VIP AUDIO 7/14 – Thursday Livecast – Keller interviews Dutch Mantel (a/k/a Zeb Colter): In his first post-WWE interview, he explains Colter character, TNA memories, Final Deletion reaction, Russo, Memphis, Puerto Rico, road stories (110 min.)

July 14, 2016

SHOW SUMMARY: PWTorch editor Wade Keller talks live with “Dirty” Dutch Mantell, most recently known as Zeb Colter in WWE. In his first post-WWE interview, he explains the origins and intent of the Colter character, TNA memories, […]

VIP AUDIO 1/2 – 10 YRS AGO Bruce Mitchell Audio (12-2-05): Erratic Vince character, Steph’s influence, Russo book review, Jarrett-TNA (60 min)

January 2, 2016

SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist Bruce Mitchell, with host Wade Keller, discuss what the mindset is within WWE that is leading to such questionable decisions (such as using the term “nigga” on the air this week, the inconsistency of the Vince McMahon character as it relates to Eddie Guerrero, Stephanie McMahon’s obsession with who is leaking info from within WWE), and how the focus on quarterly stock performance is partially to blame. Plus, a preliminary review of Vince Russo’s new book, and the departure of Frank Dickerson from TNA management and another rant about Jeff Jarrett’s undercutting of the chance of TNA making it as a viable full-time alternative to WWE. […]

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