2/12 WWE Stock Track – WWE ends Financial Week on another downturn, drops 12 percent week-to-week

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE Stock Track 2016
Week 6 – February 8-12

Friday, February 12: The day after Financial Day, WWE closed at $14.65 per share, down two percent from Thursday’s close.

The stock fell as low as $14.27 per share on Friday, nearly falling below Thursday’s lowest point in eight months.

The closing price of $14.65 was down almost exactly $2 (12 percent) from last Friday’s closing price of $16.57.

WWE is now valued at $1.11 billion, down 12 percent from last week and 18 percent from two weeks ago.

Thursday, February 11: Closing Price of $14.94 per share on Financial Day, down five percent from Wednesday.

The stock dipped as low as $14.20 per share, the lowest point in eight months since the same price on June 4, 2015.

Investors sold off WWE stock early after reviewing WWE’s quarterly and year-end financial report. The stock rebounded mid-way through the day, but dipped again, and finished below $15.

There was a lot of buying & selling, as trade volume was 1.760 million.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon commented on Thursday’s early downturn during the company’s quarterly conference call. McMahon said WWE management was thrilled about their business position, but some investors “obviously were not.”

“In general we are thrilled with our 2015 performance, although some investors apparently are not based on where we are valuation wise. Nonetheless we are thrilled with it and proud at the moment,” was McMahon’s exact quote from the conference call transcript.

WWE is now valued at $1.13 billion, down from $1.26 billion at the end of last week.



Wednesday, February 10: Closing Price of $15.75 per share, down four percent from Tuesday.

February has not been kind to WWE stock through the first ten days. After starting the year solid in January, WWE fell seven percent the first week of February.

Through the first three days of this week, WWE was down another five percent. Included was the lowest point of the year on Wednesday.

The stock fell as low as $15.66 per share, the lowest point of the year and lowest in two months going back to December 11.

There was very high trading volume of 1.28 million shares bought and sold, with the stock price falling off throughout the day.

WWE was valued at $1.20 billion heading into financial day, down from $1.26 billion at the end of last week.


Tuesday, February 9: Closing Price of $16.47 per share, down slightly from Monday. The stock did not fall below $16, though.

Monday, February 8: Closing Price of $16.49 per share, down half-a-percent from $16.57 on Friday.

The stock fell as low as $15.76 per share, a new low-point for the year.


  • 2016 Initial Market Value: $1.34 billion
  • 2016 Open: $17.44 per share
  • Current 52-Week Range: $12.71 – 23.63
  • 2016 High Point: $18.42 (1/26)
  • 2016 Low Point: $14.20 (2/11); $15.66 (2/10)
  • Current Market Value: $1.11 billion

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