John Cena injury recovery – trying to “sweet talk” doctors into letting him wrestle again

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

John Cena (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


WWE top star John Cena says he is trying to “sweet talk” his way back into the ring after not making the WrestleMania line-up recovering from his major shoulder injury.

“The (doctors) who said conservatively nine months have now said well maybe I’ll reevaluate myself,” Cena told Fox News while on his New York media tour for WM32. “So, I’m looking okay. I just got a little bit more sweet talking to do to the doctors so they can give me the green light.”

Cena described how much damage was done to his shoulder that led to doctors estimating a nine-month recovery.

“I had a rotator cuff reattachment, I had an AC joint reconstruction, and I had a giant arterial defect on the bone that goes into the ball in the socket in the shoulder,” Cena said. “Basically, the round space was not round, it was cut in half. So all that had to regenerate and grow, but after over 400 hours of physical therapy, I feel pretty darn good.”

Cena, who also hyped the premiere of “American Grit” on Fox in April, talked about what’s motivating him to hurry back into the ring and be on live WWE shows.

“To be able to reach a family and a lot of young people going through some interesting challenges and for them to just forget for a day about all the things that attach to those challenges and just hang out with a superstar and be a WWE superstar, it is the best. It is absolutely the best,” Cena said.

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