VIP AUDIO 1/1 – 10 YRS AGO James Caldwell Audio Update (12-1-05): Michaels, Cena, TNA departure, WWE Financials (42 min)

January 1, 2016

SUMMARY: This week, PWTorch columnist James Caldwell’s view from the front row includes a look at WWE’s financial report, where WWE is making up for lost TV advertising revenue, the reality of WWE generating enough web advertising to replace TV ads, how WWE inflated ratings figures, the millions of dollars being invested in WWE’s website, how Wall Street reacted to WWE’s earnings report, the potential for WWE to continue a positive trend the rest of the year, the use of Eddie on Smackdown, where the big picture problem overrides the small picture, the Smackdown title picture, why Shawn Michaels should be protected, Triple H and WWE paying attention to detail, John Cena’s marketing, brand ambiguity related to Big Show on Raw and Smackdown, TNA’s CEO leaving the company and what means for the company, why Jeff Jarrett’s face will be all over TNA programming now, why Dickerson’s departure could be devastating to TNA, the marketing of Jeff Jarrett, and more. […]

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