4/6 Lucha Underground Results – Dehnel’s Report on Trios Tag Tournament starting, Matanza defends LU Title


Lucha Underground Report
April 6, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #11 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

The show opened with a video package featuring Cortez Castro, Joey Ryan, Sexy Star, The Mack, Pentagon, Jr., Dario, and Matanza Cueto.

Backstage: Dario interrupted Vampiro in the bathroom as he was about to take some pills. Dario said his brother went too far on Pentagon, but we are all lucky to be alive. He threatened Vampiro to not put his hands on him or he won’t be so lucky. Dario began to leave, then said he need Vampiro out there to call a big main event tonight. Vampiro turned around and swallowed a few of his pills.

Police department: Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro reported their findings about Dario and his brother to the police chief. The chief referred to them under different aliases than their ring names, so, yes, they are undercover cops who happen to know how to wrestle. The chief told them they needed to tag team to get closer to Dario. Ryan said that luckily for him he’s introduced himself to Dario and he will be tagging with The Crew in the trios tag tournament.

Title sequence rolled.

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the crowd to the show.  Matt Striker said that Fenix will have his re-match with Matanza tonight.

In-ring: Santos introduced Ivelisse to the ring. Her opponent tonight is Kobra Moon.

1 – Trios Tag champion IVELISSE vs. KOBRA MOON

Moon grappled Ivelisse, then Ivelisse threw her down and attempted an armbar. Ivelisse continued to try a hammerlock, then slammed moon. Moon locked in a dragon sleeper briefly then Ivelisse tossed her across the ring. Moon choked Ivelisse with her legs across the ropes until the ref broke the hold. Moon drove her shoulder into Ivelisse, then locked in a tarantula hold on the ropes. She followed with another submission, but Ivelisse countered into a rear naked choke.

Ivelisse hit a Russian leg sweep, resulting in both luchadors on the mat. They traded blows on their feet, then Ivelisse hit a superkick followed by a t-bone suplex. Moon placed Ivelisse on her back, then dropped her to the mat. Both exchanged kicks, then Ivelisse hit a sunset flip powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Ivelisse at 6:29. Moon is still very green, but I would have expected more out of Ivelisse even though she carried the match.


Vignette: Killshot talked about who he was. He said he was a sniper in the marines with a killer instinct. He talked about being a POW until he was able to escape. He was shown talking down very stereotypically about Middle Eastern terrorists. He then talked about his new task at Lucha Underground.

Backstage: Famous B. told Mascarita Sagrada he could be famous if he calls 423-GET-FAME.

The Mack told Sexy Star that Dario has him paired with Marty Martinez and Mariposa for the Trios Tag tournament. He asked Star if she would come out with him for moral support. Star declined and Mack said that sooner or later those two will have to pay for what they did. Star continued to lift and had flashbacks of Marty and Mariposa.


In-ring: Santos said this would be the first match in the trios tournament. First out was Joey Ryan and The Crew.


Cisco started the match against Mack. The two gave each other Knucks to start off. Cisco threw Mack across the ring, then Mack hit an armdrag followed by a huracanrana from Cisco. Joey Ryan tagged in, as did Mariposa. Mariposa slapped him then Ryan pushed him over. Mariposa hit several kicks, then tagged Marty. Joey dropped him then tagged Castro. Marty kneed him in the gut, then Castro tagged Cisco and Cisco kicked Marty across the ring.

Cisco broke up a submission and hit a neckbreaker. Castro tagged in and hit a DDT. Ryan tagged in, as did Mack. Mack beat down Ryan and hit a leg drop. Mack then hit a standing moonsault and the pin was broken up by The Crew.

Pandemonium broke loose, which led to Mack leaping onto everyone on the outside. Marty tagged in and caused tension between himself and Mack. Mack hit a Stunner on Marty, then The Crew hit a double-team move. Ryan swooped in to steal the pin.

WINNERS: Joey Ryan & The Crew at 8:30.

Post-match: Mariposa beat down The Mack. Sexy Star came out for the save. She threw Mariposa around the ring and beat her down until Marty pulled her out of the ring.


Temple Roof: Rey Mysterio told El Dragon Azteca he must fight for honor and for the original El Dragon Azteca. Rey said next week they have a match in the tag tournament. Dragon asked who their partner would be. Prince Puma emerged from the background and said he was their partner.

In-ring: Santos introduced Fenix to the ring for the main event. Next out was Matanza with Dario.


3 – Lucha Underground champion THE MONSTER MATANZA CUETO (w/Dario Cueto) vs. FENIX – Lucha Underground Championship match

Matanza pushed over Fenix. Matanza blocked some kicks, then threw down Fenix. Matanza slammed his head on the mat multiple times. Fenix escaped, but was caught and German suplexed into the corner. Fenix caught Matanza on the ropes, then kicked his face.

Fenix got caught out of a springboard, then was German suplexed again. Fenix tried another dropkick, but Matanza did not move. Matanza punched Fenix in the face to the outside. Fenix got back in the ring and attempted a suicide dive, but was caught and slammed to the ground. Matanza slammed Fenix to the mat for win.

WINNER: Matanza at 4:47 to retain his title.

Post-match: Matanza grabbed at Fenix’s mask. But, Catrina yelled at Matanza to stop. Mil Muertes came down to save Fenix. Matanza fled the ring and Muertes was heavily cheered as he just gazed at Matanza.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not a lot of new things to say here. Moon and Matanza’s inexperience is obvious and have not looked good at all in their matches despite being put with good opponents.

I’m still confused about Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro being undercover cops investigating Dario. I also still very much dislike the the Sexy Star-Moth storyline. It feels like LU loves that story because it is brought up just about every single week.

At the end, I am curious to see if this is indeed a face turn for Mil or if it was a case of Catrina still having feelings for Fenix and Mil wanting to show he’s a contender against Matanza. It also is very much worth tuning in next week to see Dragon, Mysterio, and Puma tag together. Whatever they do should be exciting.

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  1. Cobb has been anything but green when I’ve seen him in APW. Dude has an insane shooting star press for a guy his size. I hope they finish up the Mantanza storyline this season because as soon as Vince see’s this guy he’s GONE.

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