Final S. Series Betting Odds tell some stories

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


With several unknowns heading into the Survivor Series PPV, betting lines that typically predict match results were released late in the game. Therefore, there was not much late movement.

However, late movement – or lack thereof – did tell a few stories. Notably, Dolph Ziggler flipped from an underdog to a favorite over Tyler Breeze, but Breeze beat Ziggler in their match. Breeze was the only underdog of the night to win, and he opened as the favorite.

On the flip-side, the odds of Roman Reigns leaving Survivor Series as WWE champion did not shift along with the rest of the lines. International oddsmakers seemed to be predicting Sheamus cashing in MITB by the end of the night, which turned out to be accurate.

Final Betting Lines

  • Roman Reigns -6,000 over Del Rio at +2,000
  • Dean Ambrose -900 over Kevin Owens at +500.
  • Charlotte -1,350 over Paige at +650.
  • Brothers of Destruction -2,000 over the Wyatts at +1,000.
  • Ziggler -270 loser to Breeze at +190.
  • Reigns -210 over Ambrose at +160.
  • Final tournament odds were Reigns -210, Ambrose +150, Owens +2,000, and Del Rio +4,000.


[ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent David ]

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