VIP AUDIO 11/23 – 10 YRS AGO James Caldwell Update (11-08-2005): Batista’s big choice, (41 min)

PWT VIP 10 Yrs Ago
PWT VIP 10 Yrs Ago
VIP AUDIO 11/23 – 10 YRS AGO James Caldwell Update (11-08-2005): Batista's big choice, (41 min)

SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist James Caldwell’s view from the front row includes a look at what WWE Raw did differently this week than in previous weeks, why the opening segment was beneficial to the show, how WWE presented a focused show where previous weeks failed, the three-layer message behind Kurt Angle’s promo, who Kurt Angle may or may not have been talking to, why WWE blew a chance with Helms-Rosey, what WWE can learn from OVW, Shawn Michaels’s frustrations with Raw, why Daivari’s return hurt the main event, Batista’s options after his injury, WWE’s options for the WWE Title, who WWE should put the belt on if Batista is out, what to expect from Christian in TNA, why Christian should be paired with or against A.J. Styles, what reaction Christian will receive from Impact fans, why the Impact special rating spells trouble, why TNA isn’t grabbing wrestling fans, TNA using wrestlers who fans have outgrown such as 3 Live Kru, what to expect from each match at TNA Genesis, and more.

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