Details emerge on the CM Punk and Jack Perry backstage altercation with multiple versions

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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C.M. Punk (image Denise Salcedo YouTube Channel)


Details are emerging of the altercation between Jack Perry and C.M. Punk backstage at All In after Perry’s match and right before Punk’s match.

Perry had antagonized Punk during his pre-show match against Hook when he looked at the camera and made a reference to a dispute the two had earlier this summer. Perry had wanted to use real glass in an angle and Punk didn’t want that done on Collision. Punk has creative influence on the Collision product, along with other like-minded wrestlers, and felt it was gratuitous and needlessly dangerous. Reports say Punk accused Perry of wanting to suffer legit cuts to he could take the next week off.

Perry referred to the incident during a fight with Hook on a limousine. Perry yelled into the camera, “You know what this is here? Real glass! Go cry me a river!” Hook ended up slamming Perry through the windshield with a Fisherman’s Buster.

Backstage Punk confronted Perry as Punk headed to the entrance area for his match. Our sourcing indicates Punk got in Perry’s face and asked if they had a problem. As words were exchanged, Punk pie-faced Perry and then restrained him in a facelock and threw some punches at him before he was pulled off.

A Fightful Select report says “one side of the story” said Perry approached Punk backstage first and bumped into his chest. Punk put him in a choke before it was broken up.

A PWInsider Elite report said Punk went after Perry and “even ‘hit’ Perry,” but said versions of the story vary at this point.

The stories don’t different greatly in terms of what happened other than who escalated matters first, but as more eyewitness accounts emerge, there might be some clarity on the nuances of who initiated the altercation.

We’ve also heard the incident nearly caused a delay in the start of the opening match as the production crew was scrambling to find a way to fill time if Punk wasn’t able to go out on time.

PWTorch has learned both wrestlers have left the building. Perry was asked to leave first because his match was over first. Punk left after his match, but if he was going to be part of a post-match angle with his Real World Title belt, he might return.

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