11/22 SURVIVOR SERIES RESULTS – Caldwell’s Complete PPV Report


Refresh throughout the night for live WWE Survivor Series PPV coverage, including the end of WWE’s 16-man title tournament. Plus, a celebration of The Undertaker’s 25 years…

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WWE Survivor Series PPV Results
November 22, 2015
Atlanta, Ga.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor (@jctorch)


– The pre-show panel is Renee Young with Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

– The ringside announcers are Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler.

– 25 minutes into the pre-show, WWE went to ringside for a random pre-show Survivor Series match. The Miz was out first for the heel team. Bo Dallas was out next. Stardust came out alone, then was joined by The Ascension to form a five-man heel unit.

Neville was out first for the babyface team. Pyro then brought out The Dudleys as Neville’s tag partner. Titus O’Neil was out next, going at it alone without fellow Prime Time Player Darren Young. After a pause, Goldust’s music played to bring out Stardust’s brother. Stardust freaked out seeing his brother return to WWE for the first time in months.

A — THE MIZ & BO DALLAS & STARDUST & THE ASCENSION (KONNOR & VIKTOR) vs. NEVILLE & THE DUDLEYS (BUBBA RAY & DEVON DUDLEY) & TITUS O’NEIL & GOLDUST — traditional five-on-five Survivor Series elimination match

Brothers Rhodes wanted to start things off. Goldust quickly overpowered Stardust Cody Rhodes, sending Cody scampering to his corner to tag out. Suddenly, Goldust pinned Viktor after a powerslam.

*** Viktor eliminated by Goldust at 0:30 ***

The face team retained control of the match, setting up for the Dudleys hitting the What’s Up headbutt on Konnor. The faces then cleared the heels to the floor, setting up Neville for a giant splash onto all four remaining opponents. Cole sent the PPV to a pre-show break.


Back on the pre-show, Konnor was still alive giving Bubba Ray the business. Bubba quickly reversed the momentum and slammed Konnor for an unrealistic three count for the next elimination.

*** Konnor eliminated by Bubba at 5:27 ***

The three remaining heels isolated Devon after he tagged into the match. Neville finally tagged in and went to work on his enemy, Stardust. However, Stardust dropped him and Miz tagged in to pin Neville for the first babyface elimination.

*** Neville eliminated by Miz at 8:40 ***

However, Miz gloated before he did anything, allowing Goldust to enter the ring and roll him up from behind for a quick pin.

*** The Miz eliminated by Goldust at 9:05 ***


The match returned with the remaining heels Dallas and Stardust controlling the match. Dallas dragged Goldust into the ring after roughing him on the outside, then he dropkicked Goldust for a two count. Cody and Dallas took turns wearing down Goldust, who finally broke free to tag in Titus O’Neil.

O’Neil cleaned house before delivering a double corner splash. Bubba and Goldust then double-teamed Cody and Dallas with Dusty Rhodes-inspired offense to tribute papa Rhodes. Clash of the Titus to Dallas ended his night.

*** Dallas eliminated by O’Neil at 17:20 ***

Stardust was all alone, so he decided to walk toward the exit. But, Titus blocked his pathway, sending him right into Goldust’s path. Goldust chased Cody back into the ring, where he walked right into a 3D for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Goldust, Dudleys & Titus at 18:10. Feel-good match to warm up the crowd.

– The panel broke down the Survivor Series card the remainder of the pre-show.


– The PPV opened with Eden Stiles introducing Lilian Garcia to sing the National Anthem from the middle of the ring. Lilian nailed the Anthem, drawing “U-S-A” chants from the Atlanta crowd gathered to see good old fashioned pro wrestling.

– WWE went to a standard PPV intro package, focusing on The Undertaker’s 25-year celebration, feud with the Wyatts, and alignment with Kane to face off with the Wyatts tonight. The video shifted to the WWE Title tournament. “Change is coming,” the screen read. Who will become The Champion tonight?

– In the arena, The Shield’s music played to bring out Roman Reigns returning to Atlanta, where he played college football at Georgia Tech, for the first semi-final tournament match tonight. Reigns walked through the crowd knocking fists with appreciative fans and ignoring one guy booing him on the front row next to the guardrail. Reigns hopped the rail and posed in the ring to a mixed reception.

U.S. champion Alberto Del Rio, along with Zeb Colter on his scooter, was out next to face Reigns. In an inset promo from earlier today, Colter talked about tonight being “all about recognizing greatness.” He said today’s society is looking for a difference-maker and shining star. That someone is Alberto Del Rio.

1 — ROMAN REIGNS vs. U.S. champion ALBERTO DEL RIO (w/Zeb Colter) — non-title WWE Title tournament semi-final match

Very mixed reaction for both men early on. General fans cheered for Reigns and booed Del Rio, while the vocal audience booed Reigns’s offense and cheered when Del Rio went on the offensive. The wrestlers felt each other out early on, then the match moved to the floor. Del Rio ran Reigns into the ring steps, then WWE cut backstage to a shot of Triple H watching the match intently. Cole noted Hunter does not want Reigns to win. JBL said Hunter wants what’s best for business, which might be Reigns.

Back in the ring, Del Rio targeted Reigns’s shoulder, but Del Rio whiffed on a rope-attack, sending Del Rio flying over the top rope to the floor. Reigns scooped up Del Rio and tossed him back into the ring, but missed the Superman Punch. Del Rio quickly nailed the backstabber, but Reigns kicked out just before three.

Del Rio regrouped and wanted a running side kick to the face, but Reigns avoided and rolled up Del Rio for a two count. Meanwhile, the announcers discussed wrestlers who never held the WWE Title – Rick Rude, Ricky Steamboat, Jim Duggan, Scott Hall, and Lawler at the announce table.

Suddenly, Reigns found himself hung upside down in the corner. Del Rio went for his double-foot stomp, but Reigns avoided and Del Rio sold a knee injury. Reigns capitalized with the Superman Punch, then wanted the spear, but Del Rio stayed down selling the knee. Del Rio eventually got up, and he smashed Reigns with a superkick for a close two count.

After the close nearfall, Del Rio sold frustration before calling for the cross arm-breaker. Reigns blocked and rolled up Del Rio into a sit-out powerbomb for a close two count. Reigns lost focus, allowing Del Rio to slap on the cross arm-breaker. Reigns slipped under Del Rio, though, and powerlifted Del Rio to the top turnbuckle. From there, Del Rio tried a top-rope move, but Reigns ducked and nailed a big spear on Del Rio for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Reigns at 14:05 to advance to the tournament finals. The outcome was never in doubt, removing some of the drama, but this was a really good PPV opener. Del Rio’s best work since returning to WWE and Reigns was good in his role trying to prove that he made the right decision fighting on his own and not taking the offer from Triple H. (***1/2)

– Backstage: Reigns was interviewed by JoJo after his victory. Before JoJo could get in a question, Dean Ambrose walked up to Reigns to congratulate him. Reigns wished him good luck in his semi-final match. Ambrose left, then Reigns awkwardly stood next to JoJo catching his breath. Reigns eventually talked about fighting his best buddy for the WWE Title later tonight.

But, Kevin Owens walked in to give Reigns a piece of his mind. Owens said he’s going to beat his little buddy and then beat Reigns in the tournament finals. Owens told Reigns that he’s going to come “this close” yet again. He said this is the Kevin Owens Show. Reigns said that’s what KO does – runs his mouth. But, he’s about to get his ass whooped by Ambrose.

– Back in the arena, Dean Ambrose was introduced to the ring for the next semi-final match. Ambrose bounced up and down in the ring, then Kevin Owens was introduced as his opponent.

2 — DEAN AMBROSE vs. IC champion KEVIN OWENS — non-title WWE Title tournament semi-final match

Ambrose controlled the match early on, then took a risk going to the top rope, allowing Owens to crotch him. Ambrose slumped down to the mat, so Owens smashed him with his cannonball splash. Owens followed up with sustained offense wearing down Ambrose. “Chinlock City!” Owens declared on the mat. Meanwhile, Triple H was shown watching the match on a backstage monitor.

Double knockdown, then Ambrose got up and teased Dirty Deeds, but Owens blocked. Big slugfest, then Owens grappled Ambrose for a lift-up gutbuster. Owens followed with a majestic big-man moonsault, but Ambrose moved and Owens ate the mat. Ambrose then hit a flying elbow for a close two count.

After a reset, Ambrose and Owens battled on the top turnbuckle. Neither man could get the advantage, then Owens eventually lifted Ambrose into the air for a big Avalanche Suplex that wowed the crowd. Ambrose rolled out of the ring, where Owens smashed Ambrose into the announce table, roughing him up.

Back in the ring, Owens wanted the pop-up powerbomb, but Ambrose avoided. A second try, but Ambrose turned it into a head scissors. Dean then nailed Dirty Deeds, rolled Owens over, and covered Owens for the pin and the win. The crowd exploded and Cole noted Triple H has to watch Reigns and Ambrose battle to become the next WWE champion.

WINNER: Ambrose at 11:20 to advance to the tournament finals against Reigns. Another strong tournament match. Both are really good in the ring and they had strong chemistry building to the finish. (***1/4)

Now in storyline context, Hunter has two hours to find Sheamus and the MITB briefcase. Or, try to convince one of the “blood brothers” to turn on the other, a la Seth Rollins breaking up The Shield.

– Video: WWE ran a TLC spot using generic 1980s arcade video game graphics promoting next month’s PPV. Roman Reigns was emphasized running through under-bosses.

– Video Package: The Undertaker, 25 years later.

– Back in the arena, Eden Stiles introduced the second Survivor Series match of the night. Out first on the random draw was Ryback. Lucha Dragons were out next, followed by The Usos to form the five-man babyface team.

Big E.’s voice was heard next to bring out WWE tag champions New Day. They were randomly joined by MITB briefcase holder Sheamus and King Barrett. Sheamus stood there awkwardly clutching his briefcase. The five men stood on the stage before slowly walking down to the ring. Big E. promoted Xavier Woods having a wild new hair-do. Kofi Kingston then talked up his team looking good with the MITB holder, King of the Ring, and tag champions. He said they have more titles than the Braves, Falcons, and Hawks combined, which drew boos.

Big E. ran down their opponents waiting in the ring, then Sheamus took the mic and played awkward white guy yelling about getting jiggy on these posers. New Day and Barrett looked at him like he’s foolish trying to be hip, then New Day closed the promo as Sheamus hung back selling embarrassment.

3 — THE USOS & RYBACK & LUCHA DRAGONS (KALISTO & SIN CARA) vs. WWE tag champions NEW DAY (BIG E. & KOFI KINGSTON & XAVIER WOODS) & Mr. MITB SHEAMUS & KING BARRETT — traditional five-on-five Survivor Series elimination match

Xavier Woods started the match talking about his hair. Un Uso had enough of the hair routine and smacked him in the face. El otro Uso tagged in and they double-teamed Woods. Los Matadores then cleared the heels from the ring, setting up the Usos and Lucha Dragons for a double splash to New Day and Sheamus on the outside. Cole started to send the PPV to a break, but there was Ryback climbing to the top turnbuckle. Ryback went flying with a big splash wiping out every person on the floor. Heading back into the ring, Jey Uso wanted a top-rope move, but Barrett snuck over to ringside to crotch Uso. Sheamus nearly pinned Uso for the first elimination.

The heels isolated Uso, trying to get him eliminated, but Uso kept fighting. Xavier eventually picked up a trombone and played a few notes annoying the audience and their opponents. Barrett eventually tagged in and lost control. Sin Car hot-tagged and randomly pinned Barrett, eliciting little reaction since it was so random.

*** Barrett eliminated by Sin Cara at 7:47 ***

The heels went to work on Sin Cara after losing one of their men. Jimmy eventually tagged in, but walked into a pin from Xavier Woods for the next elimination.

*** Jimmy Uso eliminated by Xavier at 9:23 ***

Sheamus wanted in the match now that his team had evened the odds. Sheamus measured Sin Cara and smashed him with a Brogue Kick for the next elimination.

*** Sin Cara eliminated by Sheamus at 10:45 ***

Sheamus yelled at Big E. to get in the ring if he wanted to fight so badly. Big E. lost control of the match, then Jey randomly returned to ringside. Jey tagged in and super-splashed Big E. for the next pin and elimination.

*** Big E. eliminated by Jey Uso at 11:32 ***

After Big E. was eliminated, Kofi and Xavier complained about Big E. not being eliminated. The ref said they’re wrong. So, Xavier and Kofi decided to haul Big E. away from ringside to the backstage area, unofficially eliminating themselves. Sheamus was left alone in the ring wondering where his partners went. “You look stupid” chant from the crowd, which applied to more than his hair in this moment.

Sheamus and Kalisto squared off. Sheamus could not put away the much smaller Kalisto, then Uso tagged in. Corner butt splash, but Sheamus kicked out. Ryback tagged in, but he could not put Sheamus away. Sheamus regrouped and wanted the Brogue Kick, but Ryback lifted Sheamus into the air to block. Kalisto then whipped Sheamus into Ryback, who nailed Shell-Shock. It was good for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Ryback & Uso & Kalisto at 17:33. Law of diminishing returns throwing out a second random-draw, un-hyped Survivor Series match. The early highspot, New Day walking out, and too many unrealistic nearfalls took the crowd out of the outcome.

– Video Package: Charlotte vs. Paige Divas Title feud. They tweaked the Reid Flair line from the Raw pull-apart brawl to be less offensive.

– Back in the arena, Paige was introduced to the ring as Divas Title challenger. JBL name-dropped A.J. Lee as the person Paige beat for her first Divas Title on her first night. Charlotte was out next to defend the Divas Title.

4 — Divas champion CHARLOTTE vs. PAIGE — Divas Title match

Before the bell sounded, Lilian Garcia handled formal ring introductions. Loud boos for Paige. Cheers and Woos! for Charlotte. Cole introduced a tweet from Becky Lynch encouraging Charlotte to punch Paige in the mouth, then the bell sounded. Paige took the early control, using Charlotte’s over-aggressiveness against her.

Charlotte eventually trapped Paige in the middle of the ring and nearly got a submission to the figure-eight leglock, but Paige managed to reverse the pressure and break the hold.

Paige tried to flip things around with the PTO, but the crowd didn’t buy it as a potential finish, and Charlotte used her strength to escape. Charlotte rolled to the outside to recover, then Paige roughed her up on the floor. Paige stood on the guardrail to celebrate and taunt the crowd, getting in one last spotlight moment.

Back in the ring, Charlotte applied the Figure-Eight leglock for the second time. They were near the ropes, but Paige was unable to slide toward the ropes for a break. She was forced to give it up, giving Charlotte the win.

WINNER: Charlotte via submission at 14:18 to retain the Divas Title. They’re going to have tweak something about the presentation, as it’s so difficult for Charlotte’s character, like Reigns, to get sympathy in the babyface role when she towers over everyone and carries herself like she’s arrived. It worked on NXT with Sasha Banks, but the match didn’t generate enough of a reaction for a supposed grudge match after the show-closing segment on Raw leading into the PPV.

– For a pseudo intermission, WWE went to the pre-show panel. Renee threw to an interview from earlier tonight.

The footage was Dean Ambrose talking about facing Roman Reigns for the WWE Title tonight. Ambrose said he’s going to fight his brother with no regrets. “I’m going to fight him,” Ambrose said. Reigns then walked in and said it’s not about love and hugs tonight, but a title. Reigns smiled and said he’ll see him out there. They knocked fists.

– Back in the arena, Tyler Breeze was introduced to the ring along with Summer Rae for the next match. Lawler said he thinks the selfie-stick is this generation’s fannypack. There it is Jerry. Dolph Ziggler was out next wearing a wild combination of polka-dot black gear, stringy hair, and football eye-black.


As the match started, Cole inadvertently drew attention to how far Ziggler has fallen since last year’s Survivor Series when he was the sole survivor for Team Cena against The Authority. No mention of Sting’s first-ever WWE appearance last year during the match, continuing to make it seem like Sting has been written out of WWE history since Night of Champions.

The match started with Ziggler and Breeze trading control and poses. Breeze eventually tried a pinfall with feet on the ropes, but the ref saw it and stopped his count. Ziggler and Breeze traded quick pins, then Ziggler smashed Breeze into the mat. Ziggler went Shawn Michaels looking for Sweet Chin Music, complete with a tune-up, but Breeze blocked. Breeze then trapped Ziggler in the ropes, frustrating Dolph. Breeze followed with Christian’s Unprettier for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Breeze at 6:41. Okay match. They’re too similar, which is what Ziggler was concerned about in an interview a few months ago before Breeze was called up to the main roster. The crowd was taken out of the show during the random Survivor Series match and they have not returned.

– Video Package: The Undertaker’s history, power, and victories. Now, Bray Wyatt has come along trying to take Taker’s 25-year legacy for himself.

– Back in the arena, Bray Wyatt’s theme played to bring out Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt henchmen slowly made their entrance as the announcers remained silent and the arena was lit up by cell phone lighting. The lights came up, then Bray paced the ring waiting for The Undertaker and Kane.

First out was Kane walking to the ring with purpose. Kane stopped half-way down the entranceramp to hang out and wait for his fictional brother. After a long pause for “Under-Taker” chants,” the bell tolled to signal Taker’s arrival. WWE stopped the tolling, then Kane shot off red pyro that turned into the signature black & blue colors of Undertaker. Taker emerged on-stage to a strong reaction. He then slowly walked down to the ring as WWE went through a photo gallery of Taker’s different looks over the past 25 years on the video screen over Taker’s shoulder.

Taker eventually made his way up the ring steps into the ring as Bray Wyatt remained unwavering at ringside. Taker and Kane stood together in the ring, then Taker slowly removed his hat and rolled his eyes back. Suddenly, Erick Rowan ran into the ring and took a big boot. Double chokeslam followed. Bray held Braun Strowman back, then he removed his jacket and paced ringside. Who will Bray choose to face Taker & Kane? Bray locked eyes with Luke Harper, who joined him hitting the ring apron. Bray told Braun to stay put at ringside.


Kane ran over Harper in the opening seconds. Sidewalk slam followed from Big Red Kane. Taker tagged in and was greeted by loud “Under-Taker” chants. Taker wanted to go old-school on Harper, but Bray provided enough of a distraction for Harper to escape. As Taker made a comeback, Cole brought up Taker winning the WWF/E Title at the 1991 Survivor Series. (No mention of Taker winning the title from Hulk Hogan.)

Taker eventually landed the old-school forearm on Harper, then he landed a trademark running leg drop across the ring apron. Kane tagged in and found himself on the floor, where Braun Strowman got involved chucking Kane into the announce table. Taker came over to take exception and tell Strowman that he’s got eyes on him.

Back in the ring, the Wyatts isolated Kane. Bray taunted Taker by trying to execute his signature offense, but Kane blocked and slammed Bray to the mat. That gave Kane an opening to tag in Taker. Taker went after Strowman on the outside, then Kane cleared the Spanish announce table and the Brothers chokeslammed Strowman through the table to the ground. Loud “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant from the crowd. They still remember.

Back in the ring, Harper kicked Taker in the face, then Bray snuck in Sister Abigail on Taker. But, Kane broke up Harper’s pin on Taker. The Wyatts momentarily stood tall, but Taker & Kane did a dual sit-up in response to Bray’s crabwalk. Bray freaked out and walked into a chokeslam. Harper did the same. Double chokeslam. Kane let it linger like he just swished a three-point shot.

Taker wanted to end it right now. He scooped up Harper, gripped him around the waist, and dropped him with a Tombstone Piledriver. Taker covered Harper and crossed his arms for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Taker & Kane at 10:18. A fine nostalgic match with some call-backs like old-school and double chokeslams. It felt like an exhibition match victory over heels who were defined-down as henchmen two weeks ago on Raw, but for those who ordered/watched the PPV to see Taker do his thing on the 25-year anniversary, it was satisfying.

After the match, Taker and Kane stood together in the ring. Kane bowed out, then Taker stood in the ring with hands-on-hips soaking in the fans’s adoration. Taker eventually left the ring and stood on the ring steps looking into the crowd. Taker walked down, paused ringside, and joined Kane on the entrance ramp. Taker and Kane then slowly walked up the entrance ramp. They paused to look back to the crowd one more time, then turned back to face the stage and throw up their right fists in the air. Exit Taker & Kane.

– WWE ran a video package for TLC next month. Look at the bill coming due on all of these injuries. Plus, Stone Cold has new podcast interviews with Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels recorded in his Texas ranch. The Network also has a new series, “Ride Along,” and an Edge & Christian special.

– Back at ringside, Cole, Lawler, and JBL reset the show. Cole said it’s time to find out who the new WWE champion is.

The Shield’s music played for the second time tonight, bringing out Roman Reigns to a lukewarm reception. Reigns walked through the crowd past a sign reading “Reigns as champ is Booty.” WWE found some other pro-Reigns signs in the crowd to highlight. Reigns walked past the booing fan again, then kind of sneered toward someone. Reigns entered the ring and was greeted by some boos. Dean Ambrose’s music played to a much louder response. Ambrose marched down to the ring locking eyes with his brother, Reigns.

7 — ROMAN REIGNS vs. DEAN AMBROSE — Finals of WWE World Title tournament

Before the bell sounded, Lilian Garcia handled formal ring introductions. Mix of boos and cheers for Reigns. Strong cheers for Ambrose. As soon as the bell sounded, Reigns and Ambrose met in the middle of the ring and traded punches. Reigns nailed a pumphandle slam out of the exchange, then checked his eye. Reigns followed with an emphatic clothesline to boos. “Let’s Go Ambrose” chant from the crowd. Ambrose then clotheslined Reigns and himself over the top rope to the floor. On the outside, Ambrose punched Reigns, but Reigns whipped Ambrose into the barricade. Another chant of “Ro-Man Sucks” broke out to the New Day beat.

Back in the ring, Ambrose climbed to the top turnbuckle and nailed a missile dropkick for a two count. Ambrose followed with a single-arm DDT into an armbar trying to work on Reigns’s injured shoulder from the opening match. Reigns escaped, then nailed Ambrose with a Superman Punch to counter Ambrose trying to come off the top rope. Reigns wanted the Punch again, but Ambrose ducked and nailed a clothesline. But, he walked into a spear. Not as explosive as Reigns’s finishing spear, and it only got a two count.

Both men sold on the mat at 6:00. Reigns came up looking for a decisive spear, but Ambrose posted Reigns. Ambrose then nailed Dirty Deeds and did the dramatic cover, but Reigns kicked out just before three. Both men sold on the mat again. Referee Charles Robinson administered a ten-count, then both men sat up next to each other. Reigns piefaced Ambrose, who punched back. A slugfest broke out. Good old fashioned scrap.

Ambrose drove Reigns into the corner, but Reigns flipped him around and landed consecutive clotheslines. Ambrose answered with forearms, stomps, and kicks. Ambrose then bounced off the opposite ropes looking for a corner attack, but Reigns exploded out of the corner with a spear. Reigns covered Ambrose for the pin and the win to win the WWE Title.

WINNER: Reigns at 9:02 to capture the vacant WWE Title. The crowd was definitely behind Ambrose and mixed, at best, for Reigns. WWE was just not going to waver from the plan to have Reigns win the title at Survivor Series. Ambrose brought out something in Reigns, who showed good fight. (Not long-enough to be more than **3/4)

After the match ended, the announcers talked up Reigns finally winning the WWE Title. Cole said Reigns wanted to live up his family heritage as Reigns clutched the title belt. Ambrose eventually sat up next to Reigns, hugged him, and knocked fists before leaving the ring. Confetti fell and fireworks exploded. Some of the crowd engaged in the moment.

Suddenly, Triple H’s music played for the buzzkill. “Here comes congratulations,” JBL dryly said. Hunter marched into the ring and extended his hand to Reigns. But, Reigns ignored him, turned his back, turned back around, and emphatically speared Hunter into the confetti.

Suddenly, Sheamus showed up in the ring and smashed Reigns with a Brogue Kick. The crowd woke up for a moment about to happen. Sheamus handed over his MITB briefcase to Charles Robinson and demanded the cash-in. Lilian Garcia made it official. …

8 — WWE World Hvt. champion ROMAN REIGNS vs. SHEAMUS — WWE World Hvt. Title match

Sheamus covered, but Reigns kicked out to a big pop. Sheamus then stalked Reigns for another Brogue Kick, but Reigns ducked, only to take another Brogue Kick.

Sheamus covered Reigns for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Sheamus at 0:38 to capture the WWE World Hvt. Title. WWE foreshadowed this earlier in the show by having Sheamus act like an idiot so “they’ll never see it coming!” WWE needs something concrete to build on with ratings down, but Lame Sheamus as champ does not seem like the answer on paper. We’ll see if they can make this work in execution and if Sheamus can avoid being the Mr. Irrelevant of MITB cash-ins, avoiding the Jack Swagger run. WWE will mainly try to make it about Reigns’s journey back to the top, trying to get sympathy on Reigns for having the title taken out from under him.

Post-match, Hunter stood up selling the effects of the spear and caught his breath approaching Sheamus. They hugged, then Hunter held up Sheamus’s arm and the WWE Title belt. Hunter and Sheamus continued to celebrate as Reigns woke up flexing his jaw in pain. Reigns teared up, producing an emotional response to what happened. Hunter eventually left the ring with his latest hand-picked WWE champion. Reigns remained bummed out in the ring as the PPV signed off at 10:47 p.m. EST.

On the Network, the feed continued with Reigns collecting himself in the ring and trying to process what just happened as Sheamus’s music continued to play out. The music stopped and WWE played Reigns’s music to cover for boos aimed at Reigns from the remaining vocal fans. Reigns slowly left the ring and walked to the back as the Network feed ended.


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