Edge says he now has an contract renewal offer from WWE, but he has not accepted WWE’s terms and is still mulling it over

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Edge (photo from Edge video on Twitter/X)


Edge (Adam Copeland) has posted on social media today that he now has an offer from WWE to stay. We reported yesterday that WWE did not agree to the terms he first proposed that he was looking for and that the belief within WWE is he would leave after his current deal expired, which Edge had said in interviews is at the end of September. The belief within WWE has been that he was probably headed to AEW.

“There’s no hard feelings between me and WWE,” Edge said (h/t to ProWrestling.net). “I love WWE. It’s my dream gig. It’s all I ever wanted to do. And I didn’t come at them with some crazy contract or anything. They didn’t deny me. I have a contract extension sitting in my inbox. I just don’t know what to do.”

Our report indicated that WWE didn’t meet his initial offer. Edge doesn’t explicitly say that WWE met his initial offer, but rather WWE produced a offer for him which he hasn’t signed. Our sourcing indicates the offer he has from WWE does not match his initial proposal. If he is planning to look into a move to AEW, it will certainly help his negotiations if he has a standing offer with WWE also, even if it’s not exactly what he had initially proposed in the course of negotiations.

“The first time I had to retire it was forced, and this time, the choice is in my lap and it’s a lot harder,” he said in his video message. “WWE gave me that night Friday night in Toronto and it was the best night of my career. A lot of people will say you should retire at WrestleMania or this or that, but it’s not their career. That Friday night was really special for me and I don’t know if that can be topped, to be perfectly honest. And if we think we can then great, but I need to sit with it.”

All indications are WWE and Edge are on very good terms, and if he doesn’t renew, there won’t be hard feelings on either side; it’ll instead be a case of Edge choosing whether to accept WWE’s offer or explore other options. He said he is having a great time at this stage of his life, but his kids are a priority.

“Just know that whatever is I do, whether it’s ‘Percy Jackson,’ which is coming out soon, or it’s wrestling, or it’s sitting in my rocking chair, it’s because I’m having fun. And having fun at this stage of my life that and raising my kids are the two most important things.”

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