VIP AUDIO 2/24 – 10 YRS AGO Wade Keller Hotline (1-31-06): Spike moves TNA to prime time, Top WM22 matches, why some top stars won’t be on show, Heyman, WWE Creative (27 min)


SUMMARY: In this update, Torch editor Wade Keller breaks the news of a new national cable prime time clearance that is near becoming official and could be announced within days, the ramifications of the move, the rationale behind it, why the day of the week was chosen, and more… Plus, a breakdown of TNA Impact ratings including the quarter hours and analysis of what Sting means to TNA at this point, and how he can pay off bigger or end up hurting the company in the long-run… The top five scheduled matches for WrestleMania including all of the big names, plus the story on why other big names won’t be part of the show, including notes on Undertaker, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Chris Jericho… A rumored movie script involving two top WWE names… Vince McMahon’s build… Update on Paul Heyman… Update on the WWE writing team breakdown… And more…

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