WWE SMACKDOWN HITS & MISSES 6/2: A mixed bag for The Bloodline, LA Knight hits, more


WWE Smackdown analysis


Six-Man Austin Theory & Pretty Deadly vs. the Brawling Brutes – MISS

The match went nearly 20 minutes, (17:45), the official timestamp, and it went entirely too long. Sheamus looked decent throughout, but other than Sheamus, it was five guys in there doing wrestling moves that meant nothing. I’m unsure if WWE is attempting to pair Pretty Deadly and Theory moving forward, but I hope not. Austin Theory is a charisma vacuum, and he’s not the main roster; rub Pretty Deadly needs to excel on Smackdown. Finally, Michael Cole mansplaining Pretty Deadly’s name made me throw my remote at the t.v.

Hit Row vs. The Good Brothers – MISS

The best thing about this match was Michin roasting Hit Row on social media. Hit Row should move back down to NXT and have a hard reset.

The Grayson Waller Effect – MISS

This segment wasn’t bad because of Grayson Waller. However, several things annoyed me about this segment. First thing, so is the draft dead at this point? Second, I don’t understand why the Raw’s women’s champion is on Smackdown with other Raw rosters team members during a Smackdown segment. Finally, I was not too fond of Asuka and Io getting what chants but WWE should know better with their audience that would happen.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match Lacey Evans vs. Zelina Vega – MISS

I want to start and say I feel bad for both women. With an arena that had nearly 10k sold, you could hear a pin drop during this match. Zelina won with a code-red finish. Happy to see Zelina get another opportunity at a PLE. Lacey Evans isn’t my cup of tea, but I shouldn’t have to tell fans don’t be weird online to wrestlers, even if they have an awful gimmick.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match LA Knight vs. Montez Ford – HIT

I’m confident to say other than Seth, Cody, and Roman, LA Knight is one of the most over-wrestlers in the company. Knight getting the win was the right decision, and honestly, he should be the won to win Money in the Bank.

The Roman Reigns 1000-day celebration – HIT & MISS

For a company with a working relationship with the UFC, WWE sure does know how to make ugly belts with their logo in the middle. Yes, I’m aware WWE designs their belts for notoriety and toys. However, it doesn’t mean the belts have to be ugly.

The entire purpose behind celebrating long title reigns is that eventually someone will beat you. The fact that a babyface challenger didn’t call his shot against Roman is such a plot hole and problem that I can’t overlook. Also, Cody should have won the damn belt at WrestleMania. Jimmy Uso gave a good promo and his interactions with Roman were excellent, but that doesn’t paint over how flawed this main event segment was.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Other than the last 10 minutes of the episode, this show was phoned in and wasn’t enjoyable to watch. Friday Night Smackdown might be renamed as Friday Night Bloodline because there’s no thought or intent to this two-hour wrestling show other than Bloodline-related segments.

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