Video – Terry Funk delivers strong message on indies vs. WWE

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


The AIW promotion released a passionate video message from wrestling legend Terry Funk endorsing the independent wrestling scene.

Funk, 71, is continuing his career-long journey of being an outsider by getting back into the independent scene with regular bookings. Funk said why in his video message.

“There are independent wrestlers around this country who are becoming more and more popular with their in-ring ability and ability to entertain. That is the most important thing about being an independent wrestler is being able to entertain that guy who is giving up his hard-earning cash and he wants something special. And they give it to him. I think that’s the most important thing being done right now in this country.

“It’s not WWE. It’s a bunch of guys who got themselves a ring, set it up in an arena somewhere, and produced a wrestling show out of love. Not money. Out of love.”

The video message closed on Funk’s final statement. AIW used the message to promote their new monthly subscription service available at

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