12/1 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mickie James, Swann vs. Bully Ray, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Impact Wrestling Announcers: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-Recap of the Josh Alexander/Bully Ray angle.

-Bully Ray walked to the ring slowly and stared down fans, including a little kid. He got in the ring, took the mic, and paused for an eternity. He said he was scared for the fans and they may not understand him. He threatened a kid at ringside. He threatened another fan who was holding an “F.U. Bully” sign. He asked the fans why the fans would be mad at him.
Bully said he told everyone that when he was going to call his shot, he would look Josh Alexander face to face and challenge him. He said that’s exactly what he did. Fans chanted “Walking Weapon”. He called Alexander a great champion and said he reminds him of Kurt Angle. He said Alexander wasn’t as smart as him and he was the smartest guy in the industry.

He bragged about running Hulk Hogan out of Impact (I’m surprised that didn’t get cheers). He asked why Alexander would allow his wife to be in the same building as Bully. He said Alexander wouldn’t be around for a couple of weeks due to the trauma. As he got to his “Do you know who I am?” line, Rich Swann ran to the ring to attack him (if only he had done this ten minutes earlier). Swann ran Bully out of the ring. [c]

The match was joined in progress after the commercial. Swann had an offensive flurry but Bully took him to the mat. Bully chopped Swann. Bully continued on the attack. Swann made a comeback and hit a splash for a one count. Hannifan touted the new deal that Impact signed with DAZN. Bully hung Swann in the corner and hit him.
Swann gave Bully a jawbreaker, then delivered a series of kicks. Bully backdropped Swann. Bully missed a senton from the ropes. Swann gave Bully a 450 splash for a two count. Swann gave Bully a crossbody block for a two count. Bully hit Swann with a chain and got disqualified.
WINNER: Rich Swann by DQ in 5:00.
Bully threw Swann to the outside and grabbed a chair. Bully hit Swann with the chair. Bully tore up a fan’s sign, then hit Swann with the chair again. Referees came out but Bully threatened them. Fans booed. Bully zip tied Swann to the bottom rope. Tommy Dreamer came out and stopped Bully from hitting Swann with a chair.
Bully rolled into the ring and Dreamer followed him in. They argued. Bully pushed Dreamer to the mat. Scott D’Amore ran to the ring and got in Bully’s face. Scott threw his jacket and headset at Bully then challenged him at ringside. Bully tried to hit Swann again, but Dreamer blocked him. Scott continued to try to go after Bully and threw referees out of the way. Scott smashed Bully’s trophy.
Bully took the mic (no!). Scott called Bully a “piece of (bleep)”. Bully agreed and said Scott was the guy that hired him (don’t rub it in). As Bully walked up the ramp, Scott threw a chair at him. [c]
(D.L.’s Take: Positives? Well… Rich Swann has great offense! Oh no, are we getting a Bully Ray vs. Scott D’Amore match?)
-Trey Miguel video. He did a promo with hip hop music in the background. Trey showed a heel attitude and called the fans losers. He talked about winning the X Division title, tattooing it on his leg, and losing it again. He talked about regaining the belt. Then he spray painted it green.
Moose took control early with chops. Gujjar came back with chops of his own. Moose is sticking with the no-kneepad look. Gujjar sent Moose out of the ring. Moose booted Gujjar and powerbombed him on the apron. Gujjar beat the count to get back in the ring.[c]
Moose still had the advantage after the break. They traded slaps. Moose slammed Gujjar. Gujjar avoided a spear then made a comeback. Gujjar gave Moose a ripcord knee and a sling blade. Gujjar missed the spear from the second rope. Moose got the spear and got the pin.
WINNER: Moose in 9:00.
Moose attacked Gujjar after the match and threw him to the outside. Moose took the mic and said “Do you know who I am?” (Not this s*** again). He said he was the person that told everyone that Bully was going to turn on Josh Alexander. He said the fans wouldn’t listen to him. He said he didn’t lose at Overdrive; he won because he was right.
Moose talked about Bully and said he didn’t want any of the fans to “say his name”, which of course brought out Joe Hendry. Fans waved their arms in unison as Hendry got in the ring. Hendry and Moose went face to face. Fans (charitably) chanted “This is awesome”. Moose asked why he was there and Hendry said that Moose called him out when he said “say his name”, which means “we believe”. Fans chanted “We believe”.
Moose advised Hendry to leave the ring before he got hurt. Hendry cut off Moose and said as a current champ to a former champ, he knows a cry for help when he sees one. They brawled. Moose decked Hendry, but Hendry rose up. Gujjar attacked Moose from behind. Moose left the ring, leaving Hendry and Gujjar to celebrate.
(D.L.’s Take: After 33 minutes of the Bully Ray Show, this felt like watching Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage.)
-Gia Miller interviewed Mike Bailey about Kenny King saying he was going to bring something out of Bailey. Bailey said he wouldn’t let it affect him and he was going to be a champion again. [c]
-Video feature on Mickie James and Deonna Purrazzo. The video featured in-ring highlights and clips of them in sit down interviews talking about the “Last Rodeo” and their motivations. Great piece and an effective preview to tonight’s match.
Hannifan plugged the Major Figure Wrestling Podcast toy drive. They shoved each other then traded punches. Kaz gave Maclin a flying back elbow. Kaz punched and chopped Maclin. Maclin threw Kaz over the top rope then drove him into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Maclin gave Kaz a running elbow and followed with punches.
Maclin gave Kaz a running knee. Maclin stomped Kaz. They traded punches in the corner. Kaz made a comeback but Maclin cut him off with a clothesline. Kaz recovered and went on offense. Kaz went for the chicken wing, but Maclin escaped. Kaz connected with a legdrop off the ropes. Kaz legdropped Maclin over the ropes.
Maclin missed the Caught in the Crosshairs. Kaz gave Maclin a cutter coming back in the ring. Maclin hit Kaz with a chair on the outside to cause a DQ.
WINNER: Frankie Kazarian in 8:00 by DQ.
Maclin continued to attack Kaz and gave him a DDT on the chair.
(D.L.’s Take: Two DQs in one night? This is like the heyday of WCW. Match was decent until the lame DQ ending.)
-Clip of the Death Dollz beating Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans at Overdrive. Tasha and Evans were backstage. Tasha was mad and they argued about who was at fault for the loss. Tasha told Evans to face Taya next week. [c]
-Gia Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards. He said the last year had taken a toll on his marriage. He said he is done with the past and he doesn’t regret anything. Gia noted that PCO’s hand rose out of the ground after their battle. Eddie left but ran into Delirious. Delirious grumbled and Eddie left.
-Heath & Rhino talked with the Motor City Machine Guns backstage. Heath said they would go to Scott D’Amore to make a match between the two teams. Rhino said he would rip both of them in half with a gore. Heath laughed and said “I love that man”.
-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and ran down the matches for next week:
  • Taya Valkyrie vs. Savannah Evans
  • Josh Alexander in the Impact Zone
-Deonna Purrazzo and Mickie James had their ring entrances. [c]
Dave Penzer did in-ring introductions, which I think is being done to add a touch of importance to the Last Rodeo matches. They traded the advantage early with rapid fire exchanges. They went face to face and shoved each other. [c]
Deonna chopped Mickie. Mickie came back with chops. Mickie ran Deonna’s head into the turnbuckle. Deonna caught Mickie with a back elbow. Deonna clotheslined Mickie and hit her. Deonna stood on Mickie’s hair and pulled her arms up. Deonna stomped Mickie. Deonna put Mickie in a chinlock on the mat. Mickie got out but Deonna hit her in the throat.
Mickie made a comeback. Mickie got a two count after a kick to the face. Mickie gave Deonna a flapjack. Deonna knocked Mickie off the top rope. [c]
Deonna gave Mickie a brainbuster for a two count. Mickie bridged out of another pin attempt. Deonna put a camel clutch on Mickie. Mickie threw Deonna out of the ring. Mickie dropkicked Deonna. Mickie leaped from the top rope to the floor on Deonna. Back in the ring, Mickie gave Deonna a missile dropkick from the top rope and got a two count.
Deonna fought back with punches. Deonna gave Mickie a pump kick and got a two count. Mickie kicked Deonna in the head and got a two count. Deonna got out of a DDT attempt and turned it into an armbar and the Venus De Milo. Mickie got her foot on the ropes to break the hold. Deonna rolled up Mickie, but Mickie reversed it and pulled the tights to get the pin.
WINNER: Mickie James in 25:00.
(D.L.’s Take: The Last Rodeo continues. A really good match and great showing for both wrestlers.)
As Mickie celebrated, Jordynne Grace’s music hit and she walked to the ring. Grace said that Mickie has worked her way to the top. She said they’ve both taken care of business so it’s finally time to face each other for the Knockouts Title at Hard To Kill. Mickie accepted and shook hands. Grace pulled her in closer and they went face to face.
-Violent By Design vignette. Eric Young and Deaner were seated at a table inside of the jail where the original VBD segments took place. Deaner said he would do anything to eliminate the sickness. Eric asked if the sickness was in this room, would Deaner do anything to get rid of it. Deaner hesitated but said yes. Eric said he would too.
They stood up at the same time and battled for a shank. Clips played of their matches and vignettes. They continued to fight. Deaner bloodied Eric. Deaner said “why did you make me do this?” Eric told him to do what he was born to do — kill the sickness. Deaner picked up the knife and Eric told him to eliminate the sickness. Deaner stabbed Eric (off camera). Deaner was now at the table in Eric’s place.
FINAL THOUGHTS: They are going all-in on this Bully Ray push, so if you are a big fan of his, you must be delighted. The first half the show kinda dragged, but things picked up with Maclin vs. Kazarian (despite the lame finish) and the main event. The Violent By Design segment at the end was good and it appears that Deaner is the new leader. It will be intriguing to see what direction Eric Young is headed.

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