11/20 WWE Weekly Stock Track – slight improvement

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

WWE’s stock price improved by about a dollar during this week’s trading sessions. The stock is now trading in the mid-$17 range after falling to the mid-$16 range last week.

The stock is still off from the $18-20 range WWE enjoyed earlier this fall before their Third Quarter earnings release at the end of October.


Monday, Nov. 16: Closing Price of $16.74, up two percent from last Friday’s close of $16.38.

Tuesday, Nov. 17: Closing Price of $16.70 per share, essentially even with Monday.

The stock did reach above $17 to $17.13 per share.

Wednesday, Nov. 18: Closing Price of $17.44 per share, up four-and-a-half percent.

The one-day jump reached as high as $17.45 after a late afternoon surge.

Thursday, Nov. 19: Closing Price of $17.12 per share, down two percent from Wednesday.

The stock dipped as low as $16.86, but rebounded above $17 for the day.

Friday, Nov. 20: Closing Price of $17.25 per share, up one percent from Thursday.

It’s an improvement over last Friday when the stock closed at $16.38.


WWE is now valued at $1.31 billion.

Updated 2015 Scoresheet

  • 2015 High – $23.63 (Aug. 6)
  • 2015 Low – $9.82 (Jan. 20 – 52-week low)
  • 52-Week Range – $9.82-23.63
  • Current Market Value – $1.31 billion, up from $1.24 billion last week, but down from $1.33 billion two weeks ago.


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