza attacked Rodriguez from behind, then choked her with the top rope. Cardoza went for a kick, but Rodriguez caught her foot, lifted her and delivered a modified powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Raquel Rodriguez in 3:00

(McDonald’s Analysis: I love that they brought in a jobber for this. I don’t really care for the fact that the jobber got in so much offense. Raquel looked good here. Nothing spectacular, but they got over her size and some of the power moves in her arsenal. I have high hopes for her. The last few women to debut on Smackdown haven’t worked out very well, but they seem to be a little more interested in Raquel then those others. I’m willing to see how it pans out. I assume she’ll be feuding with Natalya in no time.)

-Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser were in the back. Kaiser said that Gunther punishes all of his opponents who are not worthy. They showed highlights of Gunther. Gunther said that respect will be taken.

-RK-Bro’s music hit and they made their entrance. They showed the graphic for the contract signing between the Usos and RK-Bro. Cole hyped the segment. [c]

-They showed a graphic for the Beat the Clock I Quit Challenges later in the show.

-Adam Pearce was in the ring with RK-Bro. The Usos’ music hit and they made their entrance to a loud pop. Cole touted their record title reign. They then showed the graphic for the Tag Team Championship Unification match at Backlash. McAfee and Cole hyped the match.

-Pearce welcomed everyone to the contract signing. He told the four competitors that he needs four signatures to make the match official. Jimmy took the mic and said they don’t have anything to prove to Pearce or RK-Bro. Jimmy said that RK-Bro are the twos, and they are the ones. Riddle took the mic and said he can’t tell the Usos apart. Riddle said it’s easy to tell himself and Randy Orton apart. Riddle said the Usos need name tags or one of them needs to grow a mustache. Pearce said he’ll look into it. Orton said he can tell them apart. He pointed out Jey as the right hand man, then said that Jimmy is nothing but a little bitch. Riddle started to laugh, then a brawl broke out amongst all four men. Suddenly, Roman Reigns’ music hit and he made his entrance alongside Paul Heyman. Reigns stared at the ring as he walked down the aisle. The Usos took out RK-Bro as Reigns made his way to the ring. The Usos hit stereo superkicks on Orton, then a One and Done on Riddle. Reigns entered the ring and held up the contract. He balled up the contract and shoved it in Riddle’s mouth. McIntyre’s music then hit and he made his way into the arena.


-Jey ran down the ramp and McIntyre took him down. Jimmy ran at McIntyre, then McIntyre took him down too. McIntyre climbed onto the apron and then into the ring. Reigns and McIntyre stared each other down. Then the two started to exchange punches. McIntyre hit a belly to belly suplex throw on Reigns and Reigns rolled out of the ring. McIntyre stood tall in the ring with Riddle and Orton at his sides. They stared up the ramp at the Bloodline. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: Wow. I didn’t see that coming. It makes sense why the McIntyre match started the show now. This is a huge step in the right direction for McIntyre as he got a huge shine here. There’s been a lot of speculation about the health of Reigns over the past couple of weeks. After that bump, I would say he’s ok. I would doubt they’re going to this match at Backlash with next to no build, but who knows in WWE world. We knew this feud was coming sooner or later and I’m all for it. Their last match was excellent and there’s no reason to believe they can’t put together a great series this time for the ultimate prize.)

-Adam Pearce was in the back on his phone. Heyman entered the room. Heyman said that Reigns is not happy. He said he wants Pearce to have a good relationship with Reigns. Heyman said that he has a better idea for the Tag Team match at Wrestlemania Backlash. Heyman proposed The Usos and Reigns against RK-Bro and McIntyre for Backlash instead. Pearce said that he can’t just change the match. Heyman said he’s going to the board of directors to complain that Pearce is depriving the audience of a Reigns match. Heyman said that he knows Pearce can make the match, and he will.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Wait, does that mean all the titles on the line? Or am I thinking too much into this? Is this their way out of the Tag title unification?)

-Naomi’s music hit and she made her entrance with Sasha Banks at her side. They showed a graphic for Naomi and Banks against Shayna Baszler and Natalya in two weeks for the Women’s Tag Team Championships on Smackdown. They showed Gulak as the timekeeper. Shayna Baszler’s music hit and she made her entrance with Natalya at her side.

(4) SHAYNA BASZLER (w/ Natalya) vs. NAOMI (w/ Sasha Banks)

Naomi and Baszler locked up, but Baszler took Naomi down quickly. Naomi fought up, but Baszler took her down again. Naomi recovered then hit a split leg drop on Baszler for a near fall. Banks cheered her on at ringside. Baszler sent Naomi into the corner, but Baszler recovered and hit a big suplex on Naomi. Baszler went after the hand of Naomi, then into a modified arm bar. Baszler sent Naomi into the corner and hit a series of punches to the body. Baszler ran in on Naomi but Naomi recovered. Baszler went for a Kirifuda Clutch, but Naomi shot her off into the turnbuckles, then Naomi rolled up Baszler for the win.

WINNER: Naomi in 2:00

-Natalya entered the ring and took out Baszler. Banks then entered, but Natalya took advantage. Natalya locked Banks in a Sharpshooter between the ring ropes. Baszler then stomped at the arm of Naomi. Baszler and Natalya left with Banks and Naomi in the ring selling injuries.

-Cole threw to a video recap of the match between Butch and Xavier Woods last week. The video also showed Butch running away through the crowd. Cole said that no one has seen Butch since. They then showed some photoshopped images of Butch in different locations posted on social media.

-Sheamus ran up to Ridge Holland in the back. Sheamus and Holland talked about putting up posters for Butch all over catering, the locker room, and the parking lot. They realized they put them up in the same places. But that’s ok, since it’s fight night. In the arena, Sheamus’ music hit and he made his entrance with Ridge Holland. Cole said he hopes Butch doesn’t show up next to them. He hyped the match between Holland and Woods after the break. [c]

-Cole hyped the breaking news. he said the six man tag for Wrestlemania Backlash has been made official. It will be Reigns and the Usos against McIntyre and RK-Bro. There was no mention of championships on the graphic.

-The New Day’s music hit and they made their entrance. Kofi Kingston asked where Butch was. Kingston said the New Day has been keeping it together for eight years, but Sheamus and Holland can’t keep it together for a few weeks. Xavier Woods called Sheamus a tag team “thot” since he’s had so many partners. Kingston said they’re going to start calling him “shake it Sheamus”. The crowd chanted “shake it Sheamus”. Woods said he’s going to beat Holland while Sheamus is shaking it on the outside.

(5) RIDGE HOLLAND (w/ Sheamus) vs. XAVIER WOODS (w/ Kofi Kingston)

Holland shoved Woods to the corner, then hit a chop. Holland tossed Woods, then whipped Woods off the ropes. Woods went for a crossbody, but Holland caught him and slammed him. Holland stomped at Woods. Holland stayed on the attack and whipped Woods into the corner. Holland followed him in but Woods moved and Holland hit the post. Woods then hit a big tornado DDT to the outside of the ring. [c]

Woods climbed to the top rope and jumped off, but Holland moved and Woods rolled through. Holland hit a huge clothesline on Woods that turned him inside out. Woods fought up and went for a sunset flip on Holland. Woods hit a couple of chops, but Holland recovered and hit a headbutt. Holland put Woods in a headlock. The crowd chanted “shake it Sheamus”. Sheamus shook his head “no” at ringside. Woods fought up as the crowd chanted him on. Woods hit a series of chops and punches on Holland, but Holland sent him off the ropes. Woods went for a spinning clothesline, but Holland caught him and hit a variation spinebuster for a near fall. Holland set up Woods for a powerbomb, but Woods crumpled beneath him. Holland pounded at the back of Woods. Holland went for a powerbomb, but Woods rolled through, then got the small package for the win.

WINNER: Xavier Woods in 8:00

-Sheamus took the mic and told Holland he’s tired of playing games. Sheamus then challenged Kingston to a match. Kingston obliged.

(6) SHEAMUS (w/ Ridge Holland) vs. KOFI KINGSTON (w/ Xavier Woods)

Kingston ran the ropes and hit a crossbody on Sheamus that knocked him to the outside. Kingston climbed on the apron and kicked at Sheamus. Kingston then went to the top rope and hit a Trust Fall on Sheamus. Sheamus recovered and grabbed Kingston on the apron, but Kingston fought back. Sheamus charged Kingston, but Kingston moved and Sheamus hit the post. Kingston then hit an elbow from the top rope. Kingston went for the SOS but Sheamus countered into the Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus followed it up with two more. He then mounted Kingston and pulled at his mouth. Kingston fought up, but Sheamus caught him with a powerslam. Sheamus taunted Kingston. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick, but Kingston moved and hit the SOS for a near fall. Kingston went to the top but Sheamus stopped him with punches. Kingston shoved Sheamus off and jumped off the top rope. Sheamus got him with a big knee followed by a Brogue Kick for the win.

WINNER: Sheamus in 4:00

-Holland appeared and took out Woods. Sheamus got a table from under the ring as Holland held Woods down. Sheamus set the table up. Holland then powerbombed Woods through the table. Sheamus and Woods celebrated.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Two solid matches. I hate that Woods keeps winning with the small package, but they did the right thing with Sheamus and Holland getting their heat back in the end. This was a good way to use some TV time, This feud is a little played out, but at least all of these guys work well together.)

-Cole said they’ve learned a lot about Lacey Evans over the past few weeks. He then threw to chapter four.

-Evans said she got kicked out of her home at eighteen. She said she decided to become a Marine at nineteen. She said she graduated at the top of her class and was the only female on her SWAT team. She said the other graduates were cheered on by their parents, but Evans’ parents didn’t show up. Evans said that no matter what she did, her family never understood there were options other than addiction and violence. Evans said she doesn’t need the pats on the back. She said she’s come straight out of the trailer park to the WWE. Evans called herself a mother, Marine, and WWE Superstar. She said she’s not better than any of the WWE Superstars, but they’re sure not better than her.

(McDonald’s Analysis: I still don’t know how to take any of this, but with all of that said, this was the best one of these so far. I wish they had stayed more on her accomplishments in these segments. They did that this week. I still have no idea who her opponent is going to be. Xia Li? Charlotte? Shotzi?)

-Ronda Rousey’s music hit and she made her entrance. Cole and McAfee hyped the Beat the Clock I Quit Challenge with Rousey against Shotzi and Charlotte against Aliyah. [c]

-Back from break, Cole and McAfee hyped New Day against Sheamus and Holland in a Tables Match next week. They also hyped Sasha Banks against Natalya.

-Shotzi was already in the ring. Charlotte’s music hit and she made her entrance. Cole hyped the I Quit match between Rousey and Charlotte at Wrestlemania Backlash.

(7) RONDA ROUSEY vs. SHOTZI -Beat the Clock I Quit Challenge Match

Shotzi tried to exit the ring but Rousey went after the ankle. Rousey knocked Shotzi down and Shotzi rolled to the outside. Rousey lifted Shotzi and dropped her on the apron. Rousey slammed Shotzi. Charlotte watched from ringside. Rousey hit a fisherman suplex then put her in an ankle lock. Shotzi quit.

WINNER: Ronda Rousey in 1:41

-Charlotte climbed onto the apron. Rousey stared her down from the ring. Charlotte took the mic. She congratulated Rousey. She said it will be Rousey’s last win for a long time. She “shoo’ed” Rousey away. Charlotte told Aliyah to come out. Aliyah’s music hit and she made her entrance. Rousey rolled to the outside.


Charlotte and Aliyah locked up and Charlotte slammed Aliyah down. Aliyah went for a kick, but Charlotte caught it. Aliyah used her other leg to kick Charlotte. Aliyah took Charlotte down again. Aliyah went to the top rope, but Charlotte moved. Charlotte hit a big boot. Charlotte taunted and went for a Figure Four, but Aliyah kicked Charlotte off to the outside. Charlotte recovered and locked on the Figure Four, then into a Figure Eight. Aliyah did not quit.

WINNER: Aliyah? in 1:41

-Rousey was announced as the winner of the Beat the Clock Challenge. Rousey slapped hands with fans on her way up the ramp. Charlotte looked upset in the ring. Charlotte exited the ring. She walked over and screamed at Gulak. She asked if Gulak was stupid. Charlotte then attacked Gulak. She said all he had to do was ring the bell. Gulak rolled into the ring. Charlotte walked over and rung the bell herself. Charlotte entered the ring after Gulak and hit him with the ring bell. Charlotte asked how hard his job was repeatedly. Charlotte held up the championship and left up the aisle.

(McDonald’s Analysis: That segment was fine, but I almost wish it had a little more time so the matches could be a bit longer and add some drama to the beat the clock stipulation. They also didn’t do a great job explaining the rules. Otherwise, the outcome was predictable. Charlotte taking out Gulak was fun and it finally made sense why he was the timekeeper.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not bad for a taped show actually. I feel a little bait and switched with the change to the Tag Team title unification. I wonder if somehow they’ll put all three titles on the line. Either that, or maybe they decided they didn’t want to unify the Tag titles after all? Hard to say either way. Other than that, good debut for Rodriguez and there was quite a bit of actual wrestling on this show, even though many of the matches were very short. This was another ho-hum episode of Smackdown with very little going on in the post Mania world. The best thing to come out of this show is the renewed focus on McIntyre. He came out of this episode looking stronger than he has in months.

(Note: There will not be a live post-show tonight, as Wade will not be available. Instead, myself and Patrick Moynahan will be hosting a very special Smackdown discussion show. Patrick doesn’t watch WWE regularly and hasn’t seen Smackdown in quite some time. It will be very interesting and awesome to hear a fresh perspective on Smackdown. You can send email questions for the show to wadekellerpodcast@pwtorch.com and to almac5599@gmail.com. Just include Smackdown in the subject line. Next week, we will resume the normal call-in post-show you’ve all come to expect.)


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