Third promotion to host Global Cruiserweight matches


March 28 Update: Revolution Pro will also host Global Cruiserweight Series matches for WWE’s Network series.

WWE’s website acknowledged Rev Pro, Progress Wrestling, and EVOLVE as three hosts of GCS matches for the 32-man tournament.

March 27 Update: Progress Wrestling announced Sunday that they will be holding two British qualifying matches for WWE’s Global Cruiserweight Series.

The matches are scheduled for April 24. (Thanks to correspondent David Green)

NXT GM William Regal announced last week that U.S. qualifying matches will take place at EVOLVE shows this spring.

March 19 Report

WWE NXT GM William Regal’s visit to EVOLVE this weekend in New York was not just to sign a few pictures and autographs.

Regal announced at Saturday’s EVOLVE 56 event that WWE will be holding quarterfinal matches of the “Global Cruiserweight Series” at a future EVOLVE show.

The tournament is scheduled to culminate at Full Sail University in Florida later this spring. The final product will air as a 10-week series on WWE Network starting in July.

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