Eric Young calls Paul Levesque a genius and celebrates working relationship between TNA and WWE, touts the value of The Hardys to TNA

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Eric Young


TNA wrestler Eric Young talked to Brass Ring Media founder Zack Heydorn this week about the current partnership between TNA and WWE including what it means for business and for the talent plus his thoughts on how much of an impact Matt and Jeff Hardy can make for TNA now that they are back in the fold. The following are key highlights, with a link to the full video interview below…

Zack Heydorn: You’re probably the best person to ask this to because you spent time in WWE, you spent time in NXT, and you know that system. There is this partnership with TNA and WWE/NXT. What are the benefits in your eyes, having been in both systems? Why can this relationship be fruitful for you and other talents in TNA?

Eric Young: I mean the biggest thing is Hunter (Paul Levesque) is a genius. It’s the reason WWE is as good as it is right now is because of him. And it starts with him and ends with him. It’s obviously not one person. There’s a million super-talented people pulling the rope, just like there is at AEW, just like there is in TNA, but the partnership, you know, it’s the tip of the iceberg right now, and there’s no telling where it could end up.

I got ideas that I’d like to see happen and wrestling fans are talking about it. And the truth is, the forbidden door, or the portal, or whatever you want to call it today, it’s a real thing, and WWE has never been in that position. They’ve always been in a position to do it because they’re the big dog, and they have all the cards. They can do whatever they want and it’s not going to hurt their business, but they just have never done it. I think you know why, and I know why, and I think an average wrestling fan understands why that never was a thing, but it’s a completely different regime run by completely different people that get that it’s only good for pro wrestling, and in turn, good for the WWE.

(The partnership) is advantageous and what you’re doing is you’re growing your audience and it’s costing you nothing. It’s getting free advertising on another person’s show. People that WWE obviously want to keep, they still want to keep them busy. Them coming over and vice versa, people going up there and getting a taste of that machine and understanding how that machine works, and getting exposure from the WWE and the social media, it’s just advantageous for everybody. And the fact that it’s taken this long to happen is criminal and stupid, is the truth.

Zack Heydorn: Recently, we saw the return of Jeff Hardy to TNA. The Hardys are going to be on tour with you guys for your summer events. What does it mean to have the Hardys back in the fold?

Eric Young: It’s a huge feather in TNA’s cap. A huge feather in the locker room’s cap and pro wrestling fan’s cap. The Hardys are, combined and singularly, two of the most popular performers in the last 20 years or 30 years. If you’ve ever been to a WrestleCon, or any of those things, it doesn’t matter who else is there, The Hardy’s line is the longest period the end. Having those guys return to the company by choice is spectacular, because what it’s showing the rest of the wrestlers in the world is that this is a valid choice. It’s an option.

There’s not just two places. There’s three. And you can make a good living here and you can be part of something that you can be proud of. They’re doing it because they love pro wrestling and they’re excited to be where they are. They chose that. That wasn’t something they were forced or coerced or part of some weird, elaborate deal that they chose to come here. They chose it because there’s people here that they know and trust. I think me being one of them and other guys saying it’s a fun place, that it’s a good place to work, and it’s a great environment.

Watch the full video below or CLICK HERE.

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