WWE Video – Wyatt in this week’s interview

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Bray Wyatt was interviewed by Michael Cole in this week’s sit-down interview on WWE’s website. The “interview” was more like a reverse counseling session with Bray turning Cole’s questions on Cole.

Notably, Cole asked what happened to Randy Orton, where Luke Harper disappeared to, and why Erick Rowan randomly resurfaced. Bray, in-character, deflected all of the questions to maintain an air of mystery for storyline purposes.

Bray only broke down when asked about facing Roman Reigns in the Hell in a Cell structure at Sunday’s PPV. Bray said he’s been trapped inside the Cell his entire life (as he pointed to his head) and he’s already figured it out.

Bray equated his last battle with Reigns to two old gunslingers coming to the top of the hill knowing they’re going to have to pull the trigger. But, Bray said he has already figured out what will happen, building himself up as a threat to Reigns for the PPV match.

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