WWE EARNINGS – PPV Business phased out in WWE’s reporting, chart for Q4 PPVs

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TLC 2015
WWE's 2015 TLC PPV logo


WWE did not report individual PPV buys for their Fourth Quarter 2015 events in their quarterly financial report released Thursday.

WWE simply noted that PPV business was $3.6 million in the quarter off 274,000 total buys, which translates to $13.13 per buy going to WWE.

Q4PPVTrendSimultaneous to the earnings release, WWE released their monthly business figures, which show a steep decline in PPV buys to where TLC in December was virtually non-existent, but actually slight more than 2014 TLC.

Overall, the changing viewing habits to WWE Network and increased international availability is starting to take effect.

– For the full-year 2015, WWE noted that WWE Network Revenue (which includes individual PPV Revenue) was $159.4 million in 2015 (representing 24 percent of total annual revenue).

WWE said the Network Revenue total “nearly doubled the average annual revenue of the Company’s pay-per-view business before Network launch,” indicating WWE is confident they made the right decision transitioning PPV delivery to the Network.

2015 PPV Buys Trend

– Jan: Royal Rumble – 145,000 buys
– Feb: Fast Lane – 46,000 buys
– Mar: WM31 – 259,000 buys
– Apr: Extreme Rules – 56,000 buys
– May: Payback – 57,000 buys
– June: MITB – 57,000 buys
– July: Battleground – 80,000 buys
– Aug.: Summerslam – 121,000 buys
– Sept.: Night of Champions – 77,000 buys
– Oct.: Hell in a Cell – 87,000 buys (unofficial prelim)
– Nov.: Survivor Series – ??? (lower than HIAC)
– Dec.: TLC – ??? (lower than S. Series)

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