9/29 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Victory Road fallout, Alexander and Edwards promo, Slamovich vs. Katch, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Impact Wrestling Announcers: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-Clips from Victory Road of Eddie Edwards pinning Josh Alexander in the 6-man match and Jordynne Grace beating Max the Impaler. They cut to the arena with fans cheering.


Ace and Kid started the match. Bey prevented Kid from leaping over the top rope and Ace attacked him from behind to take control. Bey and Ace double teamed Kid. Rehwoldt plugged Bey’s album coming out next month. Ace raked Kid’s back. Kid eventually made the tag to Trey. Kid and Trey double teamed Bey, but Bey escaped and made the tag to Ace. Ace ran wild and kicked Trey on the outside.

Ace got a two count on Kid. Trey dropkicked Bey in the back. Trey clotheslined Ace over the top rope and Kid did a dive on Ace on the outside. Trey did a springboard powerbomb on Bey and got a two count. Ace knocked Kid off the top rope. Bey gave Trey a cutter and Ace gave Trey The Fold and got the pin.

WINNERS: Chris Bey & Ace Austin in 8:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good match from four of Impact’s most under-utilized talents. A fast paced start to the show. No matches were announced for any of these wrestlers at Bound For Glory yet.)

-Clip from last week of Brian Myers beating Bhupinder Gujjar in a ladder match.

-Gia Miller interviewed Gujjar. He said he was feeling great after the match, but he had a broken nose and wasn’t cleared to complete. He said he would enter the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match at Bound For Glory so he could get a title shot. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Frankie Kazarian. He said he entered the match at Victory Road to see if he could still hang with the best of the X Division. He said he is still in the game, but Mike Bailey was at the top of the game. He said that Bailey was playing a game that Frankie created and he vowed to win the X Division title.

-Rehwoldt and Hannifan plugged Bound For Glory from the desk at ringside but were interrupted by a fan in a yellow hood behind them (likely one of Eric Young’s guys) and security hauled him away. They resumed and ran down matches for BFG and tonight.

(2) BRIAN MYERS (c) vs. CRAZZY STEVE — Impact Wrestling Digital Media Title Match

Steve jumped on Myers’ back. Myers worked Steve’s arm, but Steve took him to the mat. Myers threw Steve into the ropes to stop his momentum. Myers stomped Steve, then put him in a sleeper. Hannifan sung the praises of Bhupinder Gujjar from last week. Myers had control as the show went to commercial. [c]

Steve was in the midst of an offensive flurry when we returned. Steve got a two count. Myers kicked Steve in the head and followed with a DDT for a two count. Fans chanted for Steve. Steve bit Myers in the head, then stretched Myers over the ropes. Myers used a distracted referee to give Steve a thumb to the eye and followed with the Roster Cut for the pin.

WINNER: Brian Myers in 9:00.

Myers took the mic after the match and said he took the title and made it the most prestigious title in the company. He said it was getting too easy for him and he asked from more competition. He issued an open challenge at Bound For Glory.

(D.L.’s Take: Myers’ reign started slowly, but the feud with Gujjar actually helped and is bringing a bit of prestige to the belt, which initially was taken seriously. Myers is really good in the ring and in this role. Perhaps Gujjar will get another shot at BFG or maybe someone new will debut.)

-Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice were backstage. Swinger talked about his Swinger’s Palace casino and the dungeon. There was a bunch of Swinger’s Palace stuff around since they were in Skyway Studios, where they taped the pandemic shows. Two women approached (ex Swingerellas). Swinger didn’t recognize them, but one of them said they used to be engaged. Johnny Bravo walked up and told Swinger not to speak to his wife. Taya Valkryie and Jessicka walked up and got into a confrontation with the Swingerellas. They left. Dice brought out a painting from the Swinger’s Palace days and the money roll that Hernandez used to have. Swinger said he would return it to “Hernandaddy”. [c]

– Joe Hendry skit. A family had to split their father’s inheritance. The lawyer said the father left his money to one person. One of the siblings said they would split it all equally, but the lawyer said it wasn’t left to any of them. The son demanded to know who he left the money to. The camera cut to a smiling Joe Henrdy. Cue his goofy music. The family celebrated and cheered. A graphic said “Joe Henry will motivate Impact Wrestling”.

-Rosemary approached Father James Mitchell for help with Jessicka. She wanted Jessicka gone and Havok back for their tag team title shot. Taya and Jessicka approached. Mitchell left. Rosemary said they had the wrong idea. Taya protested and said she liked Jessicka. Rosemary said that Havok was a warrior. Jessicka said she’s been trying to prove herself. Taya said they need to be on the same page and Rosemary needs to believe in them. Rosemary agreed to be in but said they still needed a lot of work and training.


No ring entrances; both wrestlers were in the ring already. Delirious attacked at the bell. They faced off and traded punches. Delirious talked gibberish and ran Taurus into the turnbuckles. Taurus stomped the foot of Delirious. Delirious kicked and chopped Taurus. Taurus made a comeback and slammed Delirious for a two count. They traded punches. Delirious ran the ropes and clotheslined Taurus.

Delirious slammed Taurus and leg dropped him ten times. Fans clapped. Taurus rolled out of the ring. Taurus made a comeback and gave Delirious a Samoan Drop. Fans chanted for Taurus. Delirious came back with kicks. Taurus gave him a headbutt, followed by Destination Hellhole and the pin.

WINNER: Black Taurus in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Short match but action packed. Taurus has been on a roll and hopefully this will lead to something.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Bobby Fish. He said he was here for a fight and he wanted it to be legitimate. He said that Josh Alexander was legitimate. He said he was entering the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match at BFG since that was the straightest way to a title shot. He noted that BFG was in his hometown. He said he was coming after the winner of Alexander vs. Eddie Edwards. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Mia Yim. Mia said she was shocked that Mickie James challenged her for a match at Bound For Glory. Mia talked about their history and showed footage of them wrestling at Maryland Championship Wrestling from years ago. Mickie pinned her. Mia said she was intimated at the time, but she isn’t anymore. She said she wouldn’t take it easy on Mickie. Gisele Shaw interrupted. She said if she couldn’t get the job done against Mickie, then Mia certainly couldn’t. Mia said she could definitely get the job done against Shaw and left. Shaw mocked her when she left.

-Honor No More promo. They all walked to the ring. Eddie said if there were any doubts about HNM, they put them to rest at Victory Road. He said that he proved he could beat Josh Alexander. He said no matter how great the night was, there were still some setbacks. He turned to PCO. He blamed him for losing to the Motor City Machine Guns. Fans chanted for PCO. Eddie told him to step when Eddie says, otherwise he should step back and shut his mouth.

Vincent put a black bag over PCO’s head to calm him. Matt Taven took the mic and said that Impact has done nothing for them and has been in their way. He bragged about having the tag team belts. Fans chanted “OGK”. He predicted that Eddie would beat Alexander at BFG. Mike Bennett said that Eddie was the first person to pin Alexander since Moose did it last year. He asked the fans to cheer, but the fans booed.

Maria Kanellis took the mic and noted that Moose pinned Alexander when he was already beaten up from a match earlier. She said Eddie pinned a fresh Alexander and that made him a better man and a better wrestler. She played a video she had prepared. It showed Eddie pinning Alexander and delivering his finisher over and over. Fans chanted for Maria. Eddie pretended to be humble and said he was going to blush.

Eddie talked about brining Honor No More to Impact. He said he turned his back on everyone he fought for because they all turned their backs on him. He blamed the fans (I’ve heard that somewhere before). He said what HNM fights for is truly righteous. Josh Alexander walked to the stage. Fans chanted for him. He said that Eddie sounded like a broken record and was beginning to believe his own BS.

Alexander said that all of HNM were afraid of being overlooked, passed by, and considered insignificant again. He said this was just a fight, but they see the prize they are fighting over different. He said Eddie sees the belt as job security, but Alexander sees it as who is the best. He said the match wasn’t about an imaginary war, but about who is the best. Eddie said that Alexander was blinded by being a top guy.

Eddie said that Alexander’s eyes will be forced to be opened at BFG and will regret not joining HNM. He said that he has momentum and has HNM with his back. He said Alexander was all alone. Alexander said that Eddie turned his back on everything he believed in and the fans. Alexander said he fights on behalf of the fans. He said that Eddie was outnumbered because of that. Eddie challenged Alexander to come to the ring and fight them all.

Alexander went to the ring and fought everyone. HNM got the advantage and stomped Alexander. Rich Swann and Heath ran in but got overwhelmed too. PCO clotheslined Swann and Heath. The Motor City Machine Guns ran to the ring. Team Impact made a comeback. Chris Sabin hit a dive to the outside. The ring cleared as everyone fought outside. Alexander and Eddie faced off, but Eddie fled the ring. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: Really good segment to set the mission statement of both wrestlers main eventing the biggest show of the year. Alexander showed good passion and fire and Eddie was solid as always.)


This match was joined in progress. Swann faced off with PCO. Fans chanted for PCO. PCO had the upper hand. PCO leg dropped Swann. Vincent got a two count on Swann. PCO hit the post on the outside. Swann made the tag to Heath. Heath punched Vincent and clotheslined him. Heath got a two count after a powerslam. Vincent escaped the Wake Up Call.

Heath gave Vincent a DDT. PCO clotheslined Heath over the top rope but got his hand caught in the ropes. Swann faced Vincent in the ring. Swann landed a spinning kick on Vincent, followed by a Phoenix Splash for the pin.

WINNERS: Rich Swann & Heath in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic tag match. Swann’s offense looked good and the fans were into Heath. Eddie Edwards isn’t going to like this.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Moose and asked Moose if he would finally admit there was a deal with Steve Maclin at Victory Road. He admitted there was a deal, but it’s off now. He said he was entering the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match and redeeming it for a title shot. He threatened Maclin. Maclin showed up and they got into a brawl. [c]

-Sami Callihan approached Scott D’Amore backstage. Sami couldn’t compete in a match since he has a broken orbital bone. Scott said that Moose would face Steve Maclin next week and Sami would be the special referee. Sami was happy with that.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt ran down the matches for next week:

  • Moose vs. Steve Maclin
  • Mia Yim vs. Gisele Shaw
  • Frankie Kazarian vs. Kenny King
  • Matt Taven vs. Alex Shelley

-Allie Katch and Masha Slamovich were shown being released from their rooms, where they allegedly had been locked in for 24 hours with no light or food. Both wrestlers walked to the ring. [c]

(5) MASHA SLAMOVICH vs. ALLIE KATCH — Monster’s Ball Match

Jordynne Grace had chosen Allie as Masha’s opponent as part of their “Pick Your Poison” deal. They battled with metal trash can lids. Allie got the best of the exchange. Hannifan said it was the 55th Monster’s Ball match and the 5th women’s version. Masha suplexed Allie and attacked her with a chain. Masha stuffed a sign in Allie’s mouth. Masha bit Allie and stretched her arms back.

Masha choked Allie with the chain again. Allie made a comeback with weapons. Masha gave Allie an Air Raid Crash into the corner. [c]

Masha stomped Allie. They showed Allie grinding a soda can into Masha’s head during the break. Both wrestlers were bleeding. Masha stuffed a chain in Allie’s mouth. Masha suplexed Allie. Masha brought in a chair from under the ring. Allie hit Masha with a chain around her fist. Fans chanted “Use that door”. Masha gave Allie a reverse DDT and scored a two count.

Masha suplexed Allie onto a chair. They traded punches and kicks. Masha gave Allie a Death Valley Driver on a chair that looked brutal. She got a two count. Masha bit Allie’s head. Allie hit Masha with a trash can lid then superplexed her onto it. Allie gave Masha a Death Valley Driver through the door and the fans erupted. Allie got a two count. They brawled on the apron.

Masha gave Allie a Russian Leg Sweep through a table at ringside. Fans chanted “Impact Wrestling”. Masha poured thumb tacks on the mat. She put some in her mouth and spit them out. Allie came back with a knee and gave Masha a piledriver in the tacks. Masha kicked out of a pin attempt at two. Allie poured a bunch of soda cans on the mat and hit Masha with a trash can. Masha gave Allie a spin kick and followed with a Snow Plow on the tacks for the pin.

WINNER: Masha Slamovich in 19:00.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent brawl and the fans were really into it. This continued building Masha is a major challenger for Jordynne Grace’s title. Good showing by Allie. She would make an excellent addition to the roster and obviously she’s on their radar.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A really good post-Victory Road show. They put the full court press on for their biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory. The lengthy promo segment in the middle of the show did an excellent job of defining what is motivating Josh Alexander and Eddie Edwards to fight for the world title. Most of the matches were kept short and the focus was on promoting the matches for BFG. An exciting main event that really made Masha look like a strong contender headed into her match against Jordynne Grace.

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