Hogan addresses WWE return speculation

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Hulk Hogan (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


Hulk Hogan’s Twitter posts were fascinating to follow on Sunday. First, Hogan shot down speculation that WWE might call him to be part of WrestleMania 32 in April since the show needs a boost of star power.

Then, Hogan shifted to trying to work his way perhaps back into a WrestleMania gig after being ousted from WWE in July after past racist rants surfaced from the Gawker lawsuit.

Hogan was asked about being part of WM32, to which Hogan replied, “It’s not true. I will be there in spirit but I don’t work for WWE anymore my brother.” Hogan added, “At this moment I’m not coming back.”

Asked if he’s been contacted by WWE, Hogan replied, “I have not had a conversation with anyone about WM, I’ll be there in spirit.” Several hours later, Hogan said, “I haven’t had a conversation with anyone at WWE about Mania.”

Many of the replies on Hogan’s timeline were to Twitter followers who noted they bought tickets for WM32 because they thought Hogan would be part of the show, which makes it seem like WWE is “denying their paying customers” a chance to see Hogan.

Hogan then invoked Vince McMahon’s name, tweeting another follower: “Like Vince says ‘never say never’ brother.”

If Hogan is brought back to be part of WM32, Hogan says he will be ready:

“Yo Josh I have been training my ass off ,that’s all I’ve done since I got fired my brother. HH.”

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  1. It is extremely unlikely that Hogan will return any point prior to his lawsuit/trial being completed. While that is happening, he’s toxic, and whatever else may come to light is a huge unknown.

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