11/18 WWE SMACKDOWN TV RESULTS: McDonald’s “alt perspective” report on Smackdown World Cup, Shotzi-Baszler

By Alex McDonald, PWTorch Contributor


NOVEMBER 18, 2022

Announcers: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee


-The show opened with a crowd shot. Michael Cole welcomed the crowd to the show. He said Survivor Series is a week from tomorrow.

-Sheamus’ music played. Cole said it’s “fight night”. The Brawling Brutes made their entrance. They paused at the top of the ramp, then Drew McIntyre made his entrance behind them. McIntyre and the Brutes entered the ring as Cole threw to a recap of the final segment from last week’s Smackdown. Wade Barrett referred to McIntyre as an “honorary Brute”. They then showed a graphic for War Games with the Bloodline against McIntyre, the Brawling Brutes, and a mystery partner.

-Sheamus took the mic. He made sure it worked first. Sheamus then said that a lot of people aren’t happy that he’s standing with McIntyre due to their previous rivalry. Sheamus said people question whether or not they trust each other. He then said that the twenty year rivalry has created a mutual respect and a bond. Sheamus said that McIntyre was his best man at his wedding three weeks ago. The crowd chanted “Ucey”. Sheamus said that the Brawling Brutes want the “brutey”. McIntyre questioned it, then said he’s feeling “brutey” himself. Sheamus then said that he wants McIntyre to be in the trenches with him. He asked McIntyre to be his “honorary brute”. McIntyre took the mic, he said that when it seems you have the Bloodline beat, another one appears. He said if he’s going to go to war, he wants t go to war with his brother. McIntyre and Sheamus hugged. Ridge Holland took the mic. He said that was nice, but it’s time to get to business. Holland said it’s fight night, and at Survivor Series, it’s War Games. McIntyre and Sheamus teased the fifth member,

-Sami Zayn appeared. The crowd chanted “ucey”. Zayn said the Bloodline doesn’t care who the fifth guy is. Zayn said they’re feeling good. He said you might say they’re feeling pretty ucey about the whole thing. Zayn said they don’t know who they’re dealing with. Zayn then guaranteed that the Bloodline will win War Games. Zayn said he could see Butch getting riled up. Zayn said they have a match tonight and he’s going to give them a preview of Survivor Series.

-Sheamus said Zayn is going to crap his pants when they find out who the fifth man is. Sheamus said it’ll be the last thing Zayn expects.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Well, I still assume this is Kevin Owens despite the injury. Sheamus said it’s someone we’ll never expect, which seems to lean that direction. I’ll be honest though, they’re building this up. I wouldn’t be shocked to see this be a big name like John Cena or Brock Lesnar if Owens is too injured to compete. Cody Rhodes would be a really cool surprise, but it would almost be wasted here. Another cool audible would be Seth Rollins or Bray Wyatt, but I don’t necessarily think they’ll go that direction. With all of the names I mentioned, and the way they’re pushing this, they better get it right. They run the risk of the fifth guy being a huge disappointment if they choose wrong. Sami was great here as usual and he’s now “ucey in the sky with diamonds”. I liked that Sheamus went out of his way to acknowledge why he and McIntyre are friends all of a sudden. I don’t care so much about the pictures of Sheamus’ wedding that have been all over the internet, but it didn’t hurt anything that he brought it up. Nothing earth shattering about this segment, but it accomplished what it needed to.)

-The camera shifted to Cole and Barrett at ringside. They speculated about the fifth man. They then previewed the Smackdown World Cup matches tonight accompanied by graphics. Barrett then said that one of the matches will happen right now.

-Ricochet’s music played and he made his entrance. Cole hyped the match between Ricochet and Mustafa Ali for after the break. [c]

-They showed Bray Wyatt related images.

-Back in the arena, they showed the updated Smackdown World Cup brackets. Cole said the winner of this match will face Braun Strowman next week.

-Mustafa Ali made his entrance. He had his ribs taped. Cole threw to a video recap of Bobby Lashley’s attack on Ali on Monday. They then cut to a clip from earlier today with Ali in the trainer’s room. The trainer said he was cleared. Ricochet appeared and asked what Ali was doing. Ali said he can breathe, he can move, and he can fight. He and Ricochet bumped fists and Ricochet walked off.

(1) RICOCHET vs. MUSTAFA ALI – Smackdown World Cup First Round Match

Ricochet went for a couple of quick rollups and then Ali reversed into one of his own. Ricochet went for another pair of rollups, then chopped Ali down and pinned him for a quick one count. Ricochet said that they don’t have to do this. Ali and Ricochet locked up. Ali got the upperhand, but Ricochet backed him into the corner. Ricochet delivered an elbow. Ali then attacked Ricochet from behind. Ali sent Ricochet into the corner then took him down with a clothesline. Ali made the cover for a two count. Ali stayed on Ricochet in the corner and landed a chop. He sent Ricochet to the opposite corner then charged. Ricochet moved and Ali fell to the apron. Ricochet went to the top but Ali fought him off. Ali followed Ricochet up then delivered a Backstabber off the top. Ricochet rolled to the outside and sold the move. [c]

Back from the break, the camera focused on the trophy. Ricochet was in control and landed kicks on Ali in the ring. Ricochet brought Ali to his feet then delivered an uppercut. Cole threw to a replay of a superplex from Ricochet that occurred during the break. Ali countered with a hurricanrana that sent Ricochet to the outside. Ali kicked at Ricochet. Ali came over the top rope with a plancha, but Ricochet caught Ali then delivered a Michinoku Driver on the floor. Ricochet sent Ali into the ring and then Ricochet went to the top rope. Ricochet missed a twisted splash. Ali locked in a submission and Ricochet teased a tap. Ricochet finally got his foot on the bottom rope. Ali lifted Ricochet and tried to pick him up but couldn’t due to his ribs. Ricochet got a waist lock but Ali tried to elbow out. Ricochet tossed Ali with a full nelson suplex anyway. Ricochet then hit a clothesline followed by a moonsault for a near fall. Ali finally countered Ricochet with a tornado DDT. Ali then climbed to the top rope. Ali went for the 450 splash, but missed. Ricochet stalked Ali then climbed to the top himself. Ali got to his feet. Ricochet landed a shooting star press and covered Ali for the win.

WINNER: Ricochet in 11:00 to advance to the second round of the Smackdown World Cup Tournament

-Barrett said that Ricochet will battle Strowman in the semifinals next week on Smackdown. Cole then stated that the winner of the match between Zayn and Butch will face Santos Escobar next week. Ricochet and Ali met on the apron. Ricochet helped him to the back.

(McDonald’s Analysis: About what you’d expect for these two. The match was solid, but it’s hard to get invested in either of these guys given their history and their current trajectory. The story with Ali’s ribs made the match predictable, but they worked it in well. The sign of respect with the video beforehand and the aftermath was fine, but nothing special. They needed to hammer home that both guys are faces, and of course, in WWE, all faces are friends for some reason. Solid match and a good way to kill some time even if neither guy has a chance at winning this tournament and neither one of them will go much higher than where they are now.)

-The Bloodline was in the back. Jey yelled at Zayn for guaranteeing a win. Zayn asked what the problem was. Jey told him to stop running his mouth. Jimmy stood up. He told Zayn to chill. Jimmy said they need to be on the same page before Roman Reigns gets to the building. Zayn walked off. Jey started to say something, Jimmy cut him off and told him not to worry about Zayn. Zayn the reappeared and spoke with Jimmy. He mentioned something they were talking about earlier. Zayn and Jimmy did a secret handshake. Zayn said they will talk more about it later. Zayn then walked off again. Jey looked irritated and asked what was going on. Jimmy told him they have some business. [c]

-A graphic aired for Bray Wyatt.

-Cole and Barrett were at ringside. Cole threw to a video recap of the match between the Usos and the New Day last week on Smackdown.

-Kayla Braxton was in the back. She welcomed the New Day. She asked how they were holding up. Xavier Woods said they’re not in the best mood. Kofi Kingston then said that losing the record was hard. Imperium appeared. Ludwig Kaiser said that New Day is what is wrong with WWE today. Kaiser said it’s up to them to restore the honor of the mat that is sacred to them. The New Day mocked Kaiser. They then said that Gunther looks like Lurch. Kingston said that Lurch must be Gunther’s uncle. New Day said they’d find a partner and face Imperium tonight. Imperium accepted.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Kaiser said everything most of us have been thinking. I get that Imperium is arrogant or something, but how are they heels? If you like and respect wrestling and good wrestlers, why would you dislike them? Especially when they’re paired with tired jokes like New Day. How old are they with the cracks about Gunther and Lurch? On top of that, how many of the kids watching this even got that joke? New Day needs to be done. Kingston and Woods can be used to bolster the IC title division as some new version of themselves. There’s no reason for this to continue.)

-Madcap Moss was in the back working out. Emma appeared. She asked how Moss’ voice was. Moss said he can barely talk after the Kross Jacket a couple of weeks ago. Moss said that tonight is about revenge. Emma told Moss to use his speed then wished him luck. Moss’ music played in the arena and he made his entrance. [c]

-Karrion Kross made his entrance with Scarlett.

(2) MADCAP MOSS vs. KARRION KROSS (w/ Scarlett)

Moss attacked Kross right away with a big knee. Moss then pounded on Kross in the corner. Kross was rocked. Moss charged and blocked a big boot and went at Kross again. Kross took control for a moment, but Moss recovered and delivered a suplex. Kross took the upperhand for another moment, but Moss recovered again. Moss clotheslined Kross over the top and to the floor. Moss followed Kross out and tossed him into the barricade then tossed Kross back into the ring. Kross recovered and suplexed Moss. Kross then stomped Moss in the corner. Kross choked Moss with the middle rope then backed off with the ref. Scarlett smacked Moss. Kross stalked Moss but Moss fired up with punches. Moss ran the ropes and took Kross down with a series of shoulder tackles. Kross retreated to the corner on the final one. Moss charged and used a shoulder block to the gut of Kross. Moss hit a couple more then Kross rolled to the outside. Moss followed but stood face to face with Scarlett. Moss entered the ring and Kross met him with a big knee. Kross locked in the Kross Jacket. Moss carried Kross on his back then fell backwards and broke the hold. Kross reapplied the hold from his back and held on for the win.

WINNER: Karrion Kross in 4:00

-Emma ran down the ramp and checked on Moss in the ring. Kross backed up the ramp. He said it’s his book and he wrote that book.

(McDonald’s Analysis: This was just to hammer home the point from last time I guess. I’m glad that Kross was able to dispose of Moss in four minutes instead of eleven this time. I don’t know where Kross goes from here. There doesn’t seem to be a logical opponent for him on the face side unless he moves into something with Ricochet, but that would feel like a step too low for how he’s been presented. Moss and Emma is an odd wrinkle. I don’t know where they could go with this that would benefit either of them.)

-They showed a graphic for Bray Wyatt. Cole said that Wyatt wants to make amends for his actions last week and that we’ll hear from Wyatt after the break. [c]

-Cole said that Roman Reigns is on his way to the building and all eyes will be on Sami Zayn when he takes on Butch later on tonight. They showed a graphic for the match.

-Bray Wyatt’s music then played and he made his entrance.


-Bray introduced himself. He said that lately he started to realize that he’s been conditioned to be a certain way. He said when that’s the case, you feel that changing is impossible. He said he was taught that fear was respect. Wyatt said he started to look at the path behind him. He said it was ashes and blood. Wyatt then asked why he did the things he did. He asked if he could change. He said if he was L.A. Knight he would know why. Wyatt then said he wanted to apologize to Knight. He said that he had a moment of weakness and he strayed from his path.

-L.A. Knight’s music played and he made his entrance. Knight said he’s replayed the moment for the last week. He called it the cheap shot heard around the world. Knight said that the apology has him conflicted. Knight said that Wyatt talked about fear and respect. Knight said he looked into Wyatt’s eyes. He said that he thinks not fearing Wyatt gained him some respect. Knight said that respect is the most important thing around here. He said that Wyatt got him, but no one has ever gotten him. Knight said he thinks Wyatt respects him. Knight teased a handshake, then slapped Wyatt and backed off to the apron. He said they were even and he accepted Wyatt’s apology.

-Wyatt took the mic. He said they were even. He said there’s a lot he wants to do to Knight, but he’s not going to. He said that the decision Knight is about to make is going to change his life. Wyatt said they’re even. Wyatt extended his hand. Knight smacked Wyatt again. Knight dropped to the floor and backed up the ramp as he trash talked Wyatt. Wyatt stared after Knight in anger.

(McDonald’s Analysis: I need Javier’s help to explain this to me. What is this with Wyatt? Where’s Uncle Howdy been the past couple of weeks? Is Wyatt going to destroy Knight and recruit him? With that said, I stand by what I’ve said the whole time. I don’t think the Wyatt Six is a faction and I don’t necessarily think Bray is going to have followers. If he does, I don’t know if I would get behind Knight as one of them. It’s good for Knight to be involved with someone on Bray’s level, but if Bray destroys Knight in minutes, I don’t know what that will do for the future of Knight. If that’s a necessary evil, I’m fine with it, I just hope the plan is more. I had high hopes for the return of Bray, but this new wrinkle doesn’t have me very excited.)

-Cole threw to a video recap of Shayna Baszler’s attack on Shotzi last week on Smackdown.

-Shayna Baszler made her entrance with Ronda Rousey at her side. Barrett said that Baszler was a member of the Four Horsewomen of MMA. They then showed a graphic for Shotzi against Baszler. Cole hyped the match for after the break. [c]

-Kross and Scarlett were in the back. They passed the Usos. Jey asked if Kross was the fifth member. Jimmy laughed and said it wasn’t him. Kross said he’s not a follower. Jimmy said they won’t see him later. Jimmy asked if Kross is going to try to make his name off the Bloodline. Kross said he will eventually come for Reigns’ titles, but when he does, he won’t come in a pack, he will come alone. Kross walked off. Jimmy said alright.

-Shotzi made her entrance on the tank.

(3) SHAYNA BASZLER (w/ Ronda Rousey) vs. SHOTZI

Rousey distracted Shotzi. Baszler took Shotzi down. Baszler taunted Shotzi then clubbed her on the back. Shotzi fought back and rolled Baszler up for a near fall. Shotzi took Baszler down then ran the ropes but Rousey grabbed Shotzi’s foot. Shotzi stopped and Baszler attacked. Baszler stomped at Shotzi in the corner then used a snapmare into a kick to the back and covered Shotzi for a near fall. Baszler worked the arm of Shotzi. Shotzi fought up but Baszler clubbed her back down. Baszler went for a knee but Shotzi moved. Shotzi landed a back kick, a right hand then another kick. Baszler rolled to the outside. Shotzi followed. Shotzi threw Baszler in the ring then went face to face with Rousey. Shotzi got back in the ring but Rousey got on the apron. Shotzi and Rousey jawed again. Baszler went for Shotzi but Shotzi moved and took Baszler down with a kick. Shotzi jawed with Rousey again. Baszler attacked and took Shotzi down this time. Baszler hit a German suplex and got a near fall. Baszler sent Shotzi to the outside. Rousey taunted her. Shotzi got the advantage back in the ring. Shotzi set up a sliced bread but Rousey distracted Shotzi again. Baszler pushed Shotzi off into the ring post. Suddenly, Raquel Rodriguez’s music played and she made her entrance. In the ring, Baszler went for an armbar but Shotzi rolled through and pinned Baszler with a rollup for the win.

WINNER: Shotzi in 5:00

-Shotzi and Rodriguez celebrated at the bottom of the ramp.

(McDonald’s Analysis: What an overbooked mess that was. The ref was never even distracted. Why wouldn’t she throw Rousey out? Why is Rousey just allowed to interrupt the match every thirty seconds? Why doesn’t Michael Cole ask those questions? I’m not against the interference and distractions in a situation like this, but I am against doing it blatantly like this in front of the ref with no effort to make it logical. Rodriguez didn’t even help or even the sides much. She just appeared and Shotzi caught Baszler. Wouldn’t that have happened without Rodriguez? If Baszler is such a killer and a great wrestler, why is she so dumb? It feels like she loses like this constantly. Nothing about this was good.)

-They showed a graphic for Zayn and Butch again. Cole and Barrett hyped the match.

-Megan Morant found Knight in the back. She asked if he was leaving because he’s afraid of Wyatt. Knight said he’s leaving because he doesn’t hang around after work. Knight exited out the door. A Bray Wyatt graphic appeared. [c]

-Knight was underneath a stack of kegs as officials checked on him. Cole said that some would say you shouldn’t poke the bear.

-Imperium made their entrance.

-The New Day made their entrance. Cole wondered who their partner was. Imperium exited the ring and stood in front of the ring.

-Braun Strowman’s music played and he made his entrance. Everyone brawled at ringside, then in the ring. The New Day tossed Vinci and Kaiser to the outside. Kingston went to the top rope and went for a Trust Fall but Imperium caught him and dumped him into the apron. Woods teased a dive to the outside but Gunther took him out. Gunther and Strowman were in the ring as the bell rang. Gunther bailed to the outside.

(4) IMPERIUM (Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, & Giovanni Vinci) vs. NEW DAY (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) & BRAUN STROWMAN

Vinci was in control of Woods. Woods hit a jawbreaker. Woods went to make a tag but Vinci held Woods back. Vinci took Woods down. Kaiser tagged in. Vinci hit a spinebuster on Woods then Kaiser followed it up with a big kick. Kaiser whipped Woods into Imperium’s corner. Woods fought out and took Kaiser down. Woods made it close to Strowman but Kaiser held Woods back. They teased it again but finally Woods tagged in Strowman. Strowman took down Vinci and Kaiser. Gunther blind tagged. Strowman sent Vinci to the outside. Gunther chopped Strowman. Strowman no sold it. Gunther ran around the ring. Strowman followed and took out Vinci and Kaiser on the way. Back in the ring Gunther hit a big chop. Strowman fought back and delivered a slam and covered Gunther for a near fall. Strowman went for a powerbomb but Imperium attacked from behind. New Day entered and took advantage. New Day hit Midnight Hour on Kaiser for the win.

WINNER: New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) & Braun Strowman in 6:00

-Cole said that he wants Strowman to win the tournament. Cole said if you’re Gunther you would not want to face Strowman if he wins the tournament. Barrett and Cole then broke down the brackets again.

-Kayla welcomed Strowman. Strowman said you never take your eyes off the monster. He said he’s looking forward to winning the tournament and becoming Intercontinental champion. Ricochet appeared. He said that Strowman is looking to far ahead. Ricochet said if Strowman looks past the flippy flippers he’ll get beat.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Oh no. This is not good. I was hoping when Braun coughed they were going to do an illness angle so they had an out to get him out of the tournament. I don’t think that’s the case. This match was not what I expected and I don’t like the idea of New Day and Strowman beating Imperium so easily. Kaiser and Vinci didn’t look like much of a threat here and that doesn’t help anything moving forward. Bad move. While the altercation between Gunther and Strowman will be interesting, I don’t want to be any part of Strowman being the guy that beats Gunther. That would be such a waste after the awesome build of Gunther this year. I didn’t like Gunther running away from Strowman. Gunther shouldn’t run from anyone. I really hope if they go this direction they do the right thing and have Gunther walk away with the win.)

-Butch made his entrance with Sheamus, Holland, and McIntyre at his side. Cole said we still don’t know who the fifth member of the team is going to be. [c]

-Cole and Barrett hyped the World Cup Semi Finals on Smackdown next week. They then previewed Shotzi and Rodriguez against Rousey and Baszler. Then they announced a War Games advantage match with the Usos against McIntyre and Sheamus.

-Zayn made his entrance with the Bloodline at his side.

(5) BUTCH (w/ Sheamus, Ridge Holland, & Drew McIntyre) vs. SAMI ZAYN (w/ Jey & Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa) – Smackdown World Cup First Round Match

Butch and Zayn locked up. Butch took Zayn down and worked his arm and hand. Butch stood up and stomped the elbow of Zayn. Butch made the cover for a near fall. Butch shot Zayn off the ropes and took him down again then made another cover for another near fall. Butch went for a hurricanrana but Zayn countered into a powerbomb for a near fall. Zayn tossed Butch over the top and to the floor in front of the Bloodline. The Brutes and McIntyre came around the corner. Zayn tossed Butch back into the ring but Butch climbed the ropes and delivered a tornado DDT for a near fall. Butch hit a big kick. He climbed to the top but Zayn grabbed Butch’s leg. Butch ripped at Zayn’s face and climbed to the top. Zayn shoved Butch off and Butch flew into the barricade and laid on the arena floor. [c]

Butch and Zayn were on the top. Zayn shoved Butch off. Zayn flew but Butch caught him with a big punch. Butch made the cover for a near fall. The Brutes cheered Butch on. Jey climbed to the apron and Butch knocked him off. Zayn capitalized and took control. Butch recovered with a kick. The Usos climbed the apron. The ref focused on Jimmy and Butch took out Jey. Zayn hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. The Bloodline and the Brutes and McIntyre brawled at ringside. Butch came off the top and took out the Usos. Butch got back in the ring and charged Zayn in the corner but Zayn caught him with an exploder suplex. Zayn set up a Helluva Kick and charged. Jey and Sheamus brawled and Jey got in the way and distracted Zayn. Butch recovered and surprised Zayn with the Bitter End for the win.

WINNER: Butch in 8:00

-Solo Sikoa entered and took out Butch with a Rock Bottom. The brawl continued as McIntyre beat on Sikoa as the Brutes battled the Usos on the outside. Roman Reigns’ music played and he walked down the ramp with Paul Heyman. Reigns took out Holland with a Superman Punch then took out Butch with a spear. McIntyre removed his shirt in the ring and called for Reigns. Sikoa attacked McIntyre from behind but McIntyre tossed Sikoa to the outside. Reigns speared McIntyre as he turned around. Sheamus entered and stood face to face with Reigns. Reigns and Sheamus then traded punches. Zayn attacked Sheamus from behind. Sheamus fought Zayn off. Reigns hit Sheamus with a Superman Punch. Reigns set up for a spear. Kevin Owens’ music played and he appeared on the ramp. Cole said he must be member number five. Owens took out Jimmy with a superkick on the way to the ring. Owens and Reigns stood face to face. They then traded blows. Owens got the upperhand and stomped away on Owens in the corner. Zayn then entered the ring. Zayn and Owens stared each other down. Reigns came out of nowhere and hit a Superman Punch. Reigns taunted then tried to spear Owens. Owens caught Reigns with a kick followed by a Stunner. Owens stood tall in the ring as his music played. Barrett asked what we just witnessed. The Bloodline regrouped on the ramp. The Brutes, McIntyre, and Owens stood tall in the ring.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Well, I guess the injury wasn’t that bad after all. Predictable from the onset, but it works given the story and should make for an interesting moment or two between Zayn and Owens in the actual match. It will be fun to note if they don’t actually fight each other in War Games and how Reigns and Heyman and Jey could ask Zayn about it in the following weeks. I don’t know if they’ll go that route, but it would be an interesting wrinkle to add even more intrigue to this story. The match with Zayn and Butch could have used a couple more minutes as what they were able to put together was good besides being marred by the interference and the sheer number of bodies at ringside. These two guys have such a higher ceiling than what we saw earlier, I wish we could have seen them have a similar type of match. The ending segment was strong though and builds anticipation for War Games. I would assume the Usos will win next week. I find it hard to believe anyone but Roman Reigns is getting into that cage last. Good stuff.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A solid episode of Smackdown with some good and some bad. This wasn’t the best episode in recent memory, but there’s a lot to like here. The ending segment and everything going on with the Bloodline is clearly the reason to watch the show. That’s not a secret. Zayn was great on the mic, in a backstage segment, and then in the ring as he’s starting to cement himself as the MVP of Smackdown. Beyond that, the Smackdown World Cup has been very entertaining so far and should continue to impress next week. With the results of tonight’s matches, as well as the angle, I think it’s a safe bet for a Braun win at this point. I’m not crazy about it, but it is what it is at this point. The spectacle of him and Gunther will be interesting. Again, I hope Levesque makes the right call and gives the win to Gunther to continue his momentum. I would much prefer he be good to go for someone like Cody Rhodes or Bobby Lashley or Brock Lesnar come Wrestlemania. Having him lose to Strowman would be a huge waste and a misallocation of resources at this point. On the bright side, Santos Escobar and Butch should be really entertaining next week and I’m really looking forward to that match between a couple of guys who could factor in over the next few months.

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  1. I thought they were moving towards Emma coming for Scarlett. Agree about Gunther, I absolutely do not want Braun to be the one to beat him; and yes….maybe it is time to retire New Day, although I think merch sales might be a factor. I wanted to like Shotzi v Shayna but they were working extremely light IMHO.

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