9/23 IMPACT WRESTLING VICTORY ROAD PPV REPORT: Barbed Wire Massacre Match, Bailey vs. Delirious, more


Impact Wrestling Victory Road results
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SEPTEMBER 23, 2022

Impact Wrestling Commentators: Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt

-Opening video featuring the stars of Impact Wrestling

(1) MIKE BAILEY (c) vs. DELIRIOUS — Impact Wrestling X Division Title Match

Rehwoldt noted the background of Delirious, including that he has wrestled for over 20 years. Delirious dove for Bailey’s feet at the start. Bailey kicked Delirious to the mat. Bailey gave Delirious a series of kicks. Delirious dropkicked Bailey in the back and followed with a neckbreaker. Delirious had Bailey in a modified Cobra Clutch. They stomped each other’s feet and traded kicks.

Fans chanted “Let’s Go Speedball”. Delirious ran the ropes in an unusual way and clotheslined Bailey. Bailey did a moonsault from inside the ring to the floor on Delirious. Delirious bit Bailey’s foot, then kicked him into the ring post. Delirious dropped Bailey on the ring apron, then on the floor. Delirious held the title belt and looked at it. Back in the ring, they battled on the top rope.

Delirious gave Bailey a Cobra stretch and a backbreaker. Bailey came right back with a kick. Delirious knocked Bailey off the ropes and gave him a running knee and a splash for a two count. They traded kicks and strikes. Bailey hit a standing moonsault and landed with his knees on Delirious. Delirious put Bailey in the Cobra Stretch and gave him a German Suplex. Bailey returned a kick. Bailey gave Delirious the Flamingo Driver and got the pin.

WINNER: Mike Bailey in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good match and an excellent way to start the show. Bailey continues to look strong (this was his 9th title defense) and Delirious was a fresh contender that performed really well. The last few minutes were top notch.)

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera at the table at ringside and plugged auctions on Impact’s Ebay page with proceeds that will go to Joe Doering, who is battling cancer. They ran down the matches for the rest of the show.

-Honor No More backstage promo. Maria Kanellis said tonight was the pathway to Bound For Glory, the biggest night of the year. Kenny King predicted they would win belts soon and that he would beat Mike Bailey at Bound For Glory. Mike Bennett and Matt Taven said it was disrespectful that they learned about facing the Motor City Machine Guns on Twitter. Taven vowed to keep the belts. Eddie Edwards asked Vincent if he and PCO would handle business against the Guns tonight. Eddie was mad at PCO for failing against Heath. Vincent said that Eddie could trust him. Vincent and PCO left. Eddie told the rest that they would send a message tonight to Josh Alexander, Rich Swann, and Heath.

(2) MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs. PCO & VINCENT

Sabin and PCO started the match. Shelley tagged in and sent PCO to the outside. Shelley and Vincent traded punches. Sabin clotheslined Vincent. The Guns double teamed Vincent and got a two count. Sabin put Vincent in an abdominal stretch. The Guns double teamed Vincent. Fans chanted for the Guns. Vincent made a comeback, including a Russian Leg Sweep for a one count.

PCO booted Shelley to the mat. Vincent gave Shelley a Flatliner, but Sabin broke up the pin attempt. PCO and Vincent tagged in and out to keep the advantage. Sabin finally made the hot tag and took on Vincent and PCO by himself. The Guns double teamed Vincent. Vincent made a comeback. PCO tagged in and gave Sabin a DDT and a leg drop. PCO gave Sabin a reverse DDT.

Vincent gave Sabin the Redrum, but Shelley broke up the pin. Shelley threw PCO to the outside. The Guns went after Vincent, double teamed him, and Shelley got the pin.

WINNERS: The Motor City Machine Guns in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A good match to put over the number one contenders. It went a tad too long, but it accomplished the purpose of letting the Guns shine while getting a hard earned victory over good competition. I’m sure there will also be fallout from Vincent and PCO failing on their mission to take out the Guns.)

-Recap video of the Mickie James/Gisele Shaw feud.


Shaw brought a Happy Retirement balloon to the ring. Shaw took Mickie to the mat early. Mickie battled back and worked on Shaw’s arm. Shaw fought back with punches. Mickie gave Shaw a rana. Shaw gave Mickie a shoulder breaker and got a one count. Shaw knocked Mickie to the mat and got a two count. Shaw mocked Mickie and kissed her. Shaw ran Mickie’s shoulder into the corner.

Fans chanted for Mickie. Shaw suplexed Mickie and got a two count. Shaw kicked Mickie to the outside. Shaw slid to the outside, but Mickie trapped her in the ring apron and punched her. Mickie slid into Shaw. Mickie kicked Shaw on the outside. Shaw threw Mickie into the turnbuckle. Shaw caught Mickie with a kick outside. Back in the ring, Mickie kicked out of pin attempts.

Shaw worked on Mickie’s neck. They traded punches. Mickie gave Shaw a series of kicks and got a two count. Mickie gave Shaw a neckbreaker. Shaw gave Mickie a backbreaker and a Flatliner for a two count. Shaw missed a spin kick. Mickie gave Shaw a flapjack. Mickie gave Shaw the Thesz Press from the top for a two count. Shaw came back with a spin kick and got a two count. Mickie finally gave Shaw the DDT and got the pin.

WINNER: Mickie James in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A solid match all the way through but things really picked up at the end. The retirement stipulation does add a little extra to Mickie’s matches recently, but the ending never really was in doubt. Good showing by Shaw and it would be a good move to get her further involved in Knockouts storylines.)

-Video package on the X Division contenders


Three wrestlers start and whoever gets pinned is eliminated, then a new person comes in. Whoever is left at the end is the winner and will be the X Division Title challenger at Bound For Glory to face Mike Bailey. Mia, Kid, and Trey started the match. All three traded moves. Kid did a spectacular moonsault from the top rope to the floor on Mia and Trey. In the ring, Kid did a 450 splash on Mia and Trey.

All three traded the advantage. Mia chopped Trey to the floor. Mia DDT’d Kid, followed by the Eat Defeat for the pin. Fans cheered. Alex Zayne was next. Mia did a dive as Zayne was walking to the ring, but he threw her into the apron. Zayne slammed Mia onto Trey. All three traded the advantage. Mia put Zayne away with a crucifix bomb. Kenny King was in next.

King stalled outside the ring. Mia gave Trey a series of kicks. King was going to hit Mia, but Trey slid into him. Mia and Trey argued about who would go after Trey. King dropped Trey’s neck on the ropes. King gave Mia a spinebuster. King hit Mia and laughed. Trey and Mia made a comeback on King. Mia went to pin King but he got his foot on the ropes. Mia did a dive on King on the ramp.

Mia punched King and the fans cheered, Trey kicked Mia and brought her in the ring. King rolled up Mia, pulled the tights, and got the pin. The fans were furious. Yuya Uemura was next. Yuya dropkicked King. King gave Yuya a German Suplex. Yuya suplexed King. Trey and Yuya traded offense. Trey pinned Yuya. Frankie Kazarian was next to enter. King stomped Trey.

Kazarian and King squared off. Kazarian and Trey traded offense. King kicked Kazarian. Trey gave Kazarian a meteora from the top. All three traded punches. Kazarian put Trey in a rear naked choke and Trey tapped. Black Taurus was the last to enter. All three fought and traded the advantage. Kazarian gave King a cutter and got the pin for the victory.

WINNER: Frankie Kazarian in 24:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Classic X Division action. This was action packed all the way through, with everyone having a good chance to shine. Bailey vs.Kazarian should be good.)

-Taya, Rosemary, and Jessicka approached Gail Kim backstage. Gail said they were entitled to a rematch for the tag team titles. Taya said that she and Jessicka wanted the match. Rosemary agreed. Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo walked up and called them losers. Jessicka attacked them when they touched Taya. Chelsea and Deonna ran off. Rosemary was impressed and said they were ready.

-Bobby Fish walked out and made a surprise appearance. The announcers and the fans were very excited. He got in the ring and took the mic. He asked if it was hot in here or if that was all the heat that was on him. He introduced himself and said that lately he’s been a lightning rod for controversy. Fans chanted “Fish”. He said he’s never considered himself controversial or a problem, he’s just a guy who does his job well.

He said he’s not here for the bullshit. He said Impact couldn’t fire him, since he doesn’t work here. He said he doesn’t work here, but he’s kept an eye on the locker room. He said he’s never been afraid of calling people or out or calling them less than legit. He said the locker room was full of legit dudes who weren’t faking the funk. He said he was there to pick a fight.

Shera and Raj Singh walked to the ring. Raj said that Fish doesn’t get to just walk in and talk crap. Raj said that Shera was the most legit around here. He said he could pencil Fish in on the slap schedule. Fish asked if he was supposed to know who Raj was. He also asked who Shera was. He said “I’m Raj Singh, punk” then pushed Fish. Shera went after Fish, but Fish took him and Shera out. Fish put Raj in a heel hook. Shera dragged out Raj as fans chanted “Bobby”.

-Video package on the Honor No More vs. Impact feud.

(5) JOSH ALEXANDER & RICH SWANN & HEATH vs. HONOR NO MORE (Eddie Edwards & Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis)

Heath brawled with Eddie at the start. Alexander and Bennett squared off next. Swann tagged and got offense on Bennett. Heath tagged in and punched Bennett. The action went to the floor and HNM attacked Swann. Back in the ring, Eddie gave Swann a backbreaker. Swann made a comeback but he got cut off. Swann was about to make a tag, but Taven and Bennett pulled Alexander and Heath off the apron.

Heath finally made the hot tag and went wild on HNM. Bennett gave Heath a chop block. Alexander and Eddie traded punches and chops. Alexander suplexed Eddie. Bennett tripped Alexander. Taven and Bennett double teamed Alexander, but Alexander suplexed them and did a dive on Eddie on the outside. Alexander powerbombed Eddie into Taven and Bennett.

Alexander powerbombed Eddie onto his knee. Eddie gave Bennett a Blue Thunder Bomb. All six wrestlers took turns trading moves. Eddie gave Alexander a powerbomb for a two count. Eddie gave Alexander a Tiger Driver. Taven did a running slide into Heath on the outside. Swann did a dive onto Bennett and Taven. Maria pulled Alexander’s leg and Eddie rolled up Alexander for a two count.

Alexander put the ankle lock on Taven. Eddie hit Alexander with the Boston Knee Party and the Die Hard Driver and got the pin.

WINNERS: Honor No More in 16:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Great action, especially towards the end. This match continued the theme of Bound For Glory contenders looking strong going into their title matches.)

-Backstage, Mickie James said she was proud of Mia Yim tonight. Mia said if it wasn’t for women like Mickie, she wouldn’t be able to make history. Mickie said she wanted to test herself against the best of the best and said she wanted to face Mia at Bound For Glory. Mia said she respected Mickie and agreed to the match.

-Video package on the Jordynne Grace/Masha Slamovich feud.

(6) JORDYNNE GRACE vs. MAX THE IMPALER (w/ Father James Mitchell)

This was a Pick Your Poison Match and Masha Slamovich picked Max to face Grace. Max threw Grace down. Grace slapped Max and Max grabbed her by the throat. Max knocked Grace to the mat. Grace fought back and knocked Max out of the ring. Grace dove to the outside, but Max caught her and threw her on the apron. Max continued to attack Grace on the floor for a long time. Grace finally gave Max an Alabama Slam on the ramp. Back in the ring, Grace went for a pin, but Max kicked out at one.

Grace moved and Max hit the ring post. Max kicked out of another cover at one. Max charged and hit the post again. Grace fought back with chops. Grace hit an offensive flurry including the double knees and a Vader Bomb. Grace got a two count. Max gave Grace a spear and got a two count. Grace powerbombed Max, then got the Grace Driver for the pin.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good match, although the sequence outside the ring went on too long. It was different to have Grace in a match where she was overpowered. Max would make a fine addition to the Knockouts roster. The finisher was impressive.)

Grace took the mic after the match and said that Pick Your Poison goes both ways. She said that she is friends with someone who loves violence just as much as Masha Slamovich. She said her only condition was that she would wrestle Masha in a match where she could destroy her. She said that next week on Impact TV that Masha would face Allie Katch. The fans cheered. Grace said it would be a Monster’s Ball Match.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt said that a new person would be inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory. They pitched to a video package of Raven.

-Gia Miller interviewed Moose. Moose said he has been in every extreme match that Impact has to offer and said that experience would help him win.

-Video package on the Sami Callihan/Moose/Steve Maclin feud.

(7) SAMI CALLIHAN vs. MOOSE vs. STEVE MACLIN — Barbed Wire Massacre Match

There was barbed wire wrapped around the ropes on two sides of the ring and doors were propped up in two corners. There were also weapons. Moose had on a sleeveless t-shirt and long athletic pants, Maclin had his face painted, and Sami was dressed like Cactus Jack. Moose immediately threw Maclin through a door. Sami gave Moose a piledriver. Moose threw Sami into the barbed wire. Moose did a dive on Maclin on the outside.

Sami attacked Moose and Maclin on the floor. Sami set up a table that had barbed wire on it. Sami gave Moose a death valley driver through the table. Sami took a bow. Maclin threw Sami into the barbed wire and punched him. Maclin suplexed Sami off the steps. Moose threw Maclin into the barbed wire. Moose rubbed barbed wire rolling pin on Maclin’s face (that’s a new one).

Maclin was bleeding. Maclin clotheslined Moose and slammed him for a two count. Moose dropkicked Maclin while he was on the top rope. Moose gave Maclin a superplex. Sami hit Moose with a barbed wire sign. Sami was bleeding as well. They all traded punches. Moose and Maclin threw Sami into the barbed wire. Moose put Maclin stomach-first into the barbed wire. Sami threw Moose into the barbed wire, Fans chanted “This is awesome”.

Sami suplexed Maclin into a barbed wire chair. Sami pulled a barbed wire Nintendo 64 controller out of a bag and rubbed it on Maclin’s forehead. Sami pulled the barbed wire over Maclin’s mouth. Maclin powered up and landed a dive on Moose on the outside. He also got a two count on Sami. Moose attacked Maclin and powerbombed him into the barbed wire ropes.

Moose choke slammed Sami on a ball of barbed wire. Moose went for the spear, but Maclin hit him with a chair and gave him the KIA. Sami put Moose on the table on the outside. Maclin came off the top and hit Moose with a chair. Sami and Maclin fought with a trash can lid and a bat. Sami got the best of it. Sami powerbombed Maclin through the second door. Fans chanted “This is awesome” again.

Sami gave Maclin the Cactus Driver 97 piledriver, but Maclin kicked out to the surprise of everyone. Maclin gave Sami a low blow, followed by the KIA and got the pin.

WINNER: Steve Maclin in 26:00.

(D.L.’s Take: If violence and gore is your thing, this certainly delivered. I’ll hand it to these three for going all out in this match. It was more of a violent spectacle than an actual match, but that was the goal. Good idea to have Maclin win, who could have used the victory to add credibility.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A good show from top to bottom. The Bound For Glory challengers all looked strong heading into their matches. The in-ring action was good, highlighted by the X Division match and Bailey vs. Delirious. A fun surprise to have Bobby Fish and the fans were really into him. The main event delivered what it promised and the fans liked it. Having Maclin win was a nice surprise to cap off the evening.

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