20 YRS AGO: Top quotes of the week from Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Dox Hendrix, Vince Russo

Vince McMahon


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Vince Russo on Bell’s Palsy: “I’m not saying that Jim Ross should be put in a bell tower in Notre Dame, but I don’t know if I’d put him on TV. And all you people with Bell’s Palsy, don’t write cards and letters to Vic Venom crying because I’m poking fun at Jim Ross for having Bell’s Palsy because I really like you people. You people do tell the truth. You only talk out of one side of your mouth and I like that.”

Jim Ross: “How could you be so vein as to pass judgement on what I look like. The stress you put me under is the reason I look like this. I’m not on to be a movie star, I’m a journalist.”

Jim Ross: “You should be retired on a yacht somewhere or living in your mansion in Greenwich and leaving us the hell alone.”

Vince McMahon: “I think it’s important we bring a balance to the WWF. Everyone has a point of view. You don’t always have to agree. You certainly don’t always have to agree with my point of view.”

Vince McMahon to a caller asking what he will do to make the WWF powerful again: “First of all, I didn’t know we were not powerful. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder.”

Vince McMahon on Ted Turner: “Obviously I don’t like Ted Turner. At one time we were in business together. The WWF supplied programming for WTBS. It just didn’t work out. I would suggest it had something to do with Mr. Turner’s business ethics, or lack of business ethics, which has something to do with what’s going on now with Billionaire Ted breaking open the wallet which is even more sizable now with the Time-Warner takeover and just pouring all this money right down the drain. It takes more than just money to be successful in the professional wrestling business. It takes devotion, it takes commitment.”

Dok Hendrix: “I was with WCW for five years and they never made one dollar profit. You’ve got to be in the black to push on sooner or later.”

Vince Russo: “Maybe WCW didn’t make any money in those five years because you were wrestling for them at that point and what were you, in your 40s. You went a little past your prime. Nobody paid money to see you when you were in your 40s.”

Vince Russo: “In my opinion Shawn Michaels is the greatest WWF champion of all time, but Shawn’s got a little problem of late. I know because he’s a personal friend of mine. He’s falling into the trap – ego, Hollywood, the same trap Hulk Hogan fell into. And this could be the demise of Shawn Michaels.”

Vince McMahon: “We’re hopeful that Bret is going to return at Survivor Series. He has given us indication that he is considering returning then. We are doing everything we can to be sure he is there. We wanted him to get back in the ring here in North America since Wrestlemania when he stormed out of the arena. We’ve all heard Steve Austin’s challenges and hopefully they will be answered very, very soon.”

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