Post-WM32 Video Interviews – Ryder & Hall, Foley talks Austin’s entrance idea, Jericho vows “the worst is yet to come,” Heyman celebrates Brock’s win, Charlotte & Sasha talk Women’s Title match, Bellas talk end of Brie’s career, Shaq challenges Big Show to match

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Zack Ryder (art credit Travis Beaven)

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Following the WrestleMania PPV, WWE released several in-character video interviews playing up WM32 match results and events.

Zack Ryder celebrated his Intercontinental Title victory backstage with Scott Hall. Ryder talked about finally being IC champion after everything he’s been through to get to this point and having the support of his peers in the locker room. (Video Clip)

Mick Foley talked about making a new “WrestleMania Moment” with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. Foley said Austin wanted to drive down to the ring on an ATV, but he and Michaels said they should walk down to the ring and enjoy the moment. (Video Clip)

Chris Jericho sneered at the thought of A.J. Styles being the favorite to win their match tonight. Jericho said the fans are idiots for picking Styles over him and he proved everything right. He said he is the Best in the World at what he does and after a dozen WrestleMania, he did it again. Jericho declared that Styles is done, over, and gone. “Now he has to go back into catering and eat a big pile of steaming crow,” Jericho said. Jericho closed by declaring in total heel mode that from this day forward until the day he dies, “the worst is yet to come.” (Video Clip)

Paul Heyman gloated about Brock Lesnar defeating Dean Ambrose. Tom Phillips wanted to know what’s next for Brock and Heyman after WrestleMania, but Heyman just wanted to talk about Brock conquering a lunatic on Dean’s own terms. Heyman said he is so proud of Brock Lesnar, then shook around Phillips like a madman. (Video Clip)

– New WWE Women’s champion Charlotte talked about winning the reintroduced title and talked about the electrifying crowd atmosphere. In heel form, she dismissed a question about Ric Flair’s ringside involvement. (Video Clip)

Sasha Banks talked about her title match loss against Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Sasha cried through her interview with Tom Phillips saying she wanted the Women’s Title as bad anything else in her career. Sasha said she overall felt honored to represent all of the women who have come through WWE from NXT to the main roster. Sasha said she is thankful it’s not a butterfly Divas Title anymore, but a Women’s Title. But, she wanted to win it. (Video Clip)

The Bella Twins discussed their future after Brie Bella’s apparent retirement send-off victory in the 10-Divas tag match. Nikki teared up listening to Brie talk about finishing her career for her husband, Daniel Bryan. Nikki said she wishes Bryan were at WrestleMania to be part of their moment. (Video Clip)

– Retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal challenged Big Show to another fight after they were eliminated from the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. “If you’re listening, I’m ready to take on Big Show,” Shaq said. (Video Clip)

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