Alta set to bring MMA program to Kill Cliff FC (fka Sanford MMA)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)

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Alta has announced they have closed a deal to bring their MMA program to a new gym.

Alta will be bringing their MMA program to Kill Cliff FC (fka Sandord MMA), which is based in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Kill Cliff FC will be part of the Train Alta, which will take participatns through a 20-week journey through MMA starting on Sept. 19 with the basics and culminating with a sanctioned MMA fight against someone from the program.

Alta previously announced a partnership with Daniel Cormier and the Daniel Cormier Wrestling Academy.

To read more details on Alta bringing their MMA Program to Kill Cliff FC, you can read the entire press release below:

Two months after launching their partnership with Daniel Cormier and his Daniel Cormier Wrestling Academy, Alta (#TrainAlta) has closed a deal to bring their transformative MMA program to Kill Cliff FC (fka Sanford MMA); it was announced today by Alta VP, North America, Rich Chou.

Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Kill Cliff FC is one of the most well recognized private MMA gyms in the world, focused solely on their professional fight team. After learning more about the program, they felt this was the right opportunity to open their training facility to the public allowing the South Florida community an unprecedented opportunity to learn and train MMA under their roof.

Set to get underway on September 19th, #TrainAlta allows Kill Cliff FC to further connect with their community and will be taking participants on a 20-week journey through the world of mixed martial arts starting from the basics and culminating in a fully sanctioned 3-round amateur MMA fight against someone from the program.

“We have watched closely how Alta has expanded their brand over the past year,” said Kill Cliff FC head coach, Henry Hooft. “For us, the most attractive part of the program is that it seeks out men and women starting from square one and are looking to use martial arts to once again be part of a ‘learning process’ and take on fears and goals they probably felt were impossible.”

“Coming out of COVID, we realized that our program was more important than ever,” said Chou. “More and more, we are seeing people coming in looking to confront the gambit of mental health issues ranging from weight issues, depression, malaise and more. The fact that Henry and his incredible team at Kill Cliff saw our program as an opportunity to change people’s internal narratives through our program is a testament to what we have envisioned #TrainAlta to be.”

Additionally, Alta will begin their #TrainAlta series at the following locations:

Renzo Gracie in Downtown Houston, TX (now underway)

Black Sheep Kickboxing in Austin, TX (now underway)

Fight Ready in Scottsdale, AZ (August 1)

10th Planet in San Diego, CA (August 1)

King’s MMA (Huntington Beach, CA (August 1)

Nashville MMA in Nashville, TN (September 19)

Evolution Fitness in Edmonton, Alberta (September 19)

Additionally, #TrainAlta’s has successfully forged relationships with Gilbert Melendez’s El Nino Training Center, Xtreme Couture, Combat Sports Academy, Los Angeles’s System Training Centers, SBG Portland and SBG Kalispell (Montana) and more. They continue to have a strong presence in Canada highlights by the on-going relationship with Firas Zahabi and Jeremy Rubin’s TriStar Gym in Montreal, SBG Toronto, and the city’s Burlington Training Centre.

Alta currently has 68 participating gyms across North America (57 in the United States and 11 in Canada), and their summer program will feature 20 series across North America, highlighted by 13 gyms implementing the Warrior Training for the first time.

Created in Australia, Alta continues to expand its territories into New Zealand, U.K. Ireland and North America. Since joining the company in 2021, Chou has sought to aggressively expand Alta’s footprint throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to bringing in Cormier, and UFC analyst Laura Sanko into the fold, Chou successfully brought veteran MMA journalist, E. Casey Leydon into the program to showcase Alta’s mission of changing lives through the mats to reach the most die-hard of MMA fans. With the goal of reaching “everyday people” with little to no martial arts experience, Alta projects estimating that over 500 men-and-women will participate in programs across the United States this summer.

Over 10,000 people from 100+ gyms worldwide have completed Alta’s “Warrior Training Program”, adding millions of dollars in revenue for their partners in recent years. The company continues to aggressively expanding their existing presence in North America, where they have previously partnered with Montreal’s Tristar (Firas Zihabi), Long Island’s LAW MMA (Chris Weidman, Ray Longo), San Francisco’s El Nino Training Center (Gilbert Melendez), San Jose’sAKA Training Center (Javier Mendez), Las Vegas Xtreme Couture(Randy & Ryan Couture), Dublin California’s Combat Sports Academy (Kirian Fitzgibbon) SBG Portland (Matt Thornton) and more.

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