HEYDORN’S DYNAMITE RECEIPT 6/15: Will Ospreay shines in stellar match against Dax Harwood


Will Ospreay appears on AEW Dynamite
Will Ospreay celebrating New Japan Cup win


This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Hair vs. Hair matches never really do it for me conceptually, but then in practice they are oddly mesmerizing. In this instance, Chris Jericho drove that intrigue. Thinking of him with a shaved head made my head explode. How funny would that be? Things didn’t go that way, but the drama of that possibility anchored the psychology of his match with Ortiz really well. Ortiz looked like an absolute wonderful babyface shaving his own head the way he did too. Blood and Guts is shaping up nicely.

-Sammy Guevara is back with Chris Jericho and this time he’s brought Tay Conti with him. Look, Guevara is better with Jericho – no question. However, there is an element of the college kids reuniting to attend a high school party going on here too.

-If only Wardlow power bombed someone on this week’s show. Right? Ha! The Wardlow vs. security guard guy match was fun, but that’s all it was. Logical? Nope. Good for Wardlow’s momentum? Nah. Looks like he’s headed for the TNT Championship and because that direct tie was made on this week’s show and along with this crazy 20 on 1 match, I’ll let it go. We can’t continue to see this gimmick stuff from Wardlow, though.

-Will Ospreay vs. Dax Harwood was wonderful. Ospreay is as regarded as he is as a pro wrestler because of the in-ring aptitude that he has. Showing that off to a large AEW audience was very important to build hype for what he can do at Forbidden Door and really, future AEW appearances. This was that. Smart stuff on the part of Tony Khan.

-Dax Harwood is secretly primed for the wrestler of the year discussion. It’s hit after hit with him this year.

-10 pounds of stuff meet the five-pound bag or what I like to call the Jon Moxley/Hiroshi Tanahashi face-off. Jericho needed to be involved, why? It made for way to much information at one time, indirectly threw Tanahashi under the bus, and distracted from what is the Forbidden Door main event.

-A really good Toni Storm promo this week. If I’m Tony Khan, I watch that and go with her. All the way. The women’s division on her shoulders for the foreseeable future.

-Dante Martin did some business on the mic this week. His best job yet at selling a match. Moxley as his opponent certainly helps, but it was all him. Good stuff.

-Jay White is fantastic. He finally got to show his personality this week and it played. White vs. Adam Page is where I’d go at this point if for no other reason than to make sure I’m advocating for keeping him out of a tag team situation that also seems likely at this point. Okada/Page vs. White/Cole. Like, I just want more for Okada and White at Forbidden Door.

-Holy ladder match, Batman. This thing was a car crash match of epic proportions, but got over extremely well. The spots were unique and very risky, but all four guys pulled it off. The Young Bucks as tag team champions give the tag division a proper hierarchy again. The best team with the belts at the top.

-We’re finally on the road to Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage. A really strong turn for Cage. The facial expressions told the story. Cage should thrive in this role and give Jungle Boy his first meaningful feud of his career.

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