4/22 WWE Stock Track – WWE stays in $16 range for entire week

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Just one of those things that happens during the year? WWE went an entire week trading in the $16-range, never moving above or below the $16s. The same happened over the last three days last week, too.

WWE Stock Track 2016
Week 15 – April 18-22

Friday, April 22: Closing Price of $16.85 per share, up 1.8 percent from Thursday to finish above last week’s final closing price of $16.34 per share.

For the eighth consecutive trading day, the stock remained in the $16-range. Friday’s peak was $16.89 and the low was $16.31.

WWE is now valued at $1.28 billion, up from $1.24 billion to close last week.

Thursday, April 21: Closing Price of $16.55 per share, down 1.4 percent from Wednesday.

The stock peaked at $16.90 and went as low as $16.44. For the seventh consecutive trading day, the stock remained in the $16-range.

Also on Thursday, WWE held their Annual Shareholders Meeting in Connecticut, where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were officially added to the Board of Directors.

WWE also declared its standard quarterly dividend of $0.12 per share for shareholders as of June 15, payable on June 27.

Wednesday, April 20: Closing Price of $16.79 per share, up 2.6 percent from Tuesday.

The stock climbed as high as $16.95 per share, but did not get into the $17s. The stock has not left the $16-range in over one week.

Tuesday, April 19: Closing Price of $16.36 per share, down half-a-percent from Monday.

The stock hovered in the same range of low-to-mid-$16 for the fifth consecutive day.

Monday, April 18: Closing Price of $16.44 per share, up half-a-percent from last Friday.

For the fourth consecutive day, there was little movement, as the stock ranged from $16.14 to $16.58.


  • 2016 Open: $17.44 per share
  • Latest Close: $16.85 per share (4/22)
  • Current 52-Week Range: $13.15-23.63
  • 2016 High Points: $18.93 (3/17), $18.86 (4/4), $18.42 (1/26)
  • 2016 Low Points: $14.20 (2/11); $15.55 (4/12)
  • 2016 Initial Market Value: $1.34 billion
  • Current Market Value: $1.28 billion (4/22)
  • 2016 Market Value Low Point: $1.11 billion (Week of 2/8)
  • 2016 Market Value High Point: $1.39 billion (Week of 3/28)

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