VIP NEWSLETTER – PRO WRESTLING TORCH #1458 (May 26, 2016) – Smackdown goes live with distinct roster, WWE Extreme Rules coverage, Cody quits, Foley interviews Shane, Seth Rollins returns

WKPWP - Mailbag - Keller & Fann talk WrestleMania line-up
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PWTorch Newsletter #1458

Cover-dated May 26, 2016



SUMMARY: This week’s newsletter begins with a cover story on WWE’s announcement that Smackdown goes live on Tuesdays as of July 19th and will include a “distinct roster”… WWE Extreme Rules PPV roundtable reviews from PWTorch staff plus James Caldwell’s report on the event with star ratings… Caldwell’s WWE Raw report… Torch Newswire coverage including Shane McMahon-Mick Foley interview highlights, Cody Rhodes quitting WWE, and more… Greg Parks examines the Cody departure in his feature-length column… Wade Keller’s “End Notes” looking at the potential bright side of the WWE brand split…

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