2/16 Daniel Bryan on GMA – Bryan reveals hiding concussion seizures, Brie’s retirement plans, Triple H speaks, Benoit referenced, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

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WWE on GMA Segment
February 16, 2016

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella were featured on Tuesday morning’s edition of ABC’s “Good Morning America” about concussions forcing Bryan to retire from wrestling.

The big item in the four-minute TV piece was Bryan saying that he tried to keep concussion-related seizures hidden from his wife and WWE. The other big item is Brie plans to retire this summer.

Brie noted to GMA reporter Kayna Whitworth that when she first saw Bryan have one of the post-concussion seizures, she was frightened. Bryan also asked Brie “please don’t say anything to anyone” because he knew it could be the end of his career.

Eventually, WWE pulled Bryan from the roster in April 2015 following his most-recent, and final concussion. Bryan then went on the eight-month odyssey trying to get cleared to wrestle again. He noted that WWE’s doctors said they cannot in good conscious allow Bryan to risk further damage in the ring.

Triple H was then shown in a sit-down soundbyte saying sometimes you have to take the thoroughbred horse off the race track for its own good.

The GMA segment then shifted the overall issue of WWE’s history with concussions. Notably, Chris Benoit being diagnosed with severe CTE after his double-murder suicide in 2007. The piece noted Benoit repeatedly did top-rope diving headbutts, contributing to the condition of his brain. Of course, Bryan carried on the unfortunate “tradition” with top-rope diving headbutts during his WWE career.

The story extended to WWE being sued by former wrestler Big Vito, among others, over WWE’s historical handling of concussions. Reporter Kayna read a brief statement from WWE – as printed in their 10-K SEC filing – that WWE believes the suit is “without merit.”

Triple H’s soundbyte interview then continued with Hunter saying WWE talent are made aware of the signs of concussions and how it could affect their future.

The story shifted back to Bryan and Brie, who noted that she is close to retiring after seeing what Bryan went through with his retirement.

“It’s time for me to hang up the boots. That day is definitely very close,” Brie said. Reporter Kayla noted Brie is planning retirement “sometime this summer.”

The story closed with Bryan talking about wanting to educate athletes on the dangers of concussions after his career ended.

The four-minute segment aired 33 minutes into the GMA broadcast.

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