2/4 WWE NXT in Memphis – Second Detailed Report on Balor vs. Corbin, Joe, where was Apollo Crews?

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WWE NXT Live Results
February 4, 2016
Memphis, Tenn.
Report by VIP member David in Memphis

Hot crowd for NXT’s first time in Memphis at a real intimate venue. They were selling 50 vintage-looking Memphis-specific match card posters by everyone for $75.

(1) Asuka beat Emma via submission with the Asuka Lock. I have struggled to come around to Asuka not being familiar with her previous work. However, she did impress me. One innovative spot in particular was Emma whipping her into the corner and Asuka bouncing off the second turnbuckle into a dropkick. (**1/2)

(2) American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable) beat Blake & Murphy when Gable pinned Blake following the Grand Amplitude. I was surprised that Alexa Bliss did not accompany Blake & Murphy, though she was in the next match. Great tag match. Fun chants during the match including “You look stupid” directed at Blake (who rivals Dolph Ziggler in glam band awesomeness) and “Save the Gable.” America Alpha trapped their opponents in a double anklelock before the finish. (***1/4)

(3) Alexa Bliss beat Billie Kay after Sparkle Splash. Bland match. Bliss is the obvious heel and Kay doesn’t have enough yet to get the fans behind her. (*)

(4) Samoa Joe beat Sami Zayn via submission with the Coquina Clutch. Match of the night, I thought. Crowd was definitely into both guys. The finish was great as Joe pulled the referee in front of him preventing a Helluva Kick. Joe then avoided another Helluva Kick in the adjacent corner and locked on the Clutch. Joe signaled for the title around his waist on the second turnbuckle following the win. He offered to shake Zayn’s hand before turning him down and quickly exiting the ring. A “Thank You, Sami” chant from the crowd. (****)


(5) NXT tag champions Dash & Dawson beat Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa. Not as good of a tag match as the earlier one with several apparent blown spots. Dash pinned Gargano following a Shatter Machine. Several “Johnny Wrestling” chants for Gargano during the match. (**1/2)

(6) NXT Women’s champion Bayley beat Nia Jax following Bayley-to-Belly to retain the NXT Women’s Title. There was an only in Memphis moment with a “Whoop that trick” chant during the match. The match was similar to their previous televised offering with Jax dominating most of the action. The end came following a very creative turnbuckle spot. The pad had actually started hanging loosing during the previous match and Jax tore it off and kicked it into the crowd during the match. Jax missed a charge into the exposed turnbuckle allowing Bayley to hit her finished. (***)

(7) NXT champion Finn Balor beat Baron Corbin. Before the match, Balor responded to “Bullet Club” chants with the traditional hand signals. Decent match, but I will admit I was distracted by several inebriated people around me at that point. Corbin kicked out of an earlier Coup de Grace, which didn’t appear to be hit fully, before eventually falling victim. (***)


Overall, a great show despite the distractions as previously mentioned. $25, $45, and $75 tickets were available for the show though quickly sold out. I had a $25 general admission (“standing”) ticket and when those with a seat stood up it was hard to see the action in the ring. The lighting was also hit or miss throughout the night. At some points, the ring was lit up a lot more than others with at least one chant of “Turn the lights on.” There did appear to be a lighting grid above the ring, though it was hardly used.

crews 2Limited offerings at the merch stand. T-shirts for sale included Balor, Joe, Zayn, Bayley, and Enzo & Cass (though they were not on the show). In my section at least, there were several “How You Doin’” chants throughout the night.

Apollo Crews was also not on the show though he was in the promotional materials. It appears he was moved to the home tour in Florida.

Great week overall for Memphis as Smackdown was also in the city Tuesday evening. Memphis Wildfire Wrestling wrestler Dustin Starr was in the audience and free tickets were being passed out at the exit for MWF’s upcoming Minglewood Hall show on Sunday, February 28.

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