8/12 IMPACT WRESTLING EMERGENCE PPV REPORT: Alexander vs. Shelley, Bandido vs. Horus, more


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AUGUST 12, 2022

Impact Wrestling Commentators: Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt

Note: I attended this show live, so I’m writing these observations from my perspective in the front row of the crowd.

-The event took place in Cicero, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Cicero Stadium is an older building that hosts a variety of events. They have taped MLW there in the past. Most of the seats looked to be sold and the crowd was enthusiastic throughout. The crowd was all-in for Impact Wrestling and were really into all of the wrestlers and angles. There were no chants for WWE or AEW wrestlers; this was definitely an Impact crowd.

-Before the matches, the merchandise table had a big line and was doing a brisk business. Before the show, photo ops and autographs were offered of The Good Brothers and Mia Yim. I arrived about 45 minutes after the doors opened and they all had a healthy line.


This was a dark match. It was all action and the fans were into it. Lots of high-flying, as you might expect. Trey & Kid got the win and I’m wondering if Impact will start having them teaming up regularly.

WINNERS: Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid.

(B) BRIAN MYERS (c) vs. BHUPINDER GUJJAR — Impact Wrestling Digital Media Title Match

This was the first match on the pre-show. Myers did some good heel mic work before the match, which riled up the crowd. Fans were solidly behind Gujjar. Decent match with Myers getting the pin after throwing Gujjar into an exposed turnbuckle.

WINNER: Brian Myers

(C) ROSEMARY & TAYA VALKYRIE (c) (w/Jessicka) vs. VXT (Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green) — Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Title Match

The fans were very enthusiastic about this match, which was surprisingly on the pre-show. Deonna and Chelsea came out in matching outfits, so I figured they were winning. Good action with some comedy antics by Jessicka mixed in. The crowd loved Rosemary, Taya, and Jessicka, but Deonna and Chelsea had support as well. Rosemary accidentally blew the mist into Taya’s face, leading to Deonna & Chelsea winning the belts.

WINNERS: Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green to win the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Titles

(1) MIKE BAILEY (c) vs. JACK EVANS — Impact Wrestling X Division Title Match

This was the first match of the main show. Evans looked to have put on a lot of muscle since I last saw him. This was a really good match and the fans were into Bailey’s spectacular offense. Evans made a good showing and would be a fun addition to the roster. Bailey won with Ultimo Weapon.

WINNER: Mike Bailey


I was surprised to see this match so early, but we soon found out why. It only went a short time before Maclin attacked the referee and stomped him. They brawled to the back, but we hadn’t seen the last of them. Short brawl, but the fans were into it and reacted well to Sami.

WINNER: No contest.


This was my first time seeing Kushida live, which was a treat. Kushida seemed energized and has rebounded well since his disappointing run with NXT. This was a good match, with the fans solidly behind Sabin and Kushida, especially during the high flying moves. Eric Young is such a pro and Deaner has done such a great job of improving his in-ring work and overall look. After some interference from Doering, Young gave Sabin a piledriver for the win.

WINNERS: Eric Young & Deaner

-Kenny King came out for an interview to pretty good heat. He called out Heath and challenged him to fight. Sami Callihan and Steve Maclin emerged from the back and fought in the crowd. As King was distracted and cheering on the fight, Heath attacked him from behind and laid him out with the Wake Up Call. You could see it coming, but it was still fun and the fans ate it up. Heath ran into the crowd and was interviewed by Gia Miller, who was wearing a spectacular bright orange dress that definitely made her stand out.


This was an awesome match. Bandido might be the best high flyer in the business and Rey hung right with him. The Spanish-speaking portion of the audience was really into this and led several chants. At one point when both wrestlers were down, one fan hilariously demanded the referee count in Spanish. Bandido won with a suplex.

WINNER: Bandido

-Gia Miller interviewed Moose. One of my favorite low-key things in Impact is the interaction between Gia and Moose. He complimented her on doing such a great job and her facial expression was so perfect about being complimented. Then she looked so sad when of course Moose said she was stupid for repeatedly asking if he and Steve Maclin were aligned. Great comedy.

Sami attacked Moose. Moose and Maclin teamed up on Sami and the brawl spilled from backstage to the arena. Scott D’Amore (with his own entrance music) walked to the stage and declared that Sami would face Maclin in a No DQ match, which got a big pop from the crowd.


A wild brawl. They brawled around ringside. Maclin bled just a few feet away from me, which was a little too close for my tastes. I thought Maclin carried himself like a big star and this was a breakout performance for him. One thing I didn’t like about the match was that Sami hit Maclin in the head with a chair a couple of times. I would hope it was a gimmicked chair, but I don’t think it was. Fans at ringside expressed concerns as well. Sami gave Maclin a piledriver after tying his hands behind his back and got the win.

WINNER: Sami Callihan


This definitely had a “big match” feel in the building and it surpassed my expectations. In the front row was a group of enthusiastic Honor No More fans. There was so much going on that sometimes I didn’t know where to look. Sometimes I forget how good Eddie Edwards is, but it came flooding back when he was wrestling right in front of me. The action went out in the crowd and Doc Gallows threw PCO through a table. Honor No More won and will receive a tag team title match soon.

WINNERS: Honor No More

(7) JORDYNNE GRACE (c) vs. MIA YIM — Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title Match

Awesome match. The crowd was split and was into this from beginning to end. Very physical. There were false finishes at the end and Mia even kicked out of the muscle buster. Grace won after the Grace Driver. We almost got a handshake after the match, but Masha Slamovich walked to the ring and gave Grace the dreaded envelope, which Grace opened revealing a picture of herself with a red X through it.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace

(8) JOSH ALEXANDER (c) vs. ALEX SHELLEY — Impact Wrestling World Title Match

Incredible match. You will be hard pressed to see a better wrestling match than this. Fans were behind both wrestlers, even with Shelley playing very subtle heel. Great back and forth action and they wrestled it like an athletic contest. Lots of submission attempts. Alexander outlasted Shelley and got the win after the C-4 Spike. Go out of your way to see this one. Strong contender for Impact Match of the Year.

WINNER: Josh Alexander

-After the match (I don’t believe this part was on TV) Shelley and Alexander took the mic and complimented each other. Alexander gave a passionate speech saying he was hurting but always gives his best for the fans. He said that Impact has the hungriest locker room in wrestling. Fans cheered loudly.

-A lot of fans stuck around after the show: The Titanium ticket holders took pictures with the world title belt on the entrance ramp, there was a lengthy line for merchandise, and there was a post-match autograph/photo session with Black Taurus, Rosemary, and Taya Valkyrie.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, it was a great night of action. The in-ring action totally delivered and it was helped by how invested the fans were into the matches and storylines. If you are an Impact fan, I would highly recommend attending a live show when they are in your area. They put on a great show and are a great value for your money. Plus if you are into meet & greets, you have an opportunity to meet the top stars as well.

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