VIP AUDIO 2/10 – East Coast Cast & VIP Aftershow #280 hosted by Travis Bryant: D-Bryan’s career, Reigns-Taker?, more (260 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: On this marathon of a show the fellas gather around to bid farewell to the in-ring wrestling career of Daniel Bryan. One of the best, certainly nicest guys in the industry has been forced into early retirement due to head trauma. Sharing memories and ranking his WWE career among the greats. The long-anticipated WWE cruiserweight show on the WWE Network looks like it is a go after speculation began two years ago at the launch of the Network. Trav reiterates his want for a Roman Reigns heel turn and calling out of The Undertaker for a third week. A YUGE political rant by Trav and a super VIP portion of the show where more emails are answered and lots of diverse topics discussed.

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