Stone Cold Says So – would push Cena to new heights, talks Rousey, Rock, Romo, beer, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin continues to say that he is not wrestling again. But, if he were to have one last match, Austin would face Brock Lesnar, or the top star from the generation that followed him, John Cena. Austin says he thinks he could push Cena places he hasn’t been before.

“Hypothetically, because I am not going to have a match, it’d have to be between two guys. It’d be Brock Lesnar or John Cena. Brock Lesnar because of the physical task it would be to beat that guy. John Cena from the standpoint – the fact that I could take him to a level he’s never been before, and I say that with utmost respect for John because he’s been a tremendous champion and a top guy for so long. Those two guys would be considered,” Austin told USA Today promoting WrestleMania 32 tickets going on-sale.

Austin was the subject of several interviews this week promoting WM32 in his home state. The following are additional highlights.

  • Austin pointed out Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, and Dolph Ziggler as three stars who he would like to see get to the top. “These guys as they’re making their way to the top they certainly have a great crop of talent in that locker room as these guys continue to find themselves and find who and what they are. We’ll see how far they’re able to develop, and how high they can take it,” Austin told USA Today.


  • Austin said he expects to see Ronda Rousey involved in WWE “somehow, some way” after her WM31 appearance.


  • On The Rock’s movie success, Austin said: “Rock was working on that way back in the day when he was still with WWE. So he pursued his dream, he’s realizing his dream, and I’m proud of him every time I see him come out with a new smash hit movie. Got nothing but respect for the guy, and he’s working his ass off. He has earned every bit of it.”


  • Austin made national sports headlines joking that he should be the Dallas Cowboys QB until Tony Romo returns from injury. “I tell you what, I got some time on my hands. I could be there Sunday, playing the Philadelphia Eagles. I think I can line ’em up, throw for about 300, 400 yards,” Austin told the Dallas Morning News prior to the WM32 kick-off party at the Cowboys’s AT&T Stadium.


  • Austin is promoting a new beer set for release on November 13. The Broken Skull Ranch-branded beer was a partnership with the El Segundo Brewing Company. The product is being introduced in the California market before moving to Texas and hopefully nationwide. “As much beer as I’ve drank in my life, I’d now rather just sip on 3-4 IPAs and truly enjoy them than guzzle down 6-8 light beers,” Austin told Beer Insider. “I think that’s what this beer does – It does for me anyways.”

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