5/18 Lucha Underground TV Results – Dehnel’s Report on Chavo, Joey Ryan & more in Gift of the Gods Title match


Lucha Underground Report
May 18, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #17 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

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The show opened with a video package featuring the Aztec medallion winners, Pentagon, Jr., and Vampiro.

Title sequence rolled.

Backstage: Cage ran into Dario Cueto’s office. He said he was looking for Chavo Guerrero because he stole his medallion. Dario told Cage to join him in the ring.

In-ring: Santos introduced Dario Cueto to the ring. Dario was accompanied by Cage and explained that for weeks several luchadors have won Aztec medallions. Dario said there would be a seven-way match for the gift of the gods championship tonight. He asked everyone who holds a medallion to come to the ring. First out was Texano followed by Joey Ryan, Sinestro Del Muerte, AeroStar, The Mack, Sexy Star, and Chavo.

Chavo walked out with a chair and the last medallion. Cage beat down Chavo and grabbed the medallion bag to reveal it was a washer not the medallion. Then, Chavo hit Cage with a chair and put the last medallion in the belt. Therefore Chavo is in the match not Cage. Cage then hit Weapon X on Chavo out of frustration.


In-ring: Santos introduced the next match as a four -ay. All participants were already in the ring. Famous B interrupted Santos and introduced Mascarita Sagrada.

1 – ARGENIS vs. DAGA vs. KOBRA MOON vs. MASCARITA SAGRADA (w/Famous B & Brenda)

Mascarita took out everyone to start. Mascarita ran into Moon, who knocked him down. Daga grabbed Moon, who tried to lick him. Argenis kicked Daga, then Daga slid to the outside and Argenis hit a moonsault. Mascarita hit a cross-body on Moon, then Mascarita locked in an armbreaker on Argenis, but Argenis slammed him to break the hold.

Daga locked in a submission on both Moon and Argenis, but Mascarita broke the holds. Mascarita tried to roll up Moon, but Argenis broke the hold. Daga dove onto Argenis, then Moon slammed Mascarita, but intentionally let Daga get the pin.

WINNER: Daga at 4:58.


Backstage: Killshot was approached by Marty the Moth. Marty said they have a match tonight and he hopes that Killshot is ready. Killshot took Marty to the ground, though. Marty laughed to himself.

In-ring: Marty walked to the ring before Santos announced him. Santos then announced Killshot.



Killshot threw Marty to the mat, then Marty ran at Killshot. Marty tripped Killshot on the ropes then attempted a dive, but Killshot moved and kicked him. Killshot tried to hit a moonsault to the outside, but Marty caught him and slammed him.

Marty took out Killshot in the ring. Killshot got up and fought back, though, and hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Killshot landed a kick and climbed the top, but Marty knocked him off. The two fought on the apron until Killshot slammed him.

Both guys slugged it out in the ring. Marty stomped on Killshot for another nearfall. Killshot then caught Marty and hit a piledriver for the win. After the match, Marty beat down Killshot.

WINNER: Killshot at 7:09..


In-ring: Santos introduced the participants for the gift of the gods match. First out was Texano, then Joey Ryan, The Mack, Sinestro de la Muerte, AeroStar, Sexy Star, and Chavo Guerrero.


3 – TEXANO vs. JOEY RYAN vs. THE MACK vs. SINESTRO DE LA MUERTE vs. AEROSTAR vs. SEXY STAR vs. CHAVO GUERRERO, JR. – seven-way match for the Gift of the Gods Championship

Everyone took out each other to start. Ryan then brawled with Star in the ring. Star then took out both Ryan and Chavo. Texano took Star out of the ring in order to fight Mack. AeroStar then got involved and fought Texano.

Texano fell to the outside and Sinestro came in and beat on AeroStar. AeroStar spring-boarded onto Texano and Chavo, then Sinestro dove onto all of them.

Star climbed the top and all dove onto them. Mack followed by running into the ring to hit Ryan. But, Sinestro took out Ryan, then Texano got involved and beat on Sinestro. AeroStar tried to pin Texano, but Ryan broke it up. Star then took out Ryan with Mack’s help.

Moments later, Chavo interfered and dove onto Ryan. Everyone came into the ring and hit moves on Chavo. But, Cage walked into the ring and took out everyone else in the ring. He then dragged Chavo over Ryan for the win.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero at 8:31 to win the Gift of the Gods Championship.

Post-match: Cage congratulated Chavo. Cage said Chavo will defend that title against him next week.

Somewhere: Vampiro told Pentagon he must break him again to make him stronger. Vampiro beat Pentagon with a kendo stick as he was bound in wires. Vampiro told him only the weak feel pain and he must control the voices in his head. Vampiro then grabbed a barbed wire baseball bat and struck Pentagon to close the show.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not a lot to say about this episode. I’m glad they have moved further from the Sexy Star rape storyline to Marty just being crazy. I think that works much better for him.

The Vampiro-Pentagon segments have also gotten very cheesy. I would have much rather seen Pentagon turn on Vampiro or they just leave that storyline alone and let Pentagon continue to do his own thing.

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