WWE RAW RESULTS (6/24): Pomares’s alt-perspective report on Drew’s promo after attacking Punk last week, Breakker vs. Kaiser, Money in the Bank qualifier, Wyatt Sicks follow-up

By Mauricio Pomares, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of WWE Raw


JUNE 24, 2024

Commentators: Michael Cole, The Miz

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin

Attendance: WrestleTix reported earlier today that 10,297 tickets had been distributed; arena is set up for 10,601



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– The show opened with Drew McIntyre making his way to the ring. Drew showed footage of his assault on CM Punk from SmackDown before claiming that he was done with him. Drew looked at the camera to tell Punk that he hoped that he was uncomfortable and reveal that he had Punk’s bracelet. He said that this was priceless to Punk because it had the names of his wife and dog. Drew said that he would go on to win the Money in the Bank briefcase and cash it in on the smae night, in spite of Punk’s ass.

(Pomares’s Analysis: A simple yet effective follow-up to Drew McIntyre’s angle from SmackDown. Drew’s mic work continues to be stellar and him entering the Money in the Bank ladder match adds a lot to his hypocrite character after he complained about Damian Priest’s cash-in.)

– A recap of the Wyatt Sick6’s arrival from last week was shown.

– Backstage, Chad Gable arrived at the arena and refused to speak with anyone

– Bron Breakker made his way to the ring, ahead of his match with Ludwig Kaiser.

[Commercial Break]

– Backstage, Cathy Kelley waited outside Chad Gable’s locker room, trying to get information from him that explains what happened last week.

– Backstage, Jackie Redmond interviewed Ludwig Kaiser about his upcoming match with Bron Breakker. Kaiser put over how tough Breakker was, but claimed that he would prove that Breakker wasn’t a Ludwig Kaiser.


Breakker cornered Kaiser, only for Kaiser to kick him away and clobber him with forearms. They exchanged strikes, until Breakker knocked Kaiser down with a running body block. Kaiser pulled the ropes into Breakker’s throat and pummeled him down, until Breakker cornered him with a couple of shoulder thrusts. Kaiser gouged Breakker’s eyes, swept him off his feet with a kick to the legs and knocked him out of the ring with a basement dropkick. Breakker rammed Kaiser into the apron and blasted him with a diving lariat over the announce table, as WWE Raw went to commercials.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Breakker knocked Kaiser off his feet with a flying back elbow, followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. Breakker laid Kaiser out with a release German suplex and launched him across the ring with a Frankensteiner. Kaiser blocked a military press, only for Breakker to send him out of the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Breakker missed a Spear into the steel steps, allowing Kaiser to go for the running dropkick, but Sheamus stopped him with a Brogue Kick.

WINNER: Ludwig Kaiser at 10:08 via DQ

(Pomares’s Analysis: This was good while it lasted, but the DQ finish was very predictable. They are clearly protecting all three men, but I wished they did it in a slightly more creative way. I’m assuming this will lead to a four-way match at Money in the Bank or two singles matches.)

– After the match, Sheamus tried to put Ludwig Kaiser through the announce table with a powrbomb, but Bron Breakker shut him down with a Spear.

– Backstage, Judgment Day hang out in an updated club house with a food, a new TV and videogames. Dominik Mysterio told Damian Priest that those were gifts from Liv Morgan. Dominik got an unseen message from Liv and showed it to the rest of Judgment Day. Priest berated Dominik for not dealing with Liv and the rest of Judgment Day for wasting time with games.

– Lyra Valkyria made her way to the ring, ahead of her qualifying match.

[Commercial Break]

– Backstage, Bron Breakker complained to Adam Pearce about Sheamus and Ludwig Kaiser getting involved in his business. Sami Zayn interrupted to tell Breakker that no one would interrupt him now before accepting his challenge to a title match at Money in the Bank.

(2) KAIRI SANE vs. LYRA VALKYRIA vs. SHAYNA BASZLER – Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Baszler put Lyra and Sane down with a running kick and a waist lock takeover for a two count. Lyra swept Baszler off her feet and planets her with a Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. Sane took Lyra and Baszler down with a headscissors takeover before crushing them with a high crossbody at ringside, as WWE Raw went to an ad break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Sane countered a spulex with a DDT on the apron on Baszler, only for Lyra to blast her with a dropkick through the ropes. Lyra knocked Sane off her feet with a missile dropkick and planted her with a fisherman suplex for a nearfall. Baszler droppep Lyra with a fisherman back suplex before receiving a running blockbuster from Sane. Baszler blocked the Insane Elbow with her knees and put her in the Kirifuda Clutch.

Lyra took Baszler down with a roll-up, followed by an enzuigiri. Lyra laid Sane out with a sitout powerbomb, but Baszler broke the pinfall with a knee strike. Sane clocked Baszler with a backfist, only for Baszler to stop her atop the turnbuckle with a kick. Baszler trapped Lyra in the Kirifuda Clutch, until she was able to counter into a pinning combination. Sane crushed Baszler with the Insane Elbow, only for Lyra to immediately beat her with the Night Wing.

WINNER: Lyra Valkyria at 8:26

(Pomares’s Analysis: Pretty good match to once again showcase Lyra Vallkyria in another strong performance. Sane and Baszler did alright.)

– Backstage, Adam Pearce and Drew McIntyre argued about a possible spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Pearce told Drew that he didn’t deserve it, only for Drew to warn him to do the right thing or else.

– Liv Morgan made her way to the ring.

[Commercial Break]


– A video package was shown with the announcement that Royal Rumble, WrstleMania and SummerSlam 2025 would take place in Indianapolis.

– Liv Morgan stood in the middle of the ring to call Dominik Mysterio out, so she could thank her for the gifts and she could give another one. Zelina Vega interrupted to point out how Liv is more focused on Dominik than on her own title. Vega dared Liv to a title match, but Liv dismissed her and asked Dominik to come out. Dominik made his way to the ring to address the situation, but was barely audible due to the crowd’s booing. Dominik tried to tell Vega that he would rather see her as champion than Liv, only for Vega to attack Liv. Rey Mysterio ran down to separate them, but Dominik shoved him into the mat and walked away.

(Pomares’s Analysis: This was a very sloppy segment to set up the women’s title match. I really dislike how much of a backseat the Women’s World title has taken since Liv Morgan won it and this Dominik and Liv story is not for me. Additionally, while the Dominik booing bit is fun most of the time, it really hinders his ability to tell any meaningful story in a promo.)

– Backstage, Cathy Kelley confirmed that Chad Gable was evaluated by trainers and that Adam Pearce was speaking with him. Pearce came out of the locker room and said that while Gable was disturbed, he would still wrestle tonight.

– A video package was shown recapping Seth Rollins’ injury and return to set up his title match at Money in the Bank.

– Braun Strowman made his way to the ring, ahead of her qualifying match.

[Commercial Break]

– Backstage, Liv Morgan thanked Dominik Mysterio for saving her from Rey Mysterio. After Dominik left, R-Truth told Liv that Dominik was just playing hard. Liv convinced Truth to give Judgment Day a title match for Dominik.

– The Miz walked out from the commentary table to talk with Adam Pearce about potentially having to defend the tag titles against Judgment Day.

– Chad Gable made his way to the ring to claim that he can’t be killed and in an act of true bravery, he came out to take on two monsters.

(3) BRAUN STROWMAN vs. CHAD GABLE vs. BRONSON REED – Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Gable attacked Reed and Strowman with chops, only for them to knock him down with chops of their own. Reed and Strowman trade shoulder tackles, until Reed low-bridged Strowman out of the ring. Reed blocked a German suplex and hit Gable with a Press Slam into Strowman, setting them up for a suicide dive, as WWE Raw went to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Reed took Strowman down with a corner splash, but missed a senton on Gable. Reed caught Gable and Strowman with corner splashes, only for Strowman to take him and Gable out with a shoulder tackle and a big boot. Strowman threw Gable’s body across the ring into Reed, followed by a running shoulder tackle. Strowman crashed into the ring post while Gable planted Reed with a German suplex for a nearfall. Gable climbed the top turnbuckle before Strowman tripped him and laid Reed out with a powerslam. The Judgment Day attacked Strowman from behind and stomped him down on the entrance way. Gable immediately crushed Reed with a moonsault to pick up the win.

WINNER: Chad Gable at 8:24

(Pomares’s Analysis: A decent match with a kind of flat ending. I’m not invested at all in the Judgment vs. Strowman feud, so the finish just felt annoying.)

– The lights turned off and the Wyatt Sick6’s started playing as the ring was filled with smoke. Nikki Cross appeared behind Gable and scared him away before grabbing a box and leaving it on the announce table next to two beaten up security guards.

(Pomares’s Analysis: The post-match angle was fine, but was nothing special. Depending on the contents of the box, we’ll see how good a follow-up this was.)

[Commercial Break]

– A recap of Nikki Cross leaving the box was shown.

– Michael Coleopened the box and pulled out a VHS tape. Cole gave it to someone, so they could take it to the production truck to play it.

– Backstage, Chad Gable met the former members of Alpha Academy and apologized for what happened last week. Otis told Gable that what he said was final and that they were done. Maxxine Dupri told him that he really hurt them and that Otis just needed some time. The Creed Brothers showed up to check on Gable.


Carter sent Fyre and Dawn out of the ring, setting them up for a sliding dropkick. Carter launched Chance onto Dawn and Fyre, as WWE Raw went to commercials.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Carter nailed Fyre and Dawn with a double DDT, followed by a thrust kick on Dawn. Carter dropped Chance on top of Dawn, but Fyre broke the pinfall. Fyre pulled Carter out of the ring to save her from the Afterparty. Dawn clocked Chance with a roundhouse kick, allowing her and Fyre to finish her with a Gory Bomb and flatliner combination.

WINNERS: Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn at 5:52

– After the match, Damage CTRL assaulted Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, crushing them with a Moonsault.

(Pomares’s Analysis: Okay while it lasted, but barely an improvement over past few weeks for this struggling tag division. I hope this Damage CTRL means anything for these belts because matches that last so little are not doing them any favors.)

– Backstage, Liv Morgan came out of the Judgment Day’s clubhouse, as Damian Priest walked in. Priest confronted Finn Bálor who was still in the room, but Finn explained that Liv simply told them about the tag title match she got them.

[Commercial Break]


– Backstage, The Miz confronted R-Truth about booking them in a title defense.

– Damian Priest made his way to the ring to talk about Seth Rollins. Priest discussed the similarities that Rollins pointed out last week, only for Priest to say that he saw in Rollins a man that he didn’t want to become. Priest said that as long as he was champion, Rollins would never see the mountain top again. Seth Rollins interrupted to call Priest’s claims bold, only to call them false bravado. Rollins said that he doesn’t believe Priest because he claimed that he didn’t need help, but still had it for both of his title defenses.

– Priest tried to tell Rollins that he was a man speaking from the past while holding nothing. Rollins offered Priest the deal that if Rollins loses, he would not challenge for the world title, as long as Priest is champion. Rollins continued that if Priest lost, he would be forced to leave Judgment Day to see if he can actually make it on his own. Priest said that Judgment Day needed him more than he needs them, accepting the offer. Gunther interrupted to wish Priest and Rollins luck before reminding them that at SummerSlam he would be the better man, no matter who wins.

(Pomares’s Analysis: Pretty solid segment to add some real stakes to the title match at Money in the Bank. This Seth Rollins feud is by far the most compelling thing Priest has been a part of since winning the title and this was another step in the right direction. This now feels way more unpredictable than it did a week ago.)

– Michael Cole showed the contents of the VHS left earlier. The tape contained a video of Uncle Howdy asking someone how they felt since the loss and if they felt forgotten. The person talking was revealed to be Bo Dallas, claiming that he was nobody and that the most important thing in his life was taken away when Bray Wyatt passed away. Howdy asked Bo if he was exploiting the legacy of his brother. Bo said that he worked his whole life to make it alongside his brother, only for it to be taken away after they had it. Bo said that he wouldn’t allow his brother to become just a memory and said that they had made everyone remember.

(Pomares’s Analysis: Really well produced vignette to re-establish Bo Dallas as a character and give an explanation to his actions. An incredibly strong performance from Bo who has always been a decent speaker, but has stepped up his game massively to live up to this gimmick. I still have my doubts about the execution of the Wyatt Sick6 as part of a wrestling program, but at least this was a strong follow-up to last week’s attack.)

[Commercial Break]


Kofi knocked Kross down with a dropkick and crashed into him with a Tope con Hilo. Kross evaded a diving move and planted Kofi with a backbreaker, followed by a Death Valley Driver for a two count, as WWE Raw went to an ad break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Kofi knocked Kross down with a springboard clothesline and a dropkick. Kofi caught Kross with a pendulum kick and crushed him with a high crossbody. AOP appeared on-screen beating Xavier Woods down, allowing Kross to win with a modified powerslam.

WINNER: Karrion Kross at 5:47

(Pomares’s Analysis: A kind of meaningless match to push a storyline that has close to no heat at the moment. The Final Testatement are an okay act in theory, but in execution they feel incredibly inconsequential in comparison to every other faction currently going.)

[Commercial Break]

– A recap of Jacob Fatu’s dominant debut from SmackDown was shown.

– It was announced that Sheamus, Drew McIntyre and Ilja Dragunov would have a Money in the Bank qualifying match; Zoey Stark, Dakota Kai and Ivy Nile would also fight for a spot in Money in the Bank, Rey and Dominik Mysterio would have a singles match; and that Liv Morgan would defend her title against Zelina Vega next week.

– Judgment Day made their way to the ring, ahead of their tag title match.

[Commercial Break]

(6) AWESOME TRUTH (The Miz & R-Truth) vs. JUDGMENT DAY (Finn Bálor & JD McDonagh) – World Tag Team Championship

Truth quickly took Finn down with a Scissor kick, followed by a corner splash. Miz and Truth nailed Finn with a double back elbow and dropped JD with a double hip toss. Miz and Truth tookc are of Finn with a double flapjack and clotheslined JD out of the ring. Liv Morgan showed up on the ramp, as WWE Raw went to its final commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, JD crushed Truth with an Arabian moonsault for a two count. Finn and Truth knocked each other down with clotheslines at the same time before giving Miz and JD the tag. Miz blasted JD with a barrage of kicks to the chest, setting him up for a corner clothesline. Finn missed a boot into the ring post, allowing Miz to sweep him off the apron. Dominik Mysterio and Carlito showed up, but Miz immediately took Carlito out by throwing him over the announce table. Miz nailed JD with a springboard crossbody, but he kicked out at two.

Miz took JD down with a lung blower and put him and Finn down with a double DDT. JD missed a clothesline, allowing Miz to layy him out with a Skull Crushing Finale, only for Carlito to put his boot on the ropes. JD cracked Miz with a headbutt while Braun Strowman showed up to chase Carlito away from the ring. Truth got the hot tag to put Finn down with shoulder tackles and a back suplex.

Truth trapped Finn in the STF, until JD broke the pinfall. JD caught Miz with a dropkick mid-air, only for Truth to drop him with a back suplex. Finn missed a clothesline, allowing Truth to hit him with a back suplex, followed by the double Five Knuckle Shuffle. Liv distracted Truth and hugged him before pulling his head into the top rope. Finn blasted Truth with a shotgun dropkick, setting him up for the Coup de Grace and the win.

WINNERS: Judgment Day at 11:32 (New World Tag Team Champions)

(Pomares’s Analysis: I don’t find Judgment Day back with the tag titles very engrossing, but I’ll gladly take it over Awesome Truth as tag champs any day of the week. The match itself was fine, but the only memorable thing will be Liv Morgan helping Judgment Day regain the belts.)


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