Mick Foley in conflict – Foley confirms son’s WWE gig, talks changes going forward

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Mick Foley art credit Travis Beaven (c) PWTorch


WWE legend Mick Foley confirmed via Facebook post that his son, Dewey Foley, has accepted a Creative position with WWE. Foley said he does not believe it affects his viewpoint on WWE’s current Creative issues that he has been outspoken about the past month.

Foley also outlined a timeline that his son was hired by WWE in September, but Dewey wanted to fulfill his current job as the director of a college residence hall. Therefore, Dewey is scheduled to begin working for WWE Creative in January.

“My son was not given this job because of his last name,” Foley added. “He earned it. He earned it by working for hundreds of hours in solitude, with no compensation, to prove his writing skills and mind for the business.”

Foley also shot down the idea that he became critical of WWE Creative to “open up an opportunity for my son to join the Creative team.”

“The hiring of my son in September by WWE has had no bearing on any of my posts about the company – be they negative or positive,” Foley said. “I am both puzzled and insulted to think that some wrestling fans have become so jaded and cynical that they could read a few of those heartfelt Facebook posts or listen to my podcast with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and doubt the sincerity of my words. Not everything – in wrestling or life – is an angle, or a work.”

Foley said when he writes something critical of WWE, he does it with “tough love” in mind because he wants to see WWE improve. He said the “right people” have read what he has said publicly about issues with Raw this Fall TV season, but “these past few days have made me re-examine my priorities.”

Foley said, “Maybe I should do the right thing as a parent and stop being so critical of the company in such a public way. His job will be tough enough without his dad throwing obstacles in his way.”

Instead, Foley says the Facebook posts will shift to private messages to the likes of Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon, allowing his son to breathe without worrying about what Mick is saying about his new employer on Facebook.

Foley concluded: “I think I will start using the text option on my phone when I feel like Mr. McMahon, Triple H, or Stephanie need to hear my opinions or feedback. Maybe I’ll get fewer likes on my Facebook page. But I’ll probably sleep better at night. Have a nice day, Mick Foley.”

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