11/1 NXT REPORT: Hazelwood’s live report on Rose’s one-year celebration, R-Truth vs. Waller, Hail vs. James, Schism interview, more


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NOVEMBER 1, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

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-The show began with Bron Breakker’s music as Vic Joseph welcomed viewers about NXT being unpredictable. Booker T said he loves everything, and he means everything, about Breakker.


He grabbed a mic as the crowd barked. He said Halloween Havoc was a monumental night for NXT and the entire locker room. He named Wes Lee, Julius Creed, and then as interrupted by Pretty Deadly!

Kit Wilson said he’s had enough of this nonsense. He called Breakker “glorious and exalted,” as Elton Prince said he does what he always does and squeaked out a title retention. They mocked Breakker and had some funny Southern accents. Prince said Breakker is the absolute worst and they’re sick of it. Breakker called them wankers in a terrible British accent. Wilson said he doesn’t talk to them like that. Prince said they should have started the show. He said what, you defended your title for the millionth time and you’re so cool, but they defended their titles last week and they deserve the pomp and circumstance. Wilson said they should have the spotlight, not Breakker or Lee with his Lifetime moments.

Lee interrupted and told them to shut up to big cheers. He entered the ring and said he appreciated the words from Breakker. The three men’s title holders (four total) stood in the ring. Breakker said they should stop bitching and they would have been out here first if they didn’t spend three hours on their hair. Lee said they do have beautiful hair. He told Breakker to get a closer look. He took a grab of Prince’s hair and said they do have great hair, “like angel hair.” Breakker said Lee’s right and Breakker takes it too far sometimes so he’s going to step back. Lee said look at the growth as Wilson said, “Thank you Bronson.” Lee gave them an intro, calling them the “tastiest snacks” in NXT and Breakker joined in at the end. PD posed as the crowd booed while they did a side plate check.

Breakker said if they’re going to start the show, it’s bound they’re going to get interrupted. Lee said there’s a pattern to this and Breakker said it’s usually for the titles. Prince asked who’s coming for the titles? They looked around and Lee said it’s us. He said he misses those titles and Breakker hasn’t held them. Breakker challenged them to a match tonight. Prince said he knew he never liked Lee. Wilson  said they’ll have the last laugh. Breakker called them “Tag Team Championships” instead of Championship. Prince said this sucks. R-Truth’s music hit! Booker T said “What’s up!” with the crowd. Truth entered and danced with Lee and Breakker as PD looked annoyed.

(Hazelwood’s Take: We were JUST discussing the depth of the tag team division last week, and then they go and do this? Why? This isn’t WWE circa 2008 or whenever you had Rated RKO and Cena/Michaels as champion because there weren’t many great teams. The division is stacked! Look, I doubt Breakker and Lee will win, but I will say this in their defense in that last week, I think Kelly brought up how he could see Prince as a budding singles star and if they also see that, this could be a good way to get him a men’s NXT Championship or North American Championship match – which he would lose – as a signal that he can be a future singles champ…as Lee is now.)

-Truth was still doing some call-and-response with the crowd as Joseph said he didn’t stop during the break. Grayson Waller’s music hit as Joseph said it was like a wet blanket being thrown on the festivities.

(1) R-TRUTH vs. GRAYSON WALLER – Singles match

The crowd chanted “asshole” at Waller as he told Truth to show him respect because this is “my house.” Waller attacked, but Truth hung onto the ropes and then hit a back elbow and clothesline. Waller hit a sucker punch straight right as Joseph said the match from the opening segment was made official for the main event. Truth hit an atomic drop and then a side headlock takedown, but Waller rose to his feet and reversed position. He hit a running shoulder tackle and did the Cena you can’t see me taunt to mock Truth’s childhood hero. Truth his a running shoulder tackle and then a running head scissors into a hip toss. Unfortunately, Waller hit him with an unexpected STO. He hit the second rope for his baller elbow, but Truth rolled to the other side of the ring. Waller went to go meet him outside, so Truth rolled to his feet in the ring and then planted a right hand. He did a jumping split and a tope con hilo that missed all of Waller; he grabbed at his knee. [c]

Waller was in control as they returned as Truth was being helped away by the medical staff. Ref Daryl Sharma called for the bell. I’m guessing by how he missed so much of Waller and didn’t get much air, he tore a ligament in his left knee.

WINNER: Grayson Waller at 7:17 (injury to Truth)

-Waller took a mic and said it doesn’t matter who it is, calling out all three brands, and said he’s the most dominant superstar on the roster. He said he just beat a 20-year vet on his own. He said he gets luck every night in response to the crowd. He said this is his house and ain’t nobody’s going to change that. A nice promo to fill time after the unfortunate injury to Truth by Waller.


Joseph threw to a pre-recorded sit-down interview with Schism where he first addressed Ava Raine. He said he’s known her since she stepped foot in the Performance Center and wants to know why Schism? She said nobody knew it was her (except Tom Stoup!). She said she’s been around WWE her entire life, but nobody took the time to get to know her until she met Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reed. She said she suffered a devastating injury when she first started, but only heard from Gacy and no one else who knew her for years. She scolded Joseph for not addressing the others and just her.

He asked Gacy about the new spotlight and that he must be loving it; Fowler as shaking his head in the back. Gacy said this isn’t about what she can do for them as her whole life, people have been doing that. Gacy said they accept her for who she is and that’s why she’s with them. Fowler said people keep comparing them to other groups, but they couldn’t match the togetherness of this group. Reed said when you take your mask off and reveal your true self, it’s too much for people, but there’s a home in Schism. Joseph said he had one more question after a tweet from Cameron Grimes where he said they brainwashed Raine. Raine said first of all, she didn’t allow no one to brainwash her and she saw what he couldn’t: that they could achieve more together than apart. She said you just don’t get to reject Schism and walk away and he just hired his help. She said next week, Grimes will face Gacy for the final time. Gacy ended by sayin they’re four roots, one tree.

-Big Body Javier Bernal was in the back outside of Shawn Michaels’ door as he told Edris Enofe & Malik Blade that they aren’t “championship material.” Bernal told them not to waste a meeting with Michaels and should instead watch his match. He was to meet at Michaels’ office as Odyssey Jones walked out, Bernal’s opponent. Ha! Love it!

-They showed Kiana James handing off a folder to her still unnamed assistant. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That was my first time hearing Raine give a promo and while you can see she was definitely forcing some of it out and doing her best to seem menacing and justified, I do think this is a good start. She could have been flat, unenthusiastic, unable to sell her words, but here, especially as a first try, I’d say it was a success.)

-They returned with Joseph kicking to a video from earlier today where Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons entered the locker room, Stark in a mood. Indi Hartwell asked what her problem was since she’s not pouting about it and that they’re getting a title rematch. Hartwell said when was the last time she had one? Stark said it’s because Hartwell doesn’t deserve one. They jawed at each other as the other women broke them up.

-Andre Chase was giving a fired up Thea Hail a pep talk. He asked her how she felt and she said something doesn’t feel right. They panned to her right where the flag bearer was gone. Duke Hudson busted through and said he would do it and went out waving the flag. The big news today is that Chase U’s Bodhi Heyward was one of five released from NXT and Bryan Alvarez reported Heyward was a bit difficult to work with, accounting for the new flag bearer in Hudson and writing Heyward off of TV last week. Booker T said the other kid got his scholarship yanked. James’ music hit as she entered with her gigantic, probably loaded purse seeing as she’s used it as a weapon in the past. Joseph brought up the envelope she handed to her assistant. Booker T made a joke about ROW being for sale.

(2) KIANA JAMES vs. THEA HAIL (w/Andre Chase) – Singles match

James hit a knee to the gut and began working the left arm. Hail has officially made it longer than her previous match with James. James kept working the arm, then trapped the right arm as she looked for and locked in a modified armlock. Hail fought to her feet, but James brought her right back down. James slammed Hail down to the mat and drove her knee into the arm twice. This has been 99 percent James. She went for another of those modified armlocks and hit as Booker T called Chase U a scam. Hail fought to her feet and arm dragged out, caught a kick, then hit a clothesline. She hit a splash in the corner, then another, then a basement dropkick to the knee and a leaping rolling neckbreaker, like John Morrison’s Moonlight Drive in a way. Hail came off of the top with a crossbody that James held on to, but Hail rolled her up and then hit her slingblade-flatliner combo. Hudson put Hail’s feet on the ropes and was angrily dismissed by Chase for cheating. James then hit her finisher a second time.

WINNER: Kiana James at 4:20 (401K)

-After the match as Chase consoled Hail, Charlie Dempsey attacked, knocking both Chase and Hail over. Hudson ran out to make the save immediately, helping up Chase. He extended his hand to Hail, who hesitated, but took his hand and he helped her up. Hudson raised his eyebrows a couple of times at Hail.

-McKenzie Mitchell was in the back with Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley. Briggs said they’re rooting for Breakker and Lee. James’ assistant delivered the envelope to Henley. Henley read over the paper as they cut to the ring.

-Jones made his entrance to a nice pop from the crowd. He looked extremely happy to be there, dapping up some folks, for his first match in ten months. [c]

-They returned with Breakker and Lee getting ready in the locker room as they talked each other up. Mr. Stone walked in and sought out Breakker, ridiculing him for going after the Tag Team Championship instead of defending his title against Von Wagner. Stone said Breakker knows in his heart he can take out anyone except Wagner. Breakker just laughed as Lee rubbed his temples in disbelief. Breakker said tell Wagner to tell him face-to-face instead of sending his errand boy. He threatened Stone.

-Bernal was at the ring when they cut back.

(3) ODYSSEY JONES vs. JAVIER BERNAL – Singles match

Ref D.A. Brewer called for the bell as Joseph mentioned Jones’ ruptured patella injury. Booker T said he ruptured his and it’s still giving him trouble. Jones worked the arm and then hit a huge bodyslam. Bernal hit a chop to no avail as Jones just tossed him into the corner and hit a big chest forearm. He then ran over Bernal and hit two rolling sentons to a prone Bernal, make it a third, the last coming off of a rope run. Bernal went for the knee and attacked Jones in the corner. He mounted him and went for a reverse ten punches to the back of Jones’ head. He came off and hit a basement dropkick to the knee, then a chop block and a leg DDT. Bernal kept working the left leg of the big man, but Jones kicked him out of the ring.

Bernal came back with a rear chinlock, but Jones rose to his feet easily and rammed Bernal into the corner. Bernal tried again, so Jones rammed him into another corner. He then lifted and tossed Bernal back-first into the mat. Jones then just stood and hit Bernal with a counter shoulder tackle to Bernal’s own, sending him to the mat. He then hit what amounted to a Boss Man Slam/Black Hole Slam.

WINNER: Odyssey Jones at 3:21 (Black Hole Slam)

-They showed Toxic Attraction making their way for the one-year celebration. [c]

-They returned with the ring a replica of the Toxic Lounge, complete with hot men hosts and pics of Rose as champion. They made their entrance in their ever so evocative way as the camera panned in oh so subtle ways (please recognize the oozing sarcasm in those words).


Booker T seemed to be having a Wade Barrett moment seeing Rose up close. He said to put respect on her name.


Jacy Jayne said to bow in the presence of greatness. She said it’s been one year of proving everyone wrong, being the baddest bitch in the game, and 365 days of being the most dominant champion in NXT history. Gigi Dolin said Rose is untouchable, but everyone mocked her and didn’t believe in her, but Rose has proven time and again she is superior to everyone in the locker room. Jayne said Rose is the measuring stick in NXT and ran through her accomplishments, including making TA the most decorated female faction in NXT history (Jayne’s words). Jayne threw to a package they made just for her which ran through Rose’s career in WWE briefly before cutting to her return to NXT just over a year ago. They were sure to intersperse a lot of footage of her in a bikini as they showed her title win; they cut back to show Rose appreciating the video. The package continued with Rose’s continued title defenses and how nearly all of them were won with her Kissed by the Rose finisher. The package showed her unifying the UK title and then footage of her match with Alba Fyre to cement her year-long reign. It’s now at 371 days.

The crowd was chanting for her as Jayne feigned tears. Rose said wow, and thanked her two cronies. She said not bad for a piece of eye candy, huh, because that’s all she was to the people for four years. She berated them for thinking of her as a “centerfold bitch” and that’s why she bet on herself two years ago and made the choice to rebuild herself, calling it the greatest decision in her life. She said TA has risen to the top and numbers, ratings, and merch sales don’t lie. She said us people didn’t think she could hold the women’s NXT Championship because it represents the best women’s wrestlers in the world. She said she says put respect on her name because it’s the damn truth. She said she’s given every woman in the back a shot and she’s stepped on them in her red bottoms and looking good. She said no one will be kicking her out of her spot and if anyone has a problem, they know where to find her. Smoke hit the ring and then Fyre took out TA and the props. Rose rolled out of the ring as Fyre superkicked a host guy and then hit a Gory Bomb to Dolin through one of the tables as Rose and Jayne looked on from ringside. Fyre took a mic and said she took out Dolin tonight, will take out Jayne next week, and then in two weeks, will take that title from Rose.

-Mitchell was in the back with Apollo Crews and asked why he didn’t make an appearance to interrupt Breakker. He said PD got their moment, but then said the crowd wants to see Breakker vs. Crews, but he doesn’t think Breakker wants that. He said he’s a matchup problem for anyone and Breakker doesn’t want that. He was really emoting and putting out a lot of energy, but it felt really forced. Wagner interrupted and said Crews “is kind of a funny dude.” Wagner called himself a “matchup problem, period.” Looks like a singles match, if not feud, is happening between these two. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Rose’s promos haven’t been an issue since returning to NXT, and that was the case here, too. She was fine in her short moments on the mic – though it seems like the smoke hit a few seconds early – and the video was well done as expected. Is Fyre the one to dethrone her? I’m not sure, but unless they shoot Roxanne Perez up – and she’s not ready – then who else is there?)

-Another video aired of Scrypts leaving a voicemail at the PC as blurry footage of a hooded figure spray painting the PC was in the background. The modulated voice said coming to NXT almost feels like home. He sid he will leave his mark. Apparently, there have been two instances of the color bars on the show, during Waller’s and Rose’s entrances (I caught the one during Waller’s), and now this. Is this Dominik Dijakovic or Dijak or Chris Dijak?

-Hartwell made her entrance to a respectful pop. Stark and Lyons made their entrance. It seems like a heel turn is coming for Stark at least. The rematch is next week against Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.

(4) ZOEY STARK (w/Nikkita Lyons) vs. INDI HARTWELL – Singles match

They locked up to begin. Hartwell hit a shoulder tackle, but Stark kipped up. Hartwell hit another and Star rose to her feet only for Hartwell to start working the left arm. Stark hit a back elbow counter, then some shoulder thrusts in the corner. She slapped Hartwell in the chest, then again, then a springboard crossbody for not even a one-count. The color bars appeared again! Scrypts! Stark hit a rear chinlock, then rammed Hartwell into the corner thrice as she didn’t let go of the arm. Hartwell took control with two bodyslams and a clothesline to send Stark over the top rope and to the outside as a frustrated Stark pounded the mat and announce desk. [c]

Stark had a rear chinlock as they returned. Joseph called it physical as they showed a replay of Stark using the ref’s entire five-count to add damage to Hartwell. Hartwell fought out and landed a stiff right, then hit a running boot to Stark, caught between the ropes, for a two-count. Stark countered and hit a running lariat and then a strike combo that finished with a running basement knee for a two-count. Stark took out Hartwell near the ropes and then hit her little rope-assisted corkscrew senton that Joseph called the “Stark Special.” Stark stomped away at Hartwell in the corner, nearly being disqualified until Lyons calmed her. Stark went for Dope Finisher, but Hartwell countered with three short-arm clotheslines. Hartwell missed and then got hit with a thrusting superkick, grabbing her mouth. Stark sent her outside and rammed her into the announce table. Lyons was yelling for Stark to beat her in the ring, but Stark cleared the announce table. She thought better and reentered the ring to eat a boot and Harwell’s version of Will Ospreay’s Hidden Blade. Joseph said Hartwell is on the best singles streak of her career.

WINNER: Indi Hartwell at 9:50 (Hidden Blade)

-They showed Dijakovic hitting a tape recorder and burning his old mask. He said a new order of justice is coming to NXT. He said it’s not about anger or frustration, but his authority. Well, he’s not Scrypts. They’re not showing his whole face, but more than enough to let us know it’s Dijak/Dijakovic and he’s coming for the men’s NXT Championship. I wouldn’t mind him being the one to beat Breakker.

-They showed Valentina Feroz asking Sanga to be in her corner and saying she doesn’t know what’s going on; Wendy Choo was in the back with her sippy cup. Veer Mahan approached as Sanga said he can’t be in her corner. Mahan said they take your kindness for weakness here. He asked if they honored Sanga, who hung his head. Mahan said that’s why he’s here.

-Cora Jade made her entrance, I believe missing last week to sell her loss to Perez at Halloween Havoc. [c]

-They returned with Stark and Lyons in the back with Stark frustrated at losing and said she’s in her head. Lyons said she’s got her back as Carter and Chance approached. Carter said look who has no momentum going into their match. Stark said they beat them before, but Carter correctly said that didn’t count.

-A Deadl1ne promo aired, December 10.

-Feroz made her entrance.

(5) CORA JADE vs. VALENTAIN FEROZ – Singles match

Jade was actually the bigger woman in this match, both height and size, and it wasn’t even close just to give you a sense of Feroz’s size. Jade quickly took it to her and mocked her, but Feroz made her pay with arm drags and a wheelbarrow, meteora, and basement dropkick. She followed Jade outside and took it to her, not showing any fear or intimidation. However, Jade kicked her as she tried to reenter the ring. Jade took the advantage, still talking smack, then stomped on Feroz for a one-count. Feroz tried fighting back, but Jade would hit her once for every two or three of Feroz’s to take control. Jade slammed Feroz into the middle rope, then hit a running back elbow into Feroz, crushing her against the ropes for another two-count. Booker T said Jade needs a perfume called Arrogance. That was actually a good line. Jade missed another running attack against the ropes, getting caught with an inside cradle, but quickly took out Feroz. After a weak Irish whip, Feroz used her kicks to create some space, but missed a crossbody as Jade moved, then hit a running senton and a DDT that looked good and is a finisher she should probably adopt with this character.

WINNER: Cora Jade at 3:38 (DDT)

-After the match, Jade took the black kendo stick and threatened Feroz with it, stalking her. Choo ran down and while she was hit once, she was able to relieve Jade of the kendo stick, but was unable to land a Bryce Harper swing on Jade.

-Tony D’Angelo and Stacks were in the back as Stacks said what was asked for is done. D’Angelo said watching Stacks is like watching his son take his first steps. Stacks has Hank Walker next week, and then Elektra Lopez entered. She said she’s going alone and being her own boss. She said watch how dangerous she is now that she’s alone. Stacks said can you believe her? D’Angelo says he does.

-Lee’s music hit for the main event title match that was only set about 90 minutes ago. Breakker’s music hit as Lee didn’t get a full entrance. Breakker was in his black singlet with red lettering. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Jade, I think, is finally starting to find comfortability in the heel character. Her in-ring work hit that note well, and though her taunting was a bit over-the-top, it helps to sell her character. I think more than the DDT fitting this character, it’s exactly how she hit the move that makes it seem like the ideal finisher for her right now. It looks like she’ll be feuding with Choo next and this Feroz match was just a way to get Jade there while continuing Feroz’s story of finding herself with Yulisa Leon or Sanga.)

-An interesting note is that the first five matches of the night were all singles matches and this main event the only non-singles match. Of the five matches, one was ended by injury, two were arguably by distraction, and two were clean: Jones vs. Bernal and Jade vs. Feroz.

-They returned hyping next week’s show with Grimes vs. Gacy, Brutus Creed vs. Damon Kemp in a 5-Minute Challenge, and the women’s Tag Team Championship match.

-Pretty Deadly made their entrance with the slow-mo and Prince’s oiled chest and a side plate check. Booker T said each of their names as if to prove he knew them; does he know which is which, though? Alicia Taylor gave formal introductions from the timekeeper’s area. All three men’s titleholders (four men in total) stared off during the intros.

(6) PRETTY DEADLY (c) (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) vs. BRON BREAKKER (c) & WES LEE (c) – Tag Team Championship match

I believe that’s ref Tom Castor on the call. Wilson and Lee began with some limb work from both, trading off their left arms. Lee took a side headlock, then hit a sunset flip for a two-count. He hit a schoolboy for another two-count, then backflipped away from a trip to Wilson’s frustration. He tagged in Prince as Lee egged him on and took him down with an arm drag. Lee wrenched the left arm every time Prince tried anything. Breakker tagged in as Chase vs. Dempsey was made official. Breakker hit I think a standing moonsault (I was looking at this screen!). Prince mocked Breakker, then dodged an attack only to be hit a huge backbody drop, I mean, Breakker launched him a good 12 feet in the air. He dodged a few clotheslines and then hit bit lariat to Prince. Lee tagged back in and worked the arm, but Prince hit a few body shots to break the hold and then sent Lee up into the air a good ten feet himself. Wilson tagged in  and they set for a double suplex, but Breakker came in to save Lee and stereo Frankensteiners, though Breakker’s wasn’t hit very well. [c]

They returned with Lee taking over on Prince. Lee kicked out of an O’Conner Roll, but didn’t see the tag to Wilson, who rammed him and slammed him outside. Back in the ring, he hit a Claudio Castagnoli like running uppercut. He dropped Lee again with a right hand as they cutoff the ring. He then hit a neckbreaker after barking at Breakker, scoring a two-count. Wilson forced lee into their corner, then Prince tagged in and hit his own running uppercut in the corner as Wilson held him there. Lee dodged a strike, but was too hurt to make a tag. He dodged two elbow drops, then dodged Wilson outside – now the legal man – and beat both men back inside to tag in Breakker.


Breakker took out both men with running attacks, then hit the Steiner Dog to Prince. He called for something, then hit a double suplex himself to both Prince and Wilson, pretty much deadlifting them. That was impressive. He tagged in Lee and launched him from the top to both men. Lee hit a superkick to Wilson and tagged in Breakker, no he’s not legal. He took out Prince on the outside, but the camera spoiled the interference that came when Carmelo Hayes forced Lee off of the top rope and into a crucifix pin from Wilson to end the match.

WINNER: Pretty Deadly at 11:57 (crucifix pin) to retain the men’s Tag Team Championship

-After the match, Lee hit a tope con hilo to Hayes and fought him to the back. Breakker turned around into a big boot from Wagner. Crews was shown watching from the back. JD McDonagh approached and said that vision Crews has of being the man around here is going to be tough with a detached retina. The show ended.

(Hazelwood’s Take: That was a standard tag team match with a long heat segment and the heels cutting off the ring, and it was good. PD is great at what they do and are a treat to watch every week. Lee has always, always excelled at taking bumps to build for the comeback. Breakker was Breakker. I guess the interference both helps protect all three title holders and is believable that Hayes wants what he sees as his title back, though some have argued he should instead go for the main title or move to Monday or Friday nights.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Tonight’s show was really all about story building rather than about “banger” matches. In fact, the only match you could really argue that wasn’t either a build match or built from previous weeks was Jones vs. Bernal. It’s unfortunate about Truth and in all my years of watching basketball, that looked like an ACL tear. I hope his recovery goes well if it’s that bad and if it’s not, great! NXT also keeps having at least one women’s feud that doesn’t involve either titles, looking to make sure the divisions grow with legitimate top line stars. I’m not sure if James or Hail will get there, but they’re at least being given an opportunity. I think there are two main takeaways from me for tonight’s episode: Ava Raine, while still very green in every way, doesn’t seem intimidated by being on TV or having to speak, and Cora Jade has seemingly turned a corner with this character. Maybe the weapons wild match with Perez was what she needed?

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