1/26 TNA Impact TV Report – Hardy vs. Hardy title match teased, Feast or Fired, more

Matt & Jeff Hardy (photo credit Wade Keller)


TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Impact on Pop #4
Aired Jan. 26, 2016
Taped in Bethlehem, Pa.
Report by Mike McMahon, PWTorch contributor

Backstage: Jeff Hardy is shown entering the arena and the roving reporter tries for his thoughts. Hardy said he’s been trying to get a hold of Matt Hardy all week, and there are things that definitely need to be said tonight.

Video Package: A package airs highlighting last week’s TNA World Title match between Ethan Carter III and Matt Hardy. Included is Hardy winning the World Title and Tyrus turning on ECIII and joining Hardy. Also included are some clips of Hardy’s terrific heel promo to end the show.

In-arena: Jeff Hardy enters the arena to address his brother, Matt, winning the World Title last week. Shots of a young fan with his face painted like Hardy are shown in the crowd as the people chant his name.

Hardy said he has had a whole week to let this sink in. Hardy said he was shocked when he heard what happened, and sick when he saw what happened. Jeff said he needed some answers from Matt, and then asked him to come to the ring for some answers.

Matt Hardy’s new ring music that begins with his voice saying, “I am iconic!” However, he’s not coming to the ring. Jeff tells the people to chant “Big Money Matt!” to get him to the ring.

Finally, Hardy emerges in a suit, holding Reby Sky’s hand as he heads to the ring. Behind them, Tyrus is carrying their baby. Pope said he wouldn’t trust Tyrus with his baby.

Jeff said he didn’t ask for Reby and Tyrus, he just wanted to talk to his brother alone because this is a family issue. Reby interrupts and said she is his wife, and they are a family, not Jeff.

Reby said Jeff abandoned Matt after they won the TNA World Tag Team Titles because Jeff was too busy being a redneck Evel Knievel. Reby said they don’t need Jeff, and they don’t need the fans anymore. Jeff calls Reby his “sister-bitch-in-law” and Matt then demands Jeff apologize to Reby. Jeff screams that he wants to know why this is all going on.

Tyrus goes to approach Jeff after handing the baby to Matt, and Matt calls him back. He said that Jeff isn’t used to being in Matt’s shadow. Matt said his wife whispered in his ear to stop giving and start taking. He said it obviously worked.

Matt said he doesn’t understand why Jeff can’t just be happy for him? He said that Jeff is now just the “other Hardy” and that makes Jeff jealous.

Jeff said he can’t be happy or proud of Matt after the way he won the World Title. Matt said that they have come to a fork in the road, and it’s time they go their separate ways. Matt said that Jeff can hang out with all the underlings, the fans, while Matt goes on to be the greatest World Hvt. Champion in the history of the industry.

At this point, the crowd actually starts to begin chanting, “ECIII! ECIIII!” Jeff said he agrees with the crowd. Jeff said the last time ECIII won the TNA World TItle he called him the best wrestler on the planet, because he actually won the World Title fairly.

Jeff said he’s cleared and healthy. Jeff said that Matt’s first title defense should be against him, tonight. Reby whispers something in Matt’s ear. “You want this?” Matt asked. “Remember, I love you, but right now I wipe my hands regardless no matter what happens tonight.”

So it appears Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Title will happen tonight.

[Reax: Matt Hardy will defend the TNA World Title for the first time tonight against his brother, Jeff. Perhaps that’s something TNA should have advertised? It suggests a swerve, and that TNA isn’t going to go through with this match later in the show. Reby whispered something to Matt, who said he wasn’t responsible for what happens. This all seems to be leading to some type of attack before the match which is going to help set up a match between the Hardy brothers later on this year. That one, we can assume, will be advertised ahead of time.]

Video Package: A package airs on the Feast or Fired match which is tonight, with all of the competitors talking about the match and the risk that’s involved.

[Q2] In-arena: The four briefcases are shown hanging about the ring. Beer Money is out first for introductions.

[Commercial break at 9:16]

Later Tonight: Josh Mathews says that Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy is official for later tonight.

1 — JAMES STORM vs. BOBBY ROODE vs. DREW GALLOWAY vs. GRADO vs. ROCKSTAR SPUD vs. ELI DRAKE vs. AIDEN O’SHEA vs. ERIC YOUNG vs. BRAM vs. ROBBIE E vs. JESSIE GODDERZ vs. CHRIS MELENDEZ — Feast or Fired match with contracts for the TNA World Hvt. Title, TNA King of the Mountain TItle, TNA World Tag Team Titles, and a one briefcase containing a pink slip.

It’s total mayhem to start the match. Robbie E. dives off the top to the outside in order to take out Jessie Godderz. In the ring, Eric Young hits a suplex on Chris Melendez. On the outside, Eli Drake and Drew Galloway are chopping each other.

Bobby Roode hits a bulldog on Bram. Rockstar Spud enters the ring and begins firing jabs on Roode. Roode tosses Spud to the outside. Aiden O’Shea attacks Roode from behind with elbows and then drops a knee to Roode’s face.

O’Shea tosses Roode to the outside, and he crashes hard on the mat. O’Shea begins climbing for a briefcase, but Grado drops him on the turnbuckle. With O’Shea stuck on the turnbuckle, Grado climbs on top of O’Shea and grabs one of the briefcases.

[Commercial Break at 9:27]

Back from the break, there are bodies and action everywhere. The action is a bit hard to follow. Bram and a group of wrestlers are beating up on Drew Galloway in the corner. Galloway fires a double clothesline on Young and Bram and follows that with a back body drop on Young. Galloway hits a Claymore on Bram and goes for a briefcase, but Eli Drake cuts him off.

[Q3] Drake and Galloway have a cool spot in the corner. With Galloway in the tree of woe, Drake runs and jumps right to the top rope, but Galloway sits up and tosses him back across the ring. Galloway then climbs up and secures a briefcase.

Rockstar Spud tries for a briefcase, but O’Shea gets him hung up on the turnbuckle. Melendez powerbombs Robbie E. out of the corner, but then gets tossed to the outside. O’Shea and James Storm are climbing a turnbuckle, brawling on the way up. Storm hits a huracanrana from the top rope on O’Shea.

Godderz smashes Beer Money with a double clothesline. Godderz begins climbing for a briefcase, but Robbie E cuts him off. Eli Drake grabs the case in the other corner. In the ring, Godderz hits a powerslam on Robbie E. Beer Money and Young/Bram are now brawling in the ring with everyone else on the outside. Bram tosses them both out of the ring.

Everyone is down, the ring is empty, yet for some reason Young and Bram aren’t going for a briefcase, they’re waiting for someone to get back into the ring. Rockstar Spud gets into the ring and Young hits a vicious-looking piledriver on Spud. Beer Money then goes back in the ring and they jump Young and Bram from behind. Beer Money lands a double suplex on E.Y. Bram tries to break them up, but Roode hits a spinebuster to stop the threat.

Roode goes for the turnbuckle, but Young tosses him to the outside. Storm hits a Last Call on Bram. Beer Money clears the ring. Storm goes for the briefcase, and Roode guards the corner as Storm grabs the final case.

Beer Money then make their way back to the locker room, as Mathews shows highlights of the match. Mathews said the reveal ceremony is later.

WINNERS: Grado, Drew Galloway, Eli Drake and James Storm in about 19 minutes.

[Reax: The match was somewhat hard to follow with so much action going on at once, but that’s what you get in matches like this. It was more of a distraction than anything else. There were some very cool spots, in particular the Galloway-Drake spot where Galloway tossed Drake after being hung upside down in the corner.

I’m not a huge fan of Feast or Fired, but this one made some sense. The only thing that made little sense was utilizing Beer Money in this match. The story is that they want a TNA World Tag Team Title shot. Okay, great. But they don’t need to risk being fired in order to get one. They’re only a few wins away from a title shot. It makes little sense, from a storyline perspective, why Beer Money would take such a risk.

Most of the other guys involved makes sense. They are gambling the pink slip for a title match of some kind. It’s just that Beer Money and Galloway really didn’t need to be involved.]

Backstage: Kurt Angle asks Jeff Hardy how he’s doing. Jeff said Reby is in Matt’s ear all the time, and the way Matt won the World Title isn’t right. Jeff said he doesn’t want to fight his brother, but Angle said he’s doing the right thing. Angle said there’s no telling what Matt is up to right now, and Angle said that he has Jeff’s back.

[Reax: This is beginning to feel a lot like 1998 Undertaker-Kane, only Hardy is willing to right his brother. He just doesn’t like it.]

Later: Matt Hardy defends the World Title against Jeff Hardy.

[Commercial Break at 9:40]

Backstage: The four Feast or Fired winners are in the back holding their briefcases. Mathews said we’ll find out who has what later tonight.

2 — TNA X Division champion TIGRE UNO vs. D.J. Z vs. MANDREWS — X Division Title match

[Q4] Pope says that Mandrews is capable of winning the X Division Title. Uno hits a double dropkick to knock D.J. Z and Mandrews to the outside. Back in the ring, Mandrews hits a dropkick on D.J. Z. Uno rolls in and Mandrews rolls him to the mat. D.J. Z back into the ring, he backslides Mandrews but only gets a two count.

Uno has a double submission on D.J. Z and Mandrews, one on a leg hold, but he breaks both holds. In the ring, D.J. Z tries for a suplex, but Mandrews reverses.

D.J. Z hits a springboard dropkick on Uno, sending him flying to the outside. D.J. Z then hits Uno with a suicide dive, somersaulting over the top rope to the outside of the ring. Mandrews has a skateboard at the top of the ramp and hits a huracanrana on D.J. Z at the bottom of the ramp.

Uno tries to dive from inside the ring but Mandrews catches him. Mandrews misses a moonsault on Uno. D.J. Z hits a DDT on Uno. Mandrews runs back, but D.J. Zema drops him on his knee. D.J. hits a reverse huracanrana, but Mandrews kicks out at two.

Mandrews is grabbing his neck as D.J. perches Mandrews on the turnbuckle. Mandrews holds on a superplex attempt and dumps D.J. to the outside. Now Uno has Mandrews on the turnbuckle. Uno then hits a dive off the top rope for the win.

WINNER: Tigre Uno retains the X Division Title in about seven minutes.

[Reax: This was an okay match. It’s all a matter of taste. There are times these X Division matches look more like a dance than a fight. At times, there is too much cooperation. It loses the sense that it’s a competition with people looking to win. Instead, it looks too much like an acrobatic act. That’s not to take away from the athleticism. It’s amazing. It just needs to be presented as being more real.]

After the match, Shane Helms enters the ring and looks for a microphone. Mathews calls him the greatest cruiserweight of all time. Wow, okay. Helms said this company was defined by the X Division for years. Helms said TNA was built on the back of the X Division. Helms said the time for the division to return to prominence is now.

Helms said he knows Uno just had a match, and he doesn’t want any excuses, so he’s giving him one week. Next week, Helms asks if Uno is prepared to defend the title for the last time? Helms said that Tigre’s time as X Division champion is over.

Backstage: Awesome Kong said The Dollhouse walls are stronger than ever. Kong said she’s a majestic beast and she should have the Knockouts Title. Kong said tonight is about revenge on the Beautiful People, but she has to do it alone.

Up Next: Awesome Kong vs. Velvet Sky

Still to come: Matt Hardy defends the World Title against Jeff Hardy.

[Commercial Break at 9:56]

[Q5 — second hour] Backstage, Godderz approaches Drake about the briefcase. Drake said the 25 percent chance he’s fired is driving him crazy. Godderz says to open the case. Drake said it’s a whole ceremony, though. Godderz asks when the rules ever meant anything to them? Godderz said if Drake opens the case, he’ll have power knowing what’s inside. Drake then stares at the case.

Still to come: Matt Hardy defends against Jeff Hardy.

Backstage: Kurt Angle walks into Matt Hardy’s locker room. Tyrus stands up, but Hardy tells him it’s okay. Angle said that Matt is tarnishing his family name. Matt says he hasn’t tarnished anything. Right now it’s not about Jeff, it’s about Matt. Hardy said he’s iconic. Stealing a line from Donald Trump, Hardy said that he’s going to make TNA great again. Matt said that Angle is one of the two guys he respects in TNA, but Matt said that if Angle sticks his nose in Matt’s family business, he’s going to get it broken.


Kong and Velvet lock up to begin the match, and Kong shoves Velvet to the mat. Velvet comes back with kicks to Kong’s legs. On the outside, Velvet gets whipped into the steps by Kong.

Back in the ring, Velvet takes Kong and hits a bulldog. Velvet gets a two count after the bulldog. She goes to the corner and tries a crossbody but Kong catches her for a bodyslam. Kong then hits a big splash off the ropes and goes for a cover, but pulls Velvet up at two. Kong then hits an Implant Buster for the win.

WINNER: Awesome Kong in about three minutes

After the match, Kong begins to beat on Velvet some more. Madison Rayne rushes the ring to help Velvet and out comes the Dollhouse for a four-on-two attack. They lay Velvet in the middle of the ring. Kong climbs the ropes and hits a big splash while Rayne is held by the Dollhouse members and forced to watch.

Backstage: The Wolves talk about wanting the TNA World Tag Team Titles back after they were attacked last week and had their titles stolen by Crazzy Steve and his partner, who we still haven’t seen yet. Edwards said they will go down to the ring next and wait for a fight. Edwards told Steve to come to the ring, and bring their belts.

Backstage: The Feast or Fired winners enter a back room. Jeremy Borash welcomes us to the reveal in the briefcases. He said in a few minutes, they’ll do the reveal.

[Commercial Break at 10:14]

[Q6] Back from the break, Borash sets up the Feast or Fired reval. In walks Mike Bennett with Maria. He said someone’s life will change forever tonight. He said that he feels bad, because one of them will need a Miracle. Bennett said he’s the miracle, and he doesn’t have to take chances like Feast or Fired. Galloway asks who he thinks he is storming in? Galloway said sometimes in like you have one chance and you have to take it.

They leave … Drake says that he’ll open his case first. He unlocks it and reveals that he has earned a shot at the King of the Mountain Title. Borash says we’ll learn the rest of everyone’s fate shortly.

In-arena: The Wolves enter the ring and call out Crazzy Steve, saying they want their Tag Titles back. Out walks a woman in very strange make-up. “Riddle me that,” she said. “Riddle me this. In our world, where are all mad here. Decay, decay, decay.”

Crazzy Steve walks out. He doesn’t have the titles. The Wolves walk up the ramp towards him and Abyss comes out and stands in front of Steve and this mystery woman.

[Commercial Break at 10:25]


Back from the break, the match is already on. Abyss is hammering Davey Richards in the corner and then hits a huge splash.

[Q7] Steve enters the ring and starts to pull at Richards mouth before hitting some kicks to the midsection. He then bites Richards’s hand. Steve hits a clothesline and then tags in Abyss. Abyss hits a huge bodyslam on Richards and then hits a splash off the ropes. Steve tags back in and he mauls Richards on the mat.

Abyss tags back in again. He shoves Eddie Edwards to the outside, then Edwards climbs slowly back up on the apron. Abyss charges Richards in the corner but Richards ducks it. He crawls to his corner but Steve comes in and bites his foot. Richards barely makes the tag.

Edwards in the ring, he tries to knock Abyss of the apron and does. Back in the ring, he hits an inverted atomic drop on Steve. Abyss is down on the outside. Richards climbs to the top rope and Edwards does the same in the opposite corner.

However, the mystery woman is shown holding the Tag Team Titles on the ramp. Richards begins to walk up the ramp to approach her and Edwards gets hit with a Blackhole Slam. The woman then spits purple mist in Richards face and the referee calls for the bell. Abyss hits a chokeslam on Eddie Edwards.

After the match, Abyss and Crazzy Steve pose with the World Tag Team Titles

WINNER: The Wolves via disqualification in about seven minutes.

[Reax: The story between Abyss and Steve could be interesting. The mystery woman with them had a very Marilyn Manson vibe, which is probably not much of a coincidence, as Billy Corgan was actually touring with Manson over the summer.]

Next: More Feast or Fired reveals as well as the main event.

[Commercial Break at 10:37]

Back from the break, James Storm opens his case to reveal that Beer Money has earned a shot at the TNA Tag Team Titles. They play up that it might be Storm being fired, but then they start to celebrate.

[Q8] Grado said he has no idea what is happening here. Galloway says he’ll open his case first. Galloway reveals that he has earned a shot at the TNA World Title. Grado seems excited before realizing that it means he’s been fired. Borash says it’s academic, but he asks Grado to open his case. Grado seems to struggle with opening it, and then of course it says Grado is fired.

Borash says that Grado has ten minutes to grab his things and security will escort him from the building. Grado asks if he has been “real fired?” and then says his dream is over and he cries at the table.

[Reax: That went exactly as you would predict, thankfully. Not that you want to see Grado lose his job, but it’s certainly better than TNA going for some shock factor here, only to not stick with a firing to Galloway or a World Title shot to Grado.]

In-arena: Mathews said that it “couldn’t happen to a better guy.” Mathews then says that next week, we’ll hear from ECIII.

Jeff Hardy makes his entrance for the main event. Matt Hardy is out next with Tyrus and Reby Sky.

[Commercial Break at 10:49]

Back from the break, Borash is handling ring introductions for the main event. Earl Hebner is the referee.

5 — TNA World Hvt. champion MATT HARDY (w/Tyrus and Reby Sky) vs. JEFF HARDY — World Hvt. Title match

The bell rings and out walks Eric Young who is screaming for everyone to wait. He asks how Jeff Hardy is No. 1 contender? He said that Jeff Hardy hasn’t earned it. Young said the he’s the No. 1 contender and there’s nothing he can do about it.

At that point, Bram hits the ring and attacked Hardy. E.Y. and Bram continue the assault while Matt Hardy and Tyrus watch from the corner.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy via disqualification in about 35 seconds

Hardy and Tyrus get out of the ring while E.Y. sets up a table on the outside. Bram continues to assault Jeff, who is clutching at his injured leg. Matt continues to just watch. Beer Money runs down and attacks Young and Bram while Jeff is clutching his leg in the corner.

Crazzy Steve and Abyss run down and attack Beer Money. Everyone is brawling, except Jeff Hardy who is down hurt and Matt Hardy, who is watching. Storm and Abyss are brawling up the ramp. Roode is throwing punches at Steve and they fight to the locker room.

Matt Hardy stands over Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle comes down to help Jeff. Tyrus attacks Angle from behind. Matt Hardy hits Angle with the World Title. Matt Hardy screams to the crowd that he is iconic. Matt Hardy and Tyrus walk to the outside and begin walking up the ramp with Reby.

Back in the ring, E.Y. picks up Jeff Hardy and tries for a piledriver btu Jeff fights back. Matt is watching. Jeff goes for a Twist of Fate on Bram but E.Y. cuts him off. E.Y. sets up Jeff Hardy on the apron and piledrives him off the apron and through the table that was set up on the outside.

On the ramp, Matt Hardy kisses Reby and they walk off.

E.Y. and Bram stand over a motionless Jeff Hardy as several replays of the piledriver are shown. Hardy is pointing at his neck to the officials. Bram and E.Y. are walking up the ramp as Mathews says the inmates are running the asylum. Mathews says that Jeff Hardy did not deserve this as the show goes off the air.

[Final Thoughts: As expected, they didn’t deliver on the main event. With no advertising ahead of time, that’s smart. They’ll get more out of a Hardy vs. Hardy match later. That said, it’s hard to tell where they’re going with things after the angle to close the show.

E.Y. and Bram are in the middle of a feud with Beer Money. Now they throw Jeff Hardy into that mix somehow. E.Y. and Bram do not seem to be affiliated with Matt Hardy in any way.

Then there’s ECIII, who wasn’t on the show tonight. Plus Beer Money, who also fought off Abyss and Crazzy Steve, who are also in the middle of a feud with The Wolves after stealing their World Tag Titles. There’s just a lot of everyone being involved with everyone.

Overall, this show was just a notch below last week’s, which I thought was TNA’s best since moving to PopTV. They are keeping the focus on the titles, which is definitely a plus. Almost every segment on this show focused on some form of title. Keeping the championships as the focus is a smart way to write the show. TNA has done a nice job of making them all seem important as well, even the somewhat mysterious King of the Mountain TItle.

They can’t make it a habit to not deliver on main events, though. They want to pride themselves on being a wrestling company. That’s great, but it’s a dangerous strategy to promise main events and not deliver. It’s okay here, and it’s okay once in awhile, but TNA can’t make it a habit.]

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  1. if you didnt find something to like bout ths show, you are NOT a pro wrestling fan. Good showing by TNA, and good job on Corgan for securing the Manson song rights. Hole, now Manson, TNA gets the real rock songs at least

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