RADICAN’S PWG “BOLA 2015 Stage One” DVD Review – Mt. Rushmore, Ospreay, Sydal, more

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist

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RadicanSean_profileRADICAN’S PWG “BOLA 2015: STAGE ONE” REPORT
AUGUST 28, 2015

(1) Aerostar vs. Brian Cage in a 2015 BOLA First Round match. Aerostar hit a crazy step-up dive from the middle rope to the floor onto Cage and the fans fired up. Cage fired back and launched him with a deadlift suplex back into the ring. Cage fired back and showed off his power moves, which included a power slam out of the gorilla press position. Aerostar fired back and hit a springboard trust fall onto Cage on the floor. Aerostar followed up with a sick no arm springboard splash for a 2 count. Aerostar went for a springboard hurricanrana, but he slipped. Cage hit a buckle bomb and went for another power bomb, but Aerostar countered it into a Yoshi tonic for a 2 count. Aerostar went for a dive off the top, but Cage caught him and held him in the suplex position before dropping him down into a sick tombstone for the win. Holy s—!

WINNER: Brian Cage.

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a very good opener. It wasn’t smooth in some parts with a couple of big moves botched, but overall this was a good big man vs. little man match.

(2) Biff Busick vs. Andrew Everett in a 2015 BOLA First Round match. The crowd was clearly behind Busick before the match began. They went to a fast paced exchange and came to a stalemate after Everett flipped over Busick. Everett was strutting around and he paid for it as Busick nailed him with a huge chop. They did a similar spot a short time later and Busick nailed Everett with a huge release suplex. Everett rolled to the floor and Busick followed him. Everett countered a powerbomb attempt on the floor into a hurricanrana. Everett then hit a springboard SSP to the floor the wiped out Busick. They went back and forth. Everett missed a moonsault and tried to roll through, but Busick obliterated him with a clothesline for a 2 count. Everett countered a suplex attempt and got an Okana roll for a near fall. Everett flipped out of an ankle lock attempt from Busick and nailed him with a drop sault. Busick got a single leg crab and transitioned into the STF. He then applied the bank statement, but Everett got the ropes and the fans booed. Everett fired back and ducked a charge in the corner before nailing Busick with a Pele kick. Everett flipped out of an enzuguri and hit a no hands reverse hurricanrana for a nearfall. Holy s—!

They battled up top a short time later. Everett dropped Busick head-first on top of the rope and set up on the turnbuckle. He went for an inverted Phoenix splash, but Busick got out of the way. Busick appeared to get the tap out win with a choke hold, but Everett got the ropes. Busick held on, but Everett fought him off. Everett countered a Judo throw attempt from Busick and hit a lightning spiral for a 2 count on Busick and both men were down. Wow! Everett went up top and hit a Phoenix splash, but didn’t connect fully. He managed to get a near fall and the fans fired up huge. Everett hit a big right and Busick got the look of death in his eyes. He began slapping Everett in the face, but Everett fired back with a kick. Busick went for a half and half suplex from inside of the ring to the apron, but Everett block it. Everett went for a springboard SSP, but Busick nailed him with an uppercut. He followed up with a half and half suplex. Busick finished the sequence with a running European uppercut for the win. Holy s—t!

WINNER: Biff Busick.

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was an excellent match. Some of the sequences weren’t smooth, but Busick’s power vs. Everett high flying was incredible to watch unfold, especially the spot where Busick flipped out of a German, landed on his feet, and hit an inverted hurricanrana. This was fantastic.

(3) Mark Andrews vs. William Ospreay in a 2015 BOLA First Round match. Both men shook hands before going at it and Andrews kissed Ospreay’s hand. Ospreay acted flattered. Andrews sent Ospreay out and set up for a dive, but Ospreay tripped him. Ospreay went off the ropes and Andrews popped up and nailed him with a dropkick for a 2 count. Ospreay cartwheeled out of a hurricanrana attempt and hit a leg lariat followed by a standing SSP for a 2 count. Wow! Ospreay went to work on Andrews and set up for an arm submission. He folded Andrews’s arms behind his head and leaned back on his top arm with a bridge before losing the hold. They went to a nifty spot where Andrews flipped over Ospreay in the corner right into a tornado DDT and both men were down. Andrews hit a standing full twist moonsault for a 2 count a short time later.

Ospreay ducked an enzuguri and went right after Andrews, but he countered Ospreay right into a stunner. They went back and forth and Ospreay hit a powerslam and rolled through right into a running spiral tap for a 2 count. Are you kidding me? The fans chanted “Both these guys.” Ospreay set up in the corner and nailed Andrews, who was down on his knees, with a spinning kick to the head. Andrews countered Ospreay and rolled him up for a near fall. Ospreay tucked Andrews head between the ropes when he set up for a dive and nailed him with a superkick. He then set up for a super reverse hurricanrana, but Andrew held on. He then jumped backwards and spiked Ospreay with a reverse hurricanrana off the turnbuckles. Andrews that hit a dragoncanrana for a near fall and the fans went crazy. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Andrews went up top for a SSP, but Ospreay got out of the way. Ospreay hit a front flip DDT and went up top. He hit a backwards 450 for the win. Wow!

WINNER: Will Ospreay.

Star rating: (****) – This was an amazing sprint of a match with both guys pulling out some amazing counter sequences throughout the match while mixing in some spectacular high-flying. There wasn’t much psychology here and you’ll probably forget this match when the show is over due to the quality of the card, but this was nuts at times.

(4) Los Gueros Del Cielo (Jack Evans & Angelico) vs. Inner City Machineguns (Ricochet & Rich Swann). Ricochet wiped out Angelico with a dropkick and did some breakdancing that really fired up the crowd. Evans tagged in and challenged Swann to a dance contest. The fans chanted for Evans to dance. Evans then did some sick break dancing and walked on his hands. The fans chanted “you got served at Swann. Swann then took his turns and danced, but the crowd booed. Swann then did a turnaround double bird salute. He then tried to do some sort of a flip into the mat and landed right on his head. Angelico and Evans then began tagging in and out to work him over. They targeted Swann’s arm as they worked him over. Swann fired back and tried to jump off Angelico’s head into a hurricanrana on Evans, but he slipped. He still made the hot tag to Ricochet and ran wild. These guys have to be sweaty given the amount of botched spots I’ve seen on this show. Swann hit a flipping D-Lo style leg drop complete with a head bob on Evans a short time later after tagging back in. Evans ended up taking a sustained beating from the ICMG. The fans calmed down after being jacked for the majority of the first three contests. Evans fired back and hit a double springboard neck breaker on Swann and Ricochet. Angelico got the hot tag and ran wild on Ricochet and Swann.

Evans and Angelico piled Swann and Ricochet on top of each other. Evans got on top of Swann and hit a standing moonsault press on both men. Angelico made the cover on Swann, but only got a 2 count. Swann fired back and got a 2 count on Angelico after hitting a backwards kick to the head. Evans blocked a benadriller attempt from Ricochet and applied a STF. Ricochet struggled, but managed to get to the ropes. Evans yelled at the ref after he made him break the hold. Ricochet and Swann hit a combination of moves capped by a standing SSP from Ricochet on Evans, but he kicked out at 2. Angelico tripped Ricochet from the floor and ran into the ring. Angelico and Evans both got octopus submissions on Swann and Ricochet. Ricochet eventually spun Evans off of him and right into Angelico to break up both submissions. Angelico and Ricochet went back and forth. They eventually went to a big series of spots between all four men that ended with Ricochet hitting a meteora on Evans that left everyone down. Swann took a big right hand from Evans a short time later and fired up big time with a nasty facial expression.

Swann fired up and went to town on Evans in the corner. Swann hit a reverse hurricanrana on Evans to send him onto Angelico, but it didn’t come off crisp and looked bad when Evans just flipped onto Angelico. Ricochet hit a springboard 450 for a near fall on Angelico, but missed a 630 off the top. The match was a little disjointed down the stretch. Swann slipped out of a double team attempt and shoved Angelico into the turnbuckles, which crotched Evans. Swann hit a springboard ace crusher for a 2 count. This feels like it has lasted forever. Angelico launched Evans into the turnbuckles with a huge razor’s edge. He then wiped out Ricochet with a dive over the ringpost to the floor. Evans then hit a 630 on Swann for the win.

WINNERS: Jack Evans & Angelico – This had some fun sequences, but it was really disjointed at times down the stretch. They could have cut 10 minutes off this match and it would have been more palatable. Overall this was disappointing.

(5) Trent? vs. Trevor Lee in a 2015 BOLA First Round match. Lee obliterated Trent with a big running kick from the apron to the floor and the fans fired up during the early going. Lee dominated the action for several minutes. Trent finally landed on his feet out of a German attempt and followed up with a tornado DDT that left both men down. Trent had the upper hand, but Lee cut him off with a leaping double stump for a 2 count. Trent returned the favor a short time later as he caught Lee with a double stomp as he charged at him in the corning. They ended up on the apron going back and forth with strikes. Lee finally hit a release German on the apron and both men fell to the floor as the fans gasped. Trent barely beat the 20 count and dove back into the ring right into a deadlift German from Trent for a 2 count.

Lee hit Trent with kicks and strikes as he wobbled on his knees. Trent finally collapsed and Lee set up behind him. Trent reversed a pinning combination and got one of his own for a 2 count. Trent went for another release German, but Trent turned it into a reverse hurricanrana for a 2 count! Wow! They battled up top and Lee fought Trent off, but Trent popped up and hit a big release German off the top. Lee fired right back and hit a spinning powerslam for a near fall. Both men began exchanging slaps from their knees. They got to their feet and continued to trade blows. Trent surprised Lee with a flying knee to the head and the dude buster, but Lee kicked out! Holy s—t! They went back and forth and Lee finally got the win with a small package driver.

WINNER: Trevor Lee.

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was a very good back and forth contest with some great exchanges and the near falls down the stretch were excellent. Trent and Lee had to work to get the crowd back into the show after the previous match and they succeeded.

(6) Drago vs. Pentagon, Jr. in a 2015 BOLA First Round match. Pentagon bumped into the ring announcer before she could even do the intros. They went at it right away and Drago nailed Pentagon with a hurricanrana. He followed up with a sick flip dive over the top to the floor and the fans went nuts. Pentagon fired back with a huge dropkick a short time later and the fans went nuts. A big “Cero Miedo” chant broke out. Drago sent Pentagon to the outside, but he cut him off going for a baseball slide and hit DDT off the apron and onto a chair on the floor! Holy s—t! Drago sent Pentagon to the floor and set up for a dive, but Pentagon ran into the ring and nailed him with a superkick. Pentagon set up for a dive, but Drago cut him off with a kick. Drago then hit a huge twisting splash over the top to the floor and the fans went nuts. Pentagon ended up chugging a beer on the floor and popped up to the apron, which fired up the fans.

Pentagon fired back and caught Drago with a lung blower out of the corner for a 2 count. Drago fired back and hit a corkscrew headbutt off the top. He followed up with a twisting neck breaker and tied up Pentagon in pinning combination for a 2 count. Pentagon caught Drago a short time later and nailed Drago with a powerbomb onto his knee for a 2 count. The action continued at a rapid pace with both guys hitting big moves for a near fall. Pentagon hit a big pump-handle driver, but Drago kicked out at the last second. The fans broke out in a huge chant for both men. They battled up top and Drago hit a super hurricanrana for a near fall. Drago went for a splash, but Pentagon got out of the way and hit a running package piledriver for the win. Wow!

WINNER: Pentagon, Jr.

Star rating: (****) – This was an amazing display of wrestling from two of AAA’s finest. These guys went back and forth the entire way and had some spectacular exchanges that set the crowd on fire. These guys just make you want to watch them that’s how dynamic they are with their look and the way they carry themselves in the ring.

(7) Fenix vs. Matt Sydal in a 2015 BOLA First Round match. Sydal got a nearfall with a sick counter that saw him float over Fenix into a pinning combination for a near fall. The ref didn’t notice that Fenix was in the ropes, but it was still a very cool sequence. Sydal missed a standing moonsault, but landed on his feet and nailed Fenix with a huge kick. Fenix surprised Sydal by jumping back into the ring and nailing him with an ace crusher. He then got a running start, but Sydal popped into the ring and nailed him with a chop block. Sydal had the upper hand, but Fenix plastered him with a kick to the head as he went for a backdrop. Sydal fired back and went after Fenix’s leg. Sydal looked really good slowing the match down and picking apart Fenix’s leg with strikes and submissions.

Fenix fired back and jumped up off the middle rope into a missile dropkick off the top rope. Sydal then surprised him with a running kick in the corner as the pace picked up. Fenix hit a double stomp off the top to the apron and wiped himself out on the top rope. Sydal crashed to the floor and Fenix was down inside the ring as the fans fired up. Fenix hit a handspring RKO and locked in a dragon sleeper. He only had it with one arm and he transitioned into a shoulder lock. He then transitioned into a border city stretch variation and Sydal continued to struggle, but he finally got the ropes. Wow! Fenix hit a standing moonsault for a 2 count and Sydal got pissed, but Fenix went right back on the attack. Sydal countered a suplex and landed on top of Fenix for a 2 count. Sydal fired back and hit a standing moonsault for a 2 count.

They went back and forth and Fenix went for another double spring off the top, but Sydal nailed him with a leg lariat for a 2 count. Fenix went up top a short time later and hit an absolutely incredibly corkscrew dive to the floor to wipe out Sydal and the fans fired up. Sydal flipped Fenix up into the air as he came off the ropes, but Fenix came down with a dragoncanrana for a near fall. Holy s—t! That was sick. Sydal fired back and jumped backwards off the ropes into a tornado DDT for a near fall. WTF! Are you kidding me? This is crazy!

Sydal went up top, but Fenix jumped up and nailed him with a springboard kick off the second rope. Fenix then jumped up top with Sydal and hit a one man springboard Spanish fly for a very close near fall. You’ve got to be kidding me! Sydal hit a reverse hurricanrana and went up top and hit a SSP that was good for the win. Ridiculous!

WINNER: Matt Sydal

Star rating: (****1/2) – Just an amazing display of athleticism between Sydal and Fenix. I thought I was watching a match straight out of the early ’90s from Mexico or Japan the way these two were innovating during this match. The second half of this match was like a highlight reel that I didn’t want to end.

Sabre went after Strong before the main event and Strong ducked in and out of the ring to avoid him. Strong ended up interrupting the ring intros. Strong tossed the mic at the ring announcer and told her to introduce them properly. Sabre picked up the mic and politely handed it to the ring announcer.

(8) Eurotrash (Zack Sabre, Jr. & Tommy End & Marty Scurll) vs. Mt. Rushmore 2.0 (PWG Tag Team champions Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson & PWG champion Roderick Strong) in a Six-Man Tag match. Matt ran right into a huge kick to the chest from End during the early going that completely obliterated him. Scurll got a nice rolling crucifix on Nick, but only got a 2 count. Nick yelled at Scurll and spit on him. Scurll quickly fired back and got a rolling surfboard as the crowd roared with each rotation. Nick ended up raking Scurll’s eyes and he tagged in Strong. Scurll cut Strong off quickly and tagged in Sabre, who went right after Strong’s arm much to the delight of the crowd. The pace picked up and end hit a springboard moonsault off the turnbuckles to the floor to wipe out the Young Bucks and the fans fired up once again. Scurll and Sabre tied up the Young Bucks in the missionary position before turning them around into a double camel clutch.

End wiped out Strong with a huge kick. The Young Bucks managed to escape their predicament. The Young Bucks fired back and cleared the apron. They then began working over Sabre in the middle of the ring. Sabre fired back and wiped out both of the YB. He then tagged in End, who ran wild. Mt. Rushmore 2.0 fired back and wiped out Scurll with a combination of moves capped by an apron bomb from Strong. The Young bucks then wiped out End and Sabre with a double dive to the floor through the ropes. They then hit a double apron bomb on End and Sabre to end the sequence. Holy s—t! The fans went nuts and chanted 2.0.

Strong chopped Scurll as hard as he possibly could. Scurll fired up and began yelling, so Strong gave him an eye poke. Scurll fired back and hit a basement superkick on Nick. Nick fired back with a superkick of his own, but Scurll bounced right off the ropes and nailed him with a clothesline and both men were down. Nick and Scurll sat up and recreated Undertaker and Lesnar laughing at each other form SummerSlam 2015. Matt went for a choke slam on Scurll, but he slid out of it and Nick nailed him with a superkick. That was awesome.

The Young Bucks then hit a double chokeslam on End Brothers of Destruction style, but End broke up the pin. The fans chanted IndyTaker at Nick. Strong and Scurll exchanged strikes until Strong took him down with a jumping knee. Scurll slipped away from Strong and broke his fingers apart. Strong fired back and went for a back breaker, but Scurll slipped out of it and hit a reverse suplex. Both men tagged out and Sabre and Nick went at it. Sabre went after Nick’s arm right away. Sabre eventually tied up Nick’s legs and then hit a suplex on Matt. The fans fired up as Sabre went back and forth across the ring hitting uppercuts on Nick and Matt. Strong tried to run in, but Sabre caught him in an octopus position. The YB broke it up with a double superkick and Strong hit a powerbomb and the fans gasped. Sabre took a triple neck breaker, powerbomb, senton combination from Mt. Rushmore 2.0, but he managed to kick out.

The pace picked up with both teams going back and forth. The Young Bucks double team moves continually backfired on them. They went to a big sequence that finally ended with End hitting a German on Matt for a near fall. That was just crazy, especially Sabre getting arm submissions on both YB only to have them broken up in spectacular fashion. Sabre and Strong went at it and Sabre caught a chop and stomped down on Strong’s arm at a bad angle. Strong fired back with a discus elbow, but blocked the end of heartache and got a standing kimura.

Strong drove Sabre into the corner to break the hold. Strong got isolated and took a combination of moves from Eurotrash capped by a double stomp from End off the top. Sabre then went for a cross-arm breaker in the middle of the ring. The Young Bucks finally ran in to make the save. Strong grabbed the ref and tossed him into Sabre. He then kicked Sabre right in the junk and nailed him a chair shot. End and Scurll took some big chairshots to the head as well. Sabre managed to kick out. He then took a series of moves in the corner from Mt. Rushmore 2.0.

Strong then flipped Nick into a 450 on Sabre as he was hung on the ropes, but End and Scurll came out of nowhere for the save. The fans went nuts and Mt. Rushmore 2.0 hit a double Meltzer driver on Scurll and End. The fans started a huge Meltzer chant. Sabre was left alone in the ring. He ended up taking a double superkick and a jumping knee at the same time. Strong finished him off with end of heartache for the win.

WINNERS: Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson & Roderick Strong

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was a tremendous main event. I wasn’t a fan of the chair shots down the stretch, although it looked like Sabre, End, and Scurll all got their hands up. The match dragged a bit in some spots, but it got really good down the stretch with Mt. Rushmore 2.0 cheating to tilt the odds in their favor. Nick and End doing the Undertaker and Lesnar sit-up spot from Summerslam 2015 just days after it took place was great as well.

unnamedOverall Thoughts: (9.0) – This was a tremendous show. Evans & Angelico vs. Swann & Ricochet was the only miss on the card. Everything else on the card was good to great. Sydal vs. Fenix stood out as a match that was truly special. It was so innovative and simply amazing to watch.

Several other matches on the card delivered huge as well with Andrews-Ospreay, Pentagon-Drago, and the main event Six-Man Tag all being amazing matches. The main event did a good job of furthering the heat on Mt. Rushmore 2.0 while setting the stage for a PWG Title match at some point between Strong and Sabre. Big thumbs up for BOLA 2015 Stage One!

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