Third promotion to host Global Cruiserweight matches

March 28, 2016

March 28 Update: Revolution Pro will also host Global Cruiserweight Series matches for WWE’s Network series. WWE’s website acknowledged Rev Pro, Progress Wrestling, and EVOLVE as three hosts of GCS matches for the 32-man tournament. March […]

NXT GM & Tag Team to appear at EVOLVE show

January 11, 2016

WWE’s on-air NXT GM William Regal is heading to WWNLive’s EVOLVE show on January 23 in Orlando. WWNLive booker Gabe Sapolsky announced that Regal will be appearing on the show “with a purpose.” Later on […]

William Regal leaving U.K. NXT Tour early

December 15, 2015

WWE’s on-air NXT GM William Regal announced Tuesday that he is leaving the U.K. Tour early. Regal, who has been making appearances at each night’s house show to thank the audience for their support, said that he […]

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