Titus O’Neil UPDATE – Suspension reduced, WWE responds to NY Post

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Update: When a newspaper in New York publishes a story blasting WWE over Titus O’Neil’s suspension, WWE pays attention.

WMClockWWE noted to the New York Post that O’Neil’s suspension has been reduced from 90 to 60 days, which means he would still miss WrestleMania.

WWE also issued a statement defending the company against racism allegations. “The suspension of Titus O’Neil had nothing to do with race and everything to do with unprofessional conduct,” WWE said in a statement to the Post.

O’Neil was originally suspended 90 days for an incident involving WWE CEO Vince McMahon at the very end of Daniel Bryan’s retirement ceremony Monday night on Raw.

O’Neil grabbed McMahon’s arm as Vince passed by to exit the stage, drawing in McMahon for a face-to-face moment. It’s unclear what Titus’s motivation was for grabbing McMahon’s arm. McMahon was caught off-guard as he spun around, but everyone around them seemed to take it as good-natured fun. But, McMahon was angered by it, prompting the suspension.

WWE edited the exchange off the YouTube version of Raw’s conclusion, which aired on WWE Network after the original broadcast went off the air on USA Network.

Meanwhile, O’Neil spent his Wednesday in Las Vegas filming scenes for an upcoming episode of Animal Planet’s “Tanked.”

O’Neil’s close wrestling friend, Dave Bautista, chimed in on Twitter that he believes O’Neil should ask for his release from WWE.



7 Comments on Titus O’Neil UPDATE – Suspension reduced, WWE responds to NY Post

  1. I wonder if they might be parlaying this into a storyline for a Titus push. If not, it just seems so petty and actually they are making it worse out to be than had they not suspended him. I remember seeing it and totally forgot about it until this happened.

  2. Vince needs to be suspended.

    This is a publicly traded company in the 21st century. Not a private traveling carney show in the 1930’s. His long term behavior is not acceptable for the CEO of any corporation, let alone one in the public entertainment business.

    • Go up to the CEO of your company, grab them, and yank them around and see what happens. You would probably be fired. Vince was well within his rights to suspend an employee for accosting him.

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