TMZ Report – Sting’s wrestling career is officially over

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


2016 WWE Hall of Fame headliner Sting (Steve Borden) has decided to officially retire from wrestling, reports TMZ.

This reportedly follows the latest medical evaluation of Sting’s neck. Doctors believe it is too risky for Sting to wrestle again because of the lingering effects of cervical spinal stenosis.

Sting is considering making an official announcement at or around the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on April 1 in Dallas, TMZ added. Then, Sting and WWE might work out a “non-physical role” to remain with the company.

The career-ending injury occurred in Sting’s WWE Title match against Seth Rollins at the Night of Champions PPV in September in Houston.

During the match, Sting experienced numbness on two separate occasions taking Bucklebombs in the corner. After the second time, Sting slumped down to the mat in obvious discomfort. He was able to collect himself to finish the match, but Sting was fortunate he was able to leave the ring under his own power.

TMZ noted that Sting’s situation is similar to Edge (Adam Copeland), who just talked about being forced to retire from neck injuries five years ago on this week’s ESPNews SportsCenter segment. WWE doctors said they would not clear Edge to wrestle again, and the same appears to be the case with Sting.

The timing of the news is one day before Sting headlines a Big Time Wrestling tour in the Northeast. Sting is scheduled to appear at BTW shows in Pennsylvania and Connecticut on Friday and Saturday. Then, the weekend after WrestleMania, Sting is scheduled for a BTW show in Massachusetts.

5 Comments on TMZ Report – Sting’s wrestling career is officially over

  1. It is unfortunate that Sting’s WWE “career” amounted to getting shat on by Vince in two matches, nearly crippled for life and never being able to wrestle again.

    I wish he’d never come to WWE to experience this.

    • Brett, your right. In a way Sting hurt his value by being the only superstar not to sign. Sting even knew years ago not to sign w/ the WWE but he did anyway and this is the result. If anything, Sting should work w/ Dixie Carter behind the scenes w/ TNA or work w/ Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling (GFW) as a creative memember or producer.

      He never should have sign w/ the WWE. It was not worth it. His run it TNA as wayyyy better than his run in the WWE.

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