Ross’s latest blog – could O’Neil suspension have been handled differently?, who is Cena training to face?, NJPW/AXS TV announcing preview

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Former WWE announcer/top executive Jim Ross covered a lot of ground on hot topics in wrestling in his latest blog at

– Ross wrote about how he thinks Titus O’Neil’s 60-day suspension and rumored $5,000 fine could have been handled better.

“I only wonder, in hindsight, how this matter would have been judicated if the decision regarding punishment was delayed until the next day when all parties had a night to sleep on this matter,” Ross wrote. “One has to wonder if this punishment was also utilized to get the attention of the entire roster especially if some talents were thought to be becoming to lax in their approach to their job.”

– Ross speculated on John Cena pushing himself to return from injury to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Otherwise, Ross said he’s not sure who Taker would end up facing at WM32.

“It seems like John Cena is being too chatty to NOT be thinking about returning to the ring at Wrestlemania Texas and if he does I’d bet some BBQ sauce that it will likely be against The Undertaker,” Ross wrote.

“I have no idea who The Undertaker is going to face at Wrestlemania (if not Cena),” Ross wrote, “but I do know that Taker is preparing intensely for the April 3 event. So, whoever gets the nod will meet a fit and ready Deadman.”

– Ross previewed the first set of New Japan/AXS TV episodes he recorded with Josh Barnett that will premiere Friday, March 4.

“I think that Josh and I are going to evolve quite nicely but you will be the final judge of that statement. For the most part the action we called with exceptional. I can’t wait to do more. I have never been made to feel more welcomed and at home on day one than I  did last week as we began our relationship with Mark Cuban’s network,” Ross wrote.

– Ross also covered upcoming guests on the Ross Report podcast, his Fite App affiliation, and his WrestleMania Weekend “Ringside” shows in Dallas. [ Full blog at ]


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