Big update on Nikki Bella’s neck recovery

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


December 26 Update

Five weeks after a report of Nikki Bella starting rehabilitation for her serious neck injury, there is no progress.

Nikki will require five-to-seven more weeks of rehab before getting another MRI to determine if progress has been made to avoid major neck surgery.

Nikki visited a neurologist on December 22, according to former TMZ producer Ryan Satin, where it was determined that the bulging discs in her neck have not improved.

Nikki also confirmed that she needs more rehab, and will know by the end of January whether there is any improvement.

November 16 Report

Recent WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella reportedly has a serious neck injury.

Nikki has bulging discs in her neck that are “pushing on her spinal cord,” according to former TMZ producer Ryan Satin.

Nikki is trying to avoid neck surgery through rehabilitation, but according to the report she risks paralysis taking more bumps in the ring.

It remains to be seen if the rigorous rehab addresses her neck situation in order to return to the ring.

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  1. Let’s see now, nikki bella, randy orton, john cena, seth rollins,

    If this dose not convince vince and the wwe, that it needs a off season i don’t know what it will take, the off season should be right after survivor series and off until one week before the royal rumble, this would give them wrestlers two months to rest and heal there bodies. Story lines can also be built around the time off, there is enough talent to fill the two months of type matches leading back to being live again. Or there is another way to giving the talent the time off they deserve split the entire crew all wrestlers into three groups, this also includes nxt…a,b,c, every jan a,b group, feb c,a group, march b,c group, this goes on for the whole year and it should allow enough time over a two month period to build a story line fued, and then move on. each wrestler would have a total of over four months off per year. The wwe champ would be off when his group is off, either in the a,b,c group….then when the wwe champ is off they could push either the us title champ, or the inter champ for the month…..This would all meam better more fresh talent, new story lines, new fueds could come about, and most important give the wrestlers the time off to heal a broken body…..This waiting for the only way to be off is injured like seth rollins or randy orton or who ever is just plain greedy on the part of vince and the wwe as a whole.

  2. She needs to take this seriously and quit and do surgery or whatever it takes to heel her neck. A knee injury is one thing, but risking paralysis from the neck down is completely different and not worth the risk. One wrong bump could be a disaster.

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