4/4 Raw TV Taping Report – More details on The Beach Ball Incident, A.J. Styles, Reigns, Superstars (w/Audio Road Report)


WWE Raw Live TV Report
April 4, 2016
Dallas, Tex.
Report by Livecaster James in Houston & VIP’er James in Dallas

– Before things got going at the taping, the crowd was silent. It seemed like fatigue from the night before at WrestleMania.

WWE started with the pre-show video promos on the screen and Roman Reigns was shown. That gave the crowd a reason to be energized booing Reigns.

– There was the Beach Ball Incident for this year’s post-Mania Raw. During the Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin match, the international contingent produced a beach ball, which was confiscated by security. Other fans also did not appreciate the ball. A second ball came into play, too, and disappeared.

Overall, this led to “Beach Ball City” and “We Want Beach Ball” chants. The incident took the crowd out of the show for a while.

One person was thrown out of the arena when security thought he introduced the balls. A “You Sold Out” chant broke out, plus “Beach … Ball Rocks” to the New Day tune vs. “Beach Ball Sucks” chants.

– Other “crowd participation” moments included The Wave, chanting out “travel package,” and chanting the name of the hotel people were staying at.

– There was a C.M. Punk chant that broke out, but it was quickly shut down.

– Enzo Amore & Big Cass’s arrival in the third hour was a shot of adrenaline the crowd needed for the rest of the show after being taken out by the Beach Ball Incident.

– After Raw went off the air, A.J. Styles got emotional posing in the ring after winning the fatal four-way #1 contender match. Styles teared up for a “You Deserve It” chant, then took a victory lap around ringside to close the taping.

AUDIO CLIP: Houston James’s Road Report on Monday’s PWTorch Livecast Raw Post-Game Show.


Superstars Taping

(1) Ryback beat Fandango.

(2) U.S. champion Kalisto beat Bo Dallas. The Social Outcasts were over with a pre-match “Bo Train” routine. A “Better than Roman” chant that started during Bo’s offense.

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